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Final project Urbanclap

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Final project on Urbanclap Digital Marketing Platforms Data Analysis, Content strategy, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, Media Planning, Brand Pitching, Creative Posts & Remarketing

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Final project Urbanclap

  1. 1. Our Brand UrbanClap 2 1 Pratap Poovelil http://www.pratapzach.xyz https://www.facebook.com/pratap.z https://twitter.com/zachari68287524http://Midasarmy.xyz facebook.com/huzefa radhuwala Twiter.com/huzefaradhuwala Huzefa Radhuwala Team Pitchers
  2. 2. India’s largest services market • UrbanClap app delivers reliable services at the push of a button. • 125 professional Service
  3. 3. UrbanClap Website
  4. 4. UrbanClap Site upload time
  5. 5. UrbanClap App (App Store)
  6. 6. Audit Of UrbanClap (Youtube & Facebook) Subscribers (30672) Followers (432,828)
  7. 7. Audit Of UrbanClap (Twitter & Instagram) Follower (7694) Follower (107K)
  8. 8. UrbanClap Brand Mood #0B0B0D #474A56 #929AAB #D3D5FD #929AAB #393E46 #EEEEEE #F7F7F7 Color Palette Logo Font Color Palette
  9. 9. 2017-2018 2015-2016 2014-2015 2016-2017 Logo Journey 2018-2019
  10. 10. New Logo as per services
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis Housejoy • UrbanClap's top competitors. was founded in 2015. • Commercial Cleaning Services industry. • Key learning :-There is a menu clearl y mentioning service at top eye catchy
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis Home Triangle • Founded in 2014, • Operates in the Residential Services industry. • Key Learning :- Mentioning the “Online Services” as compared to UrbanClap In their ASO.
  13. 13. Brands Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Urbanclap Follower (432K) 422K Likes on page Subscribe (31K) 69M views Follower (7.8K) Follower (107K) Housejoy Follower (400K) 394K people like this 2.5K subscribers 9M view M views Follower (19K) Follower (4K) Hometriangle Follower (89K) 89K people like this 1.1K subscribers 98K views Follower (3.8K) Follower (196) Competitive Social Audit
  14. 14. UrbanClap Site Audit
  15. 15. SEO KEYWORDS The important ranking factor in the SEO India is Standing first in Organic and Paid Keywords. Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines for UrbanClap.
  16. 16. SEM Display Ad Images & Text ad Text Ad Image Ad
  17. 17. UrbanClap SEM KEYWORDS Google targeting for text search Ads using keywords to display on Top 3 position
  18. 18. App Store Optimization Keywords
  19. 19. App Store Optimization Keywords Graph UrbanClap-Ranking 1 Salon at home-Ranking 2
  20. 20. ORM Platform (Twitter) Positive
  21. 21. Survey Response (D emographics )
  22. 22. Survey Response (Q&A)
  23. 23. Survey Response (Q&A)
  24. 24. Insights Based on Survey • Most of our Audience are between the age 18-25. • Most of them are unemployed . • Use Google as their primary search engine. • Are looking for professional execution as well as discounts on various services .
  25. 25. Pain Points Based on Sur vey • Not aware of other services. • Only knows of AC Servicing Ad by Ayushman K hurana, and Beauty Salon ad by Kirti Sanon .
  26. 26. Buyer Persona 1 (Primary) • Name:-Anand Shastri • Age :-24 • Gender:-Male • Location:- Mumbai • Interest:-Football, Trekking ,Blogging • Occupation:-BMS Graduate • Social Media presence :- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter
  27. 27. Buyer Persona 2 (Secondary) • Name:- Deepesh Vora • Age :- 32 • Gender:-Male • Location:- Banglore • Interest:-Online Shopping, Cricket, Music,Clubbing • Occupation:-Working Professional • Social Media Presence:-Facebook, Instagram , Youtube.
  28. 28. Buyer Persona 3 (Tertiary) • Name:- Teresa Kurian • Age :- 60 • Gender:- Female • Location:- Delhi • Interest:- Reading, • Occupation:- Retired Teacher • Social Media Activity:- Facebook
  29. 29. Campaign Thought • Campaign Name :- Help Me UC MAN • Campaign Tagline :- #UC MAN • Campaign Byline:- The smallest things mak es the biggest difference.
  30. 30. Influencer Marketing • For our Web series we wanted to collaborate with a relatable YouTube influencer TVF. • We send them a mail requesting for a budget estimate for the web series. • Hence , they are our aspiring influencer and accordingly set the web series budget .
