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6 Innovative Social Hubs Worth Imitating

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The social hub has taken off as the way that social savvy brands are bringing social back to their website and creatively engaging with their audience.

Take a look at 6 of the best social hubs that you should be imitating.

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6 Innovative Social Hubs Worth Imitating

  1. #1
  2. #1 Belkin Integrated 
 User-Generated Content to Help Increase Sales of LEGO iPhone Cases !
  3. Belkin added a social hub on the product page to serve as an inspiration board and show off the possibilities of the Lego case.
  4. #2
  5. #2 Hood To Coast Chronicles
 a Social Journey
  6. The Hood to Coast social hub aggregated the social journey of the runners so their friends, family, and other cheerleaders could follow along before, during, and after the race.
  7. #3
  8. #3 Rockefeller Center Celebrates an Occasion
  9. Rockefeller Center created a microsite to aggregate the moments that the people in attendance of their tree lighting were sharing on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. The event and social hub were such a hit that the hashtag #rockcenterxmas was trending on Twitter in New York City and saw over 80,000 people use the hashtag.
  10. #4
  11. #4 Kenneth Cole Creates 
 a Social Contest
  12. Kenneth Cole created a #30yearsBold social hub which encouraged fans to share their own ‘Bold’ experiences. They incentivized participation with a hashtag sweepstakes where fans could win a $500 gift card, a street- style photo shoot or a night out in NYC with a special gallery tour.
  13. #5
  14. #5 The Oregon Ducks Promote
 their Coaches and Athletes with the Quack Cave
  15. The online home of the Quack Cave is a unique social hub that has multiple hubs within it and gives visitors the ability to pick their favorite sport and see the curated content associated with each team.
  16. #6
  17. #6 The CFDA Curates Content By Color
  18. The CFDA created a social hub to promote their brand at New York Fashion Week by curating content by color. As visitors scroll through the hub, they see the groups of pink content, then blue, and green, etc, giving the impression that all these pieces of social media from different people on different platforms are all a part of one campaign.
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