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Where to go from here updated slides

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An updated version of my "Where to go from here slides" (added ruby monk and a link to more resources (on my blog)

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  • Gehören Sie zu den Ersten, denen das gefällt!

Where to go from here updated slides

  1. 1. Where to go from here? Tobias Pfeiffer @PragTob pragtob.wordpress.com/   
  2. 2. tryruby.org  ● Interactive Ruby in your browser!  
  3. 3. Whys poignant guide to Ruby● Learn Ruby with cartoon foxes!● Guaranteed: Vastly different from every book you know, but...● Sometimes a bit too much story   
  4. 4. HacketyHack ● Coding for beginners! ● Includes GUI programming    ● Platform for beginner questions
  5. 5. Code School ● Learning with presentations and coding exercises!    ● Look for the free courses
  6. 6. Ruby Koans● Walk along the path of enlightment to learn Ruby! ● Do this with test driven development  
  7. 7. RubyMonk ● Interactive ruby learning in your browser  ● With fun ZEN like comments!  
  8. 8. Ruby on Rails Tutorial ✔ How I learned Rails ● Complete walkthrough of building “mini  Twitter” - with tests! 
  9. 9. Rails Guides  ● Up-to-date guides  about Rails
  10. 10. Codecademy ● Interactive coding lessons in JavaScript...  ● And bagdes!  
  11. 11. Mendicant University ● community of learners – check the forum ● Special: Gregory is looking for novice  programmers for one-on-one teaching  
  12. 12. RailsGirls ● Join a Rails Girls project group ● Join our mailing list  ● Keep in touch with attendees and   coaches!
  13. 13. Thank you! Enjoy coding! Psssst: There are more resources out there