  31. 31. Micro Influencer Name :- Afran Khatri Occupation :- Student (BMS) Residence :- Mumbai Domain :- Fashion Instagram Influencer
  32. 32. Micro Influencer Name :- Anneiita Sethi Occupation :- Makeup Artist Residence :- Mumbai Domain :- Beauty Instagram Influencer
  33. 33. Micro Influencer Name :- Shwetatri Pathi Occupation :- Blogger Residence :- New Delhi Domain :- Content Aggregation Instagram Influencer /YouTuber/Blogger
  34. 34. Micro Influencer Name :- Vasundhara Occupation :- Blogger Residence :- New Delhi Domain :- Content Aggregation Instagram Influencer
  35. 35. Micro Influencer Name :- Suman Bhagat Occupation :- Makeup Artist Residence :- Mumbai , Nashik Domain :- Beauty Instagram, Facebook Influencer
  36. 36. Digital Marketing Media Mix Video Content Social Media Marketing ( Paid & Organic ) Blog Content Online Reputation Management Email Marketing Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Remarketing
  37. 37. Video Content • Web Series Partnering up with a YouTube channel. • Story Script :- Life of 4 flat mates and their day – day problems in life. • Campaign Objective :- Service awareness to the public . • Video Duration:- 15 minutes • Platforms to be Published:- YouTube/Facebook/Instagram TV
  38. 38. Video Content • Script:- • Web series (Trainer to the rescue) During the match Muzzamil discusses to his flat mates that how fit the cricket players are and he gets influenced by them as says ,”Bhailog mujhe bhi fit hona hai aur shape me aana he .” The flat mates have a smirk on their faces and Mayur replies back saying,” Tere Gym ka subscriptions ka kiya hua .Badi badi bate karta tha …” Muzzammil gets upset and continues watching the match.
  39. 39. Video Content • Yash, Hatim and Mayur secretly book an appointment with a UC trainer for the next day . Next Day • Muzammil is anxiously waiting for his food delivery. Suddenly the door bell rings and he jumps up to collect it . • On opening the door he says in a satisfying voice , “ Kitna hua bhai?” but then he is shocked by the replied made by none other than the UC trainer ,”Sir abhi toh training chalo nahi hua he .”
  40. 40. Video Content • In the background the flat mates are having a small laugh. TRANSITION • Muzzamil is seen doing exercise with trainer . THE END Blackout with the typo #UCMAN
  41. 41. Video Content • Script :- Web Series 2 (Plumber to the rescue) One morning Hatim is getting ready to have a shower as he has work to attend. Hatim comes out of the Bathroom Screaming ,” AREY public SHOWER PHOOT GAYA HE .“ Hatim gets upset and starts worrying that will he reach on time? He has no choice But to leave without having a shower. Before leaving Hatim tells yash that he will be picking up his bro from the railway station so yash has to keep the shower pipe repaired
  42. 42. Video Content In comes in Yash telling Hatim,”Bhai tu date pe jaayenga , UC MAN he na . Before leaving Hatim tells yash that he will be picking up his bro from the railway station so yash has to keep the shower pipe repaired in the evening . In the evening Hatim Calls Yash informing him that he is waiting at railway station and asks Yash that did he repaired the pipe . Yash bluffs Hatim saying that he has done it Before Hatim and his bro arrives at the apartment he books UC MAN and finishes repairing the pipe.
  43. 43. Video Content Transition • AN UC plumber comes and fixes the shower pipe. THE END • Blackout with the typo #UCMAN
  44. 44. Video Content • Script :- Web Series 3 (Deep Cleaner to the rescue) The 4 flat mates have organized a house party as it is Mayur’s 24nd birthday and they want to have a blast . The house party goes on till 4am till everyone drops dead . At 9 am in the morning when everyone is sleeping , Yash gets a call from his Landlord informing him that he is coming in the afternoon to collect the apartments' rent from the mates .
  45. 45. • The flat is in a huge mess . The floor is stained with drinks , the sofa is covered with shoe stains and the walls are covered with pizza slices . • The flat mates are in a great stress as to how they will keep the apartment clean before the landlord arrives . • Muzamil gets an Idea and says with relief to his mates ,”Bhai, sab chaka-chak ho jaeyga , UC he na .” Video Content
  46. 46. TRANSITION • The UC Deep Cleaner arrives at the door . The mates are happy while the cleaner is doing his job of deep cleaning the house and making it spik and span . • When all is done the mates are eagerly waiting for the landlord to arrive when all of a sudden Yash gets call from the Landlord informing him that he will come the next day to collect the rent . • The mates give an irritated face to Yash. THE END Blackout with the typo #UCMAN Video Content
  47. 47. Video Content • Script :- Series (Masseuse To The Rescue) One fine evening when all the mates comeback to the apartment after playing Football after a long time . Everyone is deep pain complaining about their back , Knees , Elbow , Shoulder . Hatim says out,”Arey sab dukh raha, kiya kare ?”
  48. 48. • Transition • Everyone falls onto the sofa in pain . • (Back shot) All of them opens the UC App and books for an instant massager . Transition • All four massagers are giving foot massage to the flat mates and they are having a great time . THE END Blackout with the typo #UCMAN Video Content
  49. 49. Video Content • Script :- Series (Electrician To The Rescue) It’s rainy seasons and the world cup finals is on the hype of these 4 flat mates Yash , Muzzamil , Hatim , Mayur. Before the match Yash tells to his mates “Bhailog , ab kuch bigarna nye chaheye . Suddenly there is a power outage in the apartment . The mates get furious and shout back , Abey Panoti !!
