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Real World November 2013

The Real World is Posterscope's monthly market update featuring up-to-date market facts and figures, latest developments and some great OOH campaigns.

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Real World November 2013

  1. 1. The Real World November 2013 04/11/2013
  2. 2. Re-defining Out-of-Home
  3. 3. We Live in a Changing World Data is the new raw material Businesses and markets are converging or fragmenting People expect to do anything, anywhere Media is not only bought, but earned and owned There is increasing global mobility… OOH Connectivity is high Formats are converging New technologies are continually emerging
  4. 4. Ads Platforms We are re-defining Out-of-Home as an ecosystem Content Experiential Stands / Zones Mobile etc Commerce & Coupons Services / Utilities (e.g. wifi) Posters Networked Video Screens People & Places Owned OOH (e.g. buildings or jet bridges) Technology Laptops Tablets Duty Free / Retail Media & Assets Apps & Games Data Physical Experiences (sampling)
  5. 5. People & Places
  6. 6. Seasonal Stats Did you know… Telecomms was the highest spending sector last October Source: AdDynamix
  7. 7. On The Move Did you know… Source: Department for Transport Around half of all bus journeys in England are made in London, wher e the 2012/13 total was broadly unchanged from the previous year, following years of growth
  8. 8. Understanding The Connected Consumer
  9. 9. OCS Constantly Constantly consumerconsumercentric centric
  10. 10. OCS in Numbers % 6,836 5th 100,000 Total sample in UK Version Global respondents 2.5 39 Number of hours saved by the OCS macro per run Number of OOH formats analysed within OCS 30 Countries OCS is run in
  11. 11. OCS Did you know… 18% The percentage of people who have impulsively bought entertainment items after seeing an OOH ad
  12. 12. TouchPoints
  13. 13. TouchPoints Did you know… The average adult spends 2 hours and 23 minutes travelling every day
  14. 14. VirtuoCity Posterscope and JCDecaux
  15. 15. Connected Commuter/ Youth JCDecaux
  16. 16. Ngen Clear Channel
  17. 17. work.shop.play CBS Outdoor UK
  18. 18. Data Driven Targeting
  19. 19. A pioneering new travel survey
  20. 20. Measuring audiences whilst OOH
  21. 21. Revolutionising the way we plan OOH
  22. 22. We Live in a Convergent World
  23. 23. Driven by technology… 125 30% 24m The number of NFC transactions in the UK every minute The percentage of Google searches containing a location component The number of people in the UK who access Facebook on a daily basis – 20m do so via mobile Smartphones are critical shopping tools with 95% having researched a product or service on their device 85% The percentage of smartphone users who look for local information on their phone with 81% taking action a result
  24. 24. And consumer expectation 313,141 The number of Facebook Places check-ins at the O2 Arenathe UK’s number one place to check-in 62% The percentage of UK smartphone penetration 81% 1.5m The percentage of smartphone users who access the Internet on their mobile devices The number of contactless bus fare payments made in London since December
  25. 25. Gateway to Mobile Content: NFC
  26. 26. Networked OOH: Real-Time
  27. 27. Networked OOH: Public Utility
  28. 28. Owned OOH
  29. 29. Owned OOH
  30. 30. Experiential
  31. 31. Experiential
  32. 32. Influencing Digital Behaviour: Driving Search
  33. 33. Influencing Digital Behaviour: Driving Influencing Digital Behaviour: Search Search: Social Media Driving Social Media Mentions of "gocompare" OR "gocompare.com" OR "go compare" AND "graffiti" OR "poster" OR "billboard" OR "OOH" OR "outdoor" Chart Title OOH 400 350 Mentions 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Date Popularity – Total Mentions on Twitter – 3,069 over period
