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PradeepLinganna (M1021699)

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PradeepLinganna (M1021699)

  1. 1. Pradeep Linganna Slide 1 Relevant Projects Experience • Over 10+ years of experience in a wide range of work environments (Product/ Service based organizations) across multiple domains (Digital Marketing/ E-learning/ Logistics/ Procurement)  Mindtree from Mar 2013 to till date (40 months) • The development in P&G account involves design of websites for various platforms including web and mobile sites for the products marketed by P&G group • The L2 support in the Unilever involves understanding the incidents raised by the L1 to provide the solution • Estimating the efforts required to complete projects and creating project plans • Ensuring adherence to – On-time deliveries without missing SLAs and quality assurance • Identifying risks and planning contingencies • Provide technical leadership and mentoring to the teams  Previous company’s experience from Jan 2006 to Feb 2013 (85 months) • The Project aims at developing a UADP for conducting online Exams to Student and corporate world • The developing a complete Material Management application from Purchase activities, Tender process, condemnation and disposal of items • Analyzing functional requirements and translating the same to technical designs • Analyzing server and application logs to trace the root cause for incidents • Responding and resolving the issues faced by clients post deployments Strengths • Hands-on experience in building enterprise web application using Microsoft technologies • Hands on experience on C#, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, MVC, WCF, TFS (Version Control) and MS SQL Server • Good exposure on Agile Methodologies • Handling team of 4 to 5 members Functional • Client servicing • Project management • Team management • Crisis /Incident management Certification: Mindtree Certified Module Lead Pradeep Linganna • Technical Lead Education B.Sc (Computer Science), MCA Experience 10+ years Photo