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Cohesive and Inclusive Team Building_Eagles Learning

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Cohesive and Inclusive Team Building_Eagles Learning

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Cohesive and Inclusive Team Building_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles learning. All rights reserved. www.EaglesLearning.com Cohesive & Inclusive Team Building Team Development-An Overview: A team is a collection of individuals directing their energies towards a defined goal, which is achieved through their joint, complementary efforts. Every organization‟s success depends on its teams. The success of a team in turn depends on inputs, efforts and contribution from each of the team members. Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that teams that are cohesive and understand each other well; work and perform at higher level. An effective, high-performing team produces first-rate results, exhibiting accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration. If the team is working well, there‟s energy, synergy and enthusiasm. People are there because of what they can contribute, not because some organization chart says so. If the team wins, everyone wins. With increased specialization of jobs; individuals need to work with different people. However, expecting people to join a new group and immediately become a “team” is not always possible. Teams don‟t gel overnight. They struggle through various stages of growth, and if they emerge triumphant at the end, it will be because they‟ve worked at it. The objective of this program is to turn a loose group of individuals into a productive team. It also seeks to make a good team better. The program will help participants understand and apply the traits of an effective team player, so they can contribute towards achieving the organizational goals. Participants will also learn about the elements that go into building a great team such as trust, motivation and interpersonal communication. The program is designed to provide participants with the required skills and attitude that will help build effective teams. Goals, Strategies, Priorities and Action A. Successful teamwork starts with the question: „What are we trying to achieve?‟ Unless members of the team are agreed on this fundamental point, they will be pulling in different directions and wasting their energies B. Within the team, there may be conflicting visions, priorities and personal goals to be reconciled. Beyond the team, there are pressures and opportunities that need to be considered. Teams need time to explore the issues.
  2. 2. ©Eagles learning. All rights reserved. www.EaglesLearning.com C. The question cannot be answered once and for all. It will need to be reconsidered regularly as circumstances change. The team must be flexible in its working methods, and be prepared to review its strategies in response to new situations D. The process of establishing goals may be a painful one, as past experiences, assumptions and ways of working have to be challenged and perhaps replaced by more appropriate attitudes and methods. Key takeaways/aim These would be derived from the TNA (Training Need Analysis) done prior to the program. The aim could be any one or a combination of some of the following indicative list. A. Build a „can do‟ attitude amongst teams B. Build cross functional synergies and collaboration C. Motivate teams to achieve their goals and objectives D. Provide participants an opportunity to bond better with other members of the team E. Sensitise the team about gender science & build appreciative culture towards the same F. Provide the participants insights into various aspects of Team Building through activities G. Help teams identify their strengths and areas for improvement and enhance effectiveness Few select activities; their customized debrief done by us A. Caterpillar Walk B. Blind Snake Walk C. Moon/Jungle Walk D. Disc(o) Ring E. Hula Ring F. Split Pipes G. Flying Carpet H. Cross Over Bridge I. 9 Balls/Bull Ring J. Save your Balloon K. Fly your Airplane L. Tower Building M. Launch Craft N. Number Punch O. Three Islands P. Pass the Spider-web Q. Tanagram R. Broken Squares S. Jigsaw puzzle T. Design your activity U. Virtual Volleyball V. Big/Small Rocks W. Key Punch X. Plank Race Y. Perfect Square Z. A Frame…Many More Suggested Program Duration: Modular Offering – 2 days (6/8 activities of 4/3 Hrs each) Participant Profile: Team players, managers and leadership role holders