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LIS 661 | Art Documentation | Fall 2017

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Net Art at the Grey Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

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LIS 661 | Art Documentation | Fall 2017

  1. 1. NET ART Kat Fanning | Anna Holbert | Grace Pamperien | Daisy Tainton | Anthony Volpe
  2. 2. Background Net Art at the Grey Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art ! 10 years of commissions ! 50+ works Access ! Museum website ! In-gallery dedicated terminal Current Status of Materials and Constituents ! Requires evaluation
  3. 3. Project Scope Goals: ! Establish best practices ○ Update records for works currently in the collection ○ Apply to records for future acquisitions ! Safeguard against threat of obsolescence and loss Systematic approach: ! Establish numbering scheme ! Create/update individual records ! Define standards to be used in records ! Consider hardware and software needs
  4. 4. Timeline for Completion Months 13-18 Implementation Create individual Records Backup Files Maintenance/Upkeep Preservation/Conservation Months 1-6 Evaluation Current Documentation Techniques Digital Storage Capacity Staffing & Supplies Financial Considerations Months 7- 9 Staffing & Supplies Train current staff Hire new staff Purchase supplies Months 10-12 Define Standards Numbering Scheme Vocabulary Guide Standards for Data Content File Naming Conventions
  5. 5. Conceptual Workflow
  6. 6. Examples of Net Art
  7. 7. Methodologies of Work ! Item inventory ! Collection assessment ! Processes evaluation ! Contextualization of works ! Standardization 

  8. 8. Technologies Support computers Servers Storage Software Document creation Database management
  9. 9. Staff and Supplies Support from existing staff Collection manager Curatorial Staff New media/web art conservator Taxonomist IT
  10. 10. Collections Manager Plan and manage projects Liaise between departments internally and outside parties Oversee administrative requirements, navigate rights agreements Process new acquisitions and records Facilitate development of controlled vocabulary
  11. 11. Curatorial Staff Creates records, documents, copies of same, Conducts artist interviews Ensures completeness of records, revisiting existing records once new systems are in place Utilizes and normalizes new standards and vocabularies, setting the example for best practices
  12. 12. Conservator Conducts interviews with artists Monitors, documents, and arranges support for net art works Maintains knowledge of trends and developments, assesses risks and sustainability Defines best practices for preservation based on artworks’ individual needs
  13. 13. Taxonomist Develops numbering scheme and naming conventions Defines content standards for individual records Categorizes and groups assets and content for ease of discovery and retrieval.
  14. 14. IT Assesses technology needs and costs Customizes software and provides support for all staff using said software Upgrades hardware and software, performs installations and monitors wear and tear, as well as approaching obsolescence
  15. 15. Documentation example
  16. 16. Net Art Collection Cataloging Year of work acquisition (yyyy), followed by acquisition number of net art. Alpha-numeric naming schema for sub- file types associated with work. Ex. 2017.12 (artwork); 2017.12.A (condition report); 2017.12.B (copy of code); etc.
  17. 17. Sample xDAMS screenshot
  18. 18. Sources: General: “Matters in Media Art”. Accessed [October] 2017. http://mattersinmediaart.org/ "Taxonomy Vs. Metadata | DPCI". 2017. Dpci.Com. http://www.dpci.com/insights/taxonomy-vs-metadata. Images: "Preservation And Access To Born-Digital Culture - International Symposium". 2017. Imal. http://imal.org/en/ preservationsymposium. 1:1 Portrait, accessed 12/4/12017. http://artport.whitney.org/exhibitions/biennial2002/jevbratt.shtml Proxy, accessed 12/4/2017 htttp://artport.whitney.org/exhibitions/biennial2002/nideffer.shtml