  34. 34. Online Controlling The Physical World
  35. 35. Live Video
  36. 36. Engaging Interfaces
  37. 37. Engaging Interfaces
  38. 38. New Planning Data Index of tweets vs. the norm in proximity to posters in Nottingham
  39. 39. New Planning Data
  40. 40. Integrated Mobile & OOH Planning 270yd When navigating, mobile Ad is served within a 200m proximity to the geo – fenced poster site
  41. 41. The Out-of-Home Marketplace
  42. 42. Media Revenue Growth 1999-2014 Media Revenue 18,000 16,000 14,000 Media Annual total media spend in £m 12,000 Internet Outdoor 10,000 Cinema Radio 8,000 TV Magazines 6,000 Newspapers 4,000 2,000 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Year Source: Aegis Media & WARC 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (f) 2014 (f)
  43. 43. Out-of-Home Showing Growth 300 +5.9% 250 Revenue for 2014 estimated at +3% +0.1% £m 200 OOH Revenue 150 2011 2012 2013 100 50 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Quarter Total 2012 - £970.1m (9.5% YoY) Source: OMC Q4
  44. 44. Digital as a Percentage of All OOH 14.00% 12.00% Percentage 10.00% 8.00% 2012 6.00% 2013 4.00% 2.00% 0.00% Q1 Q2 Q3 Quarter Source: Nielsen AdDynamix Q4
  45. 45. Top 10 Categories The top OOH spending categories: Jan-Sept 2013 Entertainment and leisure Telecoms Finance Motors Drink £97.0m -6.0% £87.5m -3.9% £52.9m 74.2% £39.9m 4.5% £38.9m -16.4% Travel and transport Retail Electronics and household appliances Computers Food £31.1m -10.1% £31.0m -10.4% £18.2m 43.2% £15.8m 88.5% £14.3m -42.3%
  46. 46. Who’s Spending? The top OOH spending advertisers: Jan-Sept 2013 £34.2m 7.04% £16.9m 61.10% £12.0m 112.3% £11.4m 19.4% £10.2m 17.1% £10.1m 144.3% £9.6m -13.0% £9.4m 29.3% £9.3m 31.9% £8.7m 76.8%
  47. 47. Spend Trends- Roadside Spend by OOH format: Jan-Sept 2013 6s £172m 2.2% 96s £63m -11.3% Misc. Digital £53m 43.6% £9m -39.5% Specials 48s £71m -14.5% £15m -10.8%
  48. 48. Spend Trends- Transport Spend by OOH format: Jan-Sept 2013 £45m -13% £63m -6% £38m 30% £18m -10%
  49. 49. Consolidated Market Place Est. Market share based on revenue Others 17% 31% 8% 21% 23%
  50. 50. Media where it matters About JCDecaux + Key Areas For Investment JCDecaux is a privately owned French OOH advertising company, founded in 1964 in Lyon with a small business based on street furniture. Roadside: Continued investment in digital. Key new digital locations set to launch including The M4 Tower and The Holland Park Tower Reporting €2,623m in revenue in 2012, JCDecaux now operates in 55 markets worldwide and is market-leader in the UK Rail: Waterloo Motion set to launch at Waterloo Station. Continued expansion of Transvision and D6 networks Key Formats Roadside, rail, malls, supermarkets, airports and experiential Retail: M-Vision will expand to further premium malls as D6 network extends and digital investment at Tesco Airport: Digital and high impact media space will be unveiled for Heathrow Terminal 2 launch Experiential: Newly launched division JCDecaux Live is set to expand the multi-environment portfolio further Geography Proprietary Research Nationwide across environments in all the key cities across the UK Connected Commuter and Connected Youth ‘Power of Influence’ research and new ‘Business Traveller 2’ insight from JCDecaux Airport jcdecaux.co.uk
  51. 51. About Clear Channel Part of Clear Channel Communications Inc, the Americanbased global media and entertainment company, CCO was bought out by venture capitalists in 2008 and in 2012 posted revenues of $6.2bn worldwide. Built on the foundations of a national network of bus stop 6 sheets, the UK business has since expanded via an extensive portfolio of iconic, digital and mobile assets Key Formats Roadside, supermarkets, shopping malls, digital portfolio, Pinnacle + Key Areas For Investment Special builds, digital and interactivity: Project X- Project X will bring a different approach to Out-ofHome with flexible campaigns that meet the changing needs of advertisers Mobile platform- Clear Channel UK and Metro have announced a partnership that will bring free content to commuters at mobile-enabled bus shelters with interactive tags right across the UK Proprietary Research Ngen Geography Nationwide clearchannel.co.uk
