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Ebay ecommerce entrepreneur e bay online partner

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Partner Ebay, Online Ebay entrepreneur, Online selling, shop training, how to open ebay shop, ebay opportunities

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Ebay ecommerce entrepreneur e bay online partner

  1. 1. .in
  2. 2. About eBayeBay, Inc is worlds largest eCommerce company• 39 markets• $50 Billion InventoryeBay India is Indias #1 eCommerce website• 3 million registered users• 3,311 cities• 6,000,000 products for sale• 2,000 product categories Top Sellers in Fashion
  3. 3. Site level Consumer activity 3 Million Users > 72 Million Early Adopters & product enquiry High Income Users 350,000 Daily Visitors (searches) 78% of eBay users have used the internet for over 2 years 24% have a MHI > Rs. 30,000 eBay User Profile; mostly men, 77% of users below 35 years and 62% from the Top 8 Metro’s An average user spends 80% 44% 62% over Rs. 2,000 per eBay 33% transaction 38% 19% 20% 4% Users from 3,303 locations Men Women 18-24 25-34 35-50 51 Years + Top 8 Metros Other Cities Source: * JuxtConsult Online Shopping report 2008 ** eBay Internal Data
  4. 4. Why Sell on eBay?
  5. 5. Sales timer in minutes 00.0 00.0 1 6Health & Beauty Home Decor 00.0 00.0 4 7 ApparelWatches 00.1 8 Toys
  6. 6. Popular Brands
  7. 7. DOT Style: fabulous prices on must-have products Got a deal? Get your brand featured on DotStyle – promotion destination for Lifestyle Products
  8. 8. DOT Style: fabulous prices on must-have products• Destination deal property for Lifestyle Categories – Clothing – Shoes – Accessories – Perfumes – Watches• Select events• Limited time period• Range of products• New sales added everyday• Standardized and enhanced user experience activity in a day on FB post
  9. 9. Where do you see DotStyle?3.5Lakh user exposure Daily – eBay.in Homepage Banner on Search page – 60% orders are from search
  10. 10. Where do you see DotStyle?1.8 Million Users exposure – DotStyle tab on eBaydotin Facebook page DotStyle Tab on Facebook
  11. 11. Where do you see DotStyle?30 Lakh Buyer exposure – Daily Mailers twice a week
  12. 12. Other Lifestyle Properties…. Want it. Get it.
  13. 13. ebaydotin facebook page – fast facts • Fans: 1.8 million & counting • Popular age group – 18 to 24 years • Posts: 4 per day • Engagement: Approx. 2,000 likes per post • Weekly reach: 12.9 million – facebook ad • What can we do for brands – Dedicated posts – 3 product images + link to eBay store – Sponsor Prizes, fans engagement • Increase in visibility • Driving traffic to eBay store – Dot Style tab banners
  14. 14. Internet Marketing • Display Networks • Traffic on tab on Facebook – Brand logos can be used here for promotion
  15. 15. How it works… Buyer ProcessLog onto Find the Product Review listing and Confirm thewww.ebay.in you are looking for Seller Purchase Products on eBay are owned by independent sellers Replacement or Seller ships the Make the payment refund within 20 product days if unsatisfied Complete data Credit / Debit Card and protection using latest Bank transfer Verisign SSL
  16. 16. How it works… Seller Process First time communicationSeller receives a email Log on to My eBay to with Buyer (Email): Order Confirmation Order Shipmentalert for new order… check the order/buyer details Express Remittance for SKNL Communicate the Airway Shipment received by bill number to buyer and Buyer Confirms the receipt and ebay system buyer leave feedback
  17. 17. How it works… Brand enablement ProcessShare exclusive deals on an Share data in CSV format Block inventory for a eBay Seller shall enableassortment of 12 or more with title, description, pricing period of 10 days from the brand on DOTStyle onproducts and image links date event goes live eBay Payment to Brand by eBay Seller Brand / Distributor shall eBay Seller shall take eBay Seller shall procure provide required licenses andeBay Seller shall make payment permissions for sale of care of Logistics and the material on a back toto Brand / Distributor products on eBay Operations back basis once sold
  18. 18. FREEeBay Commercials Registration Monthly Fees Shop Subscription Listing Per Sku Basic 499 2 Featured 1999 1 Premium 3999 0.5
  19. 19. Let’s Build your Brand & Help to Sell onEbay
