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Successful Relations & Interpersonal Skills_Eagles Learning

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Successful Relations & Interpersonal Skills_Eagles Learning

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Successful Relations & Interpersonal Skills_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles Learning. All rights reserved. www.EaglesLearning.com Successful Relations & Interpersonal Skills Program Overview: Interpersonal Skills are fundamental to all our dealings in our professional and personal lives. These skills are used every time we give a presentation, conduct an appraisal or just hold a conversation with a colleague. However, many times the lack of sound interpersonal skills can lead to lost business, weakened customer relationships and the lack of coordination of internal processes. Having constructive relationships with customers, clients and colleagues is important if we are to achieve successful outcomes in business. In fact, research has shown that relationships at work are the most significant factor in determining levels of satisfaction. Hence, an ability to build and maintain effective relationships is imperative to successful management and to high performance. This workshop on Interpersonal Skills is designed to assess participants’ current levels of communication and the impact of behavior on morale and performance and develops skills and techniques that would be of greatest benefit to the organization. The program will equip individuals with a greater sense of self-awareness and enhanced relationship skills in order to be more effective in working relationships. This is a highly participative program, with the emphasis on discussion and group learning. Participants take part in role plays and are expected to practice the skills for application in the workplace. Program Objectives: After attending this program, participants will be able to: A. Use Assertive Behavior with colleagues B. Identify the Cost of Poor Interpersonal Skills C. Identify and avoid barriers to effective communication D. Recall the Principles of Interpersonal Attraction & Assertiveness E. Recognize the importance of Interpersonal Skills at the workplace Suggested Program Duration: Modular Offering – 4 days (8 modules of 4 Hrs each) Participant Profile: Entry Level to Middle Level Managers