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Pratyush cv

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looking for a change.

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Pratyush cv

  1. 1. Pratyush Kumar Mobile: +91 8792501256 pratyushkumar16@gmail.com PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS • A result oriented professional having 1 years of Experience in Software Development. • Presently associated with Arva Software Pvt. Ltd. as a Salesforce Developer. • Experienced in Development, Administration and Implementation of Salesforce.com CRM. • Experienced in Batch Apex, Job Scheduling, and Territory Management. • Experienced in creating Apex Classes, Apex Triggers and Visual force pages. • Experienced in Integration Projects based on REST APIs and SOAP APIs. • Experienced in Custom Settings, Custom Objects, Page Layouts, Workflow Rules, Reports and Dashboards. • Experienced in Data loader for Data migration on force.com platform. • Involved in direct interaction with client. CORE COMPETENCIES Salesforce.com Tools & Technologies Apex Classes, Visual Force Pages, Triggers, SOQL, Force.com IDE, Apex Data Loader Operating System Windows Platform Tools Eclipse Databases SQL, HTML, CSS Java Oops, core java, (collections) ORGANIZATION EXPERIENCE Employer : Arva Software Pvt. Ltd. Date of employment : July 2015
  2. 2. Project: (Bath Fitting Application) Company : Arva Software Pvt. Ltd. Domain : CRM Role : Developer • Description: It was a Project, where the implementation was on sales cloud. It involved creating apex triggers, adding validation rules, work flow, page layout, permission settings, Role and Hierarchy, VF pages adding some extra fields, creating custom setting object. • Responsibilities: o Developed Visualforce page using the extension controller according to the client’s requirement. o Involved in Configuration and Technical aspects. o Developed Apex Classes & Triggers to implement the business logic as per the requirements. o Developed SOQL queries to get data from different related objects. o Worked on Data Loader to export Bulk of Data. o Worked on Custom Objects, Custom fields, Record Types, Page layouts and Tabs. o Developed various Reports and Dashboards. ACCADEMIC SUMMARY BOARD/UNIVERSITY COLLEGE YEAR OF PASSING CGPA OR PERCENTAGE SRM UNIVERSITY MCA 2012-2015 8.1 CGPA IGNOU BCA 2008-2011 63.33% GIRIDIH COLLEGE 12 TH 2006-2008 45% M.P.H.S. 10 TH 2006 60% ACHIEVEMENTS • Developed excellent relations with colleagues. • Participated in Inter-College Quiz and Code competitions. • I have won second prize in debugging at SRM University. • Participated in various Symposiums and events.
  3. 3. EDUCATION • Master of Computer Application from SRM University, Chennai in 2015. • Bachelor of Computer Application from IGNOU, Dhanbad in 2011. • Intermediate (X+2) from Giridih College Giridih, CBSE in 2008. • High School (X) from Makatpur High School, Giridih, CBSE in 2006. STRENGTH • Ability to work in tight schedules and to meet stiff deadlines. • Co-ordination with Team & Excellent Team player. • Good Communication Skills verbal and non-verbal. Ability to speak with end users. • Self motivated. PERSONAL DETAIL • Date of Birth : 16 March 1990 • Permanent Address : Metros Street, Old Barganda, Giridih, Jharkhand-815301 • Correspondence Address : 110, 3rd main, N.S. Palya, BTM 2nd stage, bangalore, Karnataka-560076 • PAN : CTMPK5805J Date: Pratyush Kumar