  20. 20. Team: About UsWe would be glad to help you establish your product/brand & sell almost anythingonline by tapping fast growing online Ecommerce sales at Ebay in India, US, UK &other international locations, by conducting customized ebay training & coachingworkshop at your office in your city Simardeep Kaur: Expertise as Ebay trading assistant & strategic shop management Prabhjot: Expertise as training, liasoning & backend with Ebay in.linkedin.com/in/prabhjotsinghsood/ Contact Us: prabhjotsood@gmail.com Mobile: 8510042055
  21. 21. What we do……√ A). Selling of your product on EBay ecommerceplatform; including concept development.√ B). Customized workshop for digital brand building 16. Best effort for removal of negative feedback& social media marketing. 17. Customer care, telephone & email response√ C). All aspects of Ebay shop 18. Guidance for adherence to EBay policies1. Logo design 19. Back end integration for all aspects2. Shop creation 20. Optimum use of shop & product promotion3. Product research tools/charges4. Photography 21. Staff training & sensitisation for online buyer5. Shop configuration 22. Team building to embrace ecommerce6. Content (description) writing 23. Profile creation on social media network7. Category creation 24. Digital marketing8. Shop integration 25. Email campaign management9. Power(Ebay) Shipping integration 26. Cross Selling campaign/automation10. Shop automation 27. Product gallery creation & promotion11. Develop FAQ 28. Integration of Ebay tools by international12. Develop company profile vendors13. Design leaflet, printouts 29. Turbo Lister (EBay listing tool) training14. EBay home page promotion 30. Selling Manager Pro (EBay listing tool) training15. Feedback management, encourage buyers to 31. Understanding & interpreting analyticsgive positive feedback 32. Understanding & interpreting DSR (Detailed Seller Reports) 33. Promotion to various power seller levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium
  22. 22. Ebay Global: Key Statistics eBay Global was Founded in September of 1995, eBay.com is a global online marketplace where practically anyone can trade practically anything. eBay Inc. has a global presence in 39 markets, including U.S. Market places have more than 112 million active users worldwide. In Q4 2012, gross merchandise volume (GMV), the total value of all successfully closed items on eBay Inc.s trading platforms, was 14.26€ billion and 50.28€ billion for Full Year 2012. Marketplaces net revenues totaled 1.5€ billion in Q4 2012 and 5.25€ billion for Full Year 2012. eBay users worldwide trade 1,843.9€ worth of goods on the site every second. The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a private business jet for 3.68€ million.
  23. 23. Ebay India: Key Statistics eBay India Indias leading eCommerce marketplace, is a 100% subsidiary of eBay Inc. eBay India has over 5 million registered users. These users come from over 3,311 cities in India eBay India has over 2.1 million Facebook fans on www.facebook.com/ebaydotin These fans come from over 19 countries Over 90% of all eBay India shoppers pay via Paisa Pay - a secure online payment gateway enabling credit card, debit cards, net banking, EMI, mobile payments & cash cards At any given time, there are over 1.7 million live listings on eBay India (www.ebay.in) across 2,000 categories of products in Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles & Media verticals. Approximately 30,000 sellers sell on eBay India annually. eBay India can be accessed on the mobile web on m.ebay.in & via a suite of Mobile Apps for the iPhone, the iPad, the Android, Windows& Nokia platforms
  24. 24. Ebay In: Shop TypeBasic : Rs. 499/monthFeatured : Rs. 1,999/monthPremium : Rs. 3,999/monthWith a Basic Shop Subscription you can automatically:Showcase all your listings in your Shop-front.Drive buyers to your custom URL.List in Shop Inventory format for no extra cost.Use Merchandising Manager to cross sell your inventory on your bid and checkoutWith a Featured Shop, you get all the Basic Shop benefits, plus:Cross-selling of your Shop inventory on all your listings pages.Priority Placement in "Related Shops" sections.Featured Placement on the eBay Shops home page.Prime Positioning in the top level directory pages where you have items listed.With a Premium Shop, get all the Basic and Featured Shop benefits, plus:One million impressions per month for your Shop throughout eBay.com - including on the eBay Homepage.Showcase placement of your logo within the eBay Shops Directory pages.Premium placement in "Related Shops" sections of the Search and Browse pages.
