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Digital Social Media & E-mail Etiquette_Eagles Learning

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Digital Social Media & E-mail Etiquette_Eagles Learning

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Digital Social Media & E-mail Etiquette_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles Learning, All rights reserved, www.EaglesLearning.com Digital Social Media & E-Mail Etiquette Program Overview: In today’s world of instant communication, the use of Digital social media & e-mail is extensive in both personal as well as business communications. While a lot of people understand the importance of following certain rules when writing a business letter, they often forget these rules when composing message on social media or email. Learning proper etiquette can help a person be persuasive. This program will help increase participants’ chances of creating positive, engaging social platform communication & writing winning email messages by following few basic rules. Participants are taken through the “SPICE” model for composing messages, E mail and learn how to use the correct tone in a message, write subject lines, compose, open and close a message, forward it or send a reply. The program also covers technical issues such as how to create signature files, embed images, insert video, hyperlink and send attachments. The program is conducted by a facilitator and has extensive practice sessions. This way, the program is, not just a down-load session but enables participants to apply what has been discussed in the session at workplace. Program Objectives: After going through this program, participants will be able to: 1) Create and send professional e-mail 2) List the elements of a professional communication 3) Recognize the importance of the role of e-mail within business 4) Effectively manage social media communication on digital platform Suggested Program Duration: Modular Offering – 4 days (8 modules of 4 Hrs each) Participant Profile: Frontline Staff with 0 to 3 years of experience/ people of any profile extensively using social media and email as a medium of communication