  50. 50. Video Content • Everyone is stress and worrying that how are they going to experience the most anticipating final in the world “The World Cup Final “ . • Suddenly Hatim comes up With an Idea ….. • A solution and says to his mates ,”Bhailog , tension kyu le rahe ho , UC Man hai na .” Transition • In comes an UrbanClap Electrician and fixes the junction box and the all four flat mates are relieved and enjoy the World Cup Final. The End Blackout with the typo #UCMAN
  51. 51. Facebook Ad Targeting
  52. 52. Facebook AD Targeting
  53. 53. Social Media Marketing Face book Creative
  54. 54. Facebook Ad
  55. 55. Social Media Marketing Facebook Creative
  56. 56. Social Media Marketing Instagram Creative
  57. 57. Instagram Ad
  58. 58. Social Media Marketing Inst agram Creative
  59. 59. Social Media Marketing In stagram Stories 1 (Sho ut Out)
  60. 60. Social Media Marketing In stagram Stories 2 (Birt hday Setup)
  61. 61. Social Media Marketing In stagram Stories
  62. 62. Social Media Marketing Fa cebook App Ad
  63. 63. Social Media Marketing Fa cebook App Ad
  64. 64. Social Media Marketing (Organic) Tweet
  65. 65. Blog Content (Topics) • 1st :- Tips To Save On The Cost To Paint A Ho use. Description:- Giving 10 tips how paint a house co st effectively in a listicle format. • 2nd :- Rejuvenate Your very own Modular Kitc hen - Trending Modular Designs. Description:- How can you modify a kitchen with so me trending design .
  66. 66. • 3rd :- All You Need To Know About Bed Bugs. • Description:- Giving an insight on how b n infest an apartment and provide prote easure to get rid of bed bugs. • 4th :- List Of Things In Your Home Nee ds Deep Cleaning This Rainy Season. Description:- Providing information on ho hould clean your house especially in the rai sons. Blog Content (Topics)
  67. 67. Blog Content (Topics) • 5th :- The Do's And Don'ts To Follow W hen Your AC Goes Out Description:- Giving few tips what to do and what not to do when you're AC stops workin g .
  68. 68. (Landing Page) https://pratap9.wixsite.com/ucservice/uc-guide
  69. 69. (Landing Page) https://pratap9.wixsite.com/ucservice/uc-guide
  70. 70. Online Reputation Management
  71. 71. Twitter ORM
  72. 72. ORM Platform (Twitter) Negative
  73. 73. Facebook ORM
  74. 74. Quora ORM
  75. 75. Email 1 Subject line 1 :- There is a New Superhero in town . #UC Man . Register Now !! Preview Text: Are you frustrated by your local service guy , Book for UC MAN Now !! Email Marketing
  76. 76. Email 2 2nd :-Thank you For accepting us as Family !! Preview Text: Thank you for booking our XYZ service we are looking forward to serve you a greater experience . Email Marketing
  77. 77. Email 3 Subject Line 3 :- Did you meet the superhero ? Save 20% on Electrician services and Beauticians . Book Now !! Preview Text: UC MAN is looking for great opportunities to serve you better. Download and Book electricians and get 20% off. Email Marketing
  78. 78. Email 4 Subject Line 4:- . Book our Deep cleaning Services Now !! Preview Text: Everyone likes a spik and span Home but in the rains no one has the time to do a deep cleaning , Not to Worry UC MAN is here !! Email Marketing
  79. 79. Email 5 5th:- Highly Booked Service provided by Us Preview Text : UC Man does Home Interior design at an affordable price . Book Now !! Email Marketing
  80. 80. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING • Observation is sales search as are main campaign objective is service awareness . • 4 AD Groups with respective keywords . • Ads created will be search ad, display ad.
  81. 81. SEM Display AD Targeting
  82. 82. SEM Display AD Targeting
  85. 85. Remarketing Strategies Google Search Ads Intent Search Eg:- home services App/Site Visit Thank You Page / Email Booking Confirmed Site Bounce Remarketing Email Marketing Remarketing through Search/Display Ad
  86. 86. Media Planning Platforms Ad Type Weightage Budget Deal Type Impressions CPM/CPC YouTube Web Series (TVF) 35% 1,050,000 CPM Facebook Static Post 15% 450,000 CPM 38000000 11.84 Instagram Story/post 15% 450,000 CPM 38000000 11.84 ScoopWhoop Blog article 15% 450,000 CPM 1700000 264.71 Google Search Ad, Display Ad 20% 600,000 CPC 63000000 9.52
  87. 87. We Are The Key To All Your Solutions