  52. 52. About CBS Outdoor + Key Areas For Investment Part of American-based CBS Corporation, the sale of CBS Outdoor International to LA-based Platinum Equity was announced summer 2013. Increasing digital offering across Rail & London Underground Illuminated New Bus For London Performance 48 sheets National Rail Expansion of retail offering Birmingham Express Roadside digital Key Formats Proprietary Research Underground, bus, retail (Westfield Stratford, Westfield London and One New Change), National Rail work.shop.play and London Worker Planning Tool Geography National with a dominant presence in London cbsoutdoor.co.uk
  53. 53. Results are our culture About Primesight + Key Areas For Investment Jointly owned by GMT Communications Partners LLP and the Primesight management team, Primesight is a UKbased business which posted turnover of £60m in 2011 HD 48s, HD 96s, backlights, illuminations and illumination enhancement project via LED, digital 6 sheets, DEPs, ongoing audit of panels across the UK, recent improvements to key sites Key Formats Proprietary Research Roadside, cinema, Glasgow subway Primemobile, Primedesign, Hitwise, EPOS, Shopwyre, Geofenci ng Geography National coverage with sites in all major cities across the UK and Glasgow Underground primesight.co.uk
  54. 54. About Ocean Outdoor A relative newcomer to the OOH scene, launched in 2005 Ocean Outdoor is a boutique, UK-based media company pioneering creativity in digital OOH via an expanding portfolio of large-format, high profile sites In May 2012 a management buyout, backed by LDC Capital, purchased the business from Smedvig Capital for £35m Key Formats Large-format digital, iconic landmark and super-premium banner locations Geography Ocean has a regional footprint that spans the following UK cities: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow oceanoutdoor.com + Key Areas For Investment Ocean practices 'The Art of Outdoor', with every site in the Ocean portfolio having a unique quality and personality The Grid Ocean Labs Regional site expansion Proprietary Research The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor
  55. 55. OOH Industry News
  56. 56. psLIVE win New Agency of the Year at the FMBX Awards
  57. 57. CBS Outdoor UK’s ‘Look for Longer’ is back!
  58. 58. KBH On-Train Media wins First Great Western, Gatwick Express & Stansted Express contracts
  59. 59. Naren Patel Becomes Chairman of OMC 11/4/2013
  60. 60. CBS Outdoor Signs Global NFC Agreement with Proxama 11/4/2013
  61. 61. Limited Space Media Group announces acquisition of Media 7 11/4/2013
  62. 62. Amscreen announces digital technology to Tesco petrol station network 11/4/2013
  63. 63. Route research sheds light on rail advertising audience
  64. 64. Posterscope take first place at Ocean’s Art of Outdoor 11/4/2013
  65. 65. CBS Outdoor take part in future of underground travel exhibition 11/4/2013
  66. 66. CBS Outdoor increases retail offering with new partnership 11/4/2013
  67. 67. Clear Channel bring digital vouchers to Mobile Platform 11/4/2013
  68. 68. Clear Channel unveil ‘Project X’ as ‘Storm’ 11/4/2013
  69. 69. JCDecaux announce largest ever digital investment 11/4/2013
  70. 70. Posterscope expands NFC & QR offering with mobile partnership 11/4/2013
  71. 71. Posterscope eyes enhanced Route usage 11/4/2013
  72. 72. Find Out More
  73. 73. Get in touch with us... Hyperspace portfolio