  25. 25. Ebay Com (US): Shop TypeGREAT VALUE IN EVERY PACKAGEFees Basic Store Premium Store Anchor StoreMonthly subscription 11.97€ 37.49€ 225.1€Fixed Price Insertion Fee 20¢ 5¢ 3¢GREAT VALUE IN EVERY PACKAGEFees Basic Store Premium Store Anchor StoreMonthly subscription 11.97€ 37.49€ 225.1€Discounted Fixed Price Insertion Fee 20¢ 5¢ 3¢Free 50 Listings per month (auction+FV), when we have shop on Ebay.in
  26. 26. On an average day on Ebay IndiaA mobile accessory sells every 1 minutesA health or beauty product sells every 1 minuteA mobile handset sells every 2 minutesA portable storage device sells every 2 minutesA piece of home or kitchen product sells every 2 minutesA coin or a note sells every 2 minutesA piece of jewellery sells every 3 minutesA piece of apparel sells every 3 minutesA stamp sells every 4 minutesA watch sells every 5 minutesA fitness & sports item sells every 7 minutesA book or magazine sells every 7 minutesA toy sells every 10 minutesA home appliance sells every 10 minutesA digital camera sells every 12 minutesA tablet sells every 15 minutesA pair of footwear sells every 16 minutesA laptop sells every 23 minutesA pair of sunglasses sells every 26 minutesA MP3 player sells every 30 minutes
  27. 27. Scope of work: TA to Your ShopShop Set up (manage & tune up)· Configuration & integration of all aspects w.r.t Ebay sites on India & US· Uploading of Products & writing better Description, 100 products· Liasoning with Ebay & logistics partnerEbay home page promo· Training of your staff (one staff + owner)· Email template design· Support to customer (query resolution)· Positive feedback generation & management (best effort negative feedback removal). Shop Automation. Install 3rd Party Plug-in (ex Product Gallery for cross selling)Commercials· Rs80,000/- PM for 3 month, total Rs 2,40,000/-· Mobile/Internet/Travel expense (as per actuals)Terms· 50% of total fees (Rs1,20,000) as advance, balance as per project progress· Images to be provided by you.
  28. 28. Action Plan: Time LinesWeek 1: Identify Products, Account Creation, KYC Compliance, Image optimisation/Polishing, Basic Listing HTML DraftWeek 2: Shop Creation, Configuration of categories, Look & Feel, Upload 5 Products , Mailer Design, Check PackagingWeek 3: Configuration of Promo Boxes, install 3rd party plugins (gallery), Upload 25 products, mailer printoutWeek 4: Ebay Home Page promo, Training of your Staff, Integration with Ebay Logistics partners for India /Inter.Week 5: Customer reply, Positive feedback generation, resolve complaints if any, list 30 products on Ebay USWeek 6: List 30 more products on Ebay India, Search engine keyword optimisation & integration, 25 more on Ebay USWeek 7: Allow shop to stablise, configure shop automation for replies & newsletter, shop custom pagesWeek 8: Email campaign mailer design (4 templates), Identify products & design strategy for Auction on Ebay US & IndiaWeek 9: Ebay Home Page Promo, upload 20 more productsWeek 10: upload 20 more products on Ebay India, open shop on Ebay US, Configure Shop on Ebay USWeek 11: Launch items on auction in India, 5 additional listings for wholesale lots, Training of Owner & staffWeek 12: Check India & US for correctness of all aspects & handover for independent operation to staffWeek 13: This is Voluntary & optional (to be discussed), test on other countries platform (UK, Singapore, Phillipines)Week 14: Ebay Home page promo on India & best effort on US & Pay Pay (no guarantee)Week 15: Reinforce training for staff & owner, check to ensure Powership is without hiccupsWeek 16: Best effort: Express Remittance provisioning, Placement of Your Shop logo on Ebay Home page at India
  29. 29. Feed Back: Community
  30. 30. Seller Dashboard
  31. 31. Seller Statistics
  32. 32. Shop: control panel
  33. 33. Shop layout
  34. 34. Promotion Boxes
  35. 35. Edit shop theme
  36. 36. Listing Category
  37. 37. Customise page layout
  38. 38. Search Engine Keywords: SEO