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Webinar: NextGen Portals: What? Why? When?

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You may have heard that Microsoft NextGen Portals are coming. And maybe you are already using tools like Delve that are the first generation of these NextGen Portals. But many questions around NextGen Portals have gone unanswered.
Get the answers you need to better understand and use Microsoft NextGen Portals.
In this webinar, Portal Solutions’ Daniel Cohen-Dumani and Josh Steiner discuss the most frequently asked questions about NextGen Portals.
- What are NextGen Portals anyway?
- Why are NextGen Portals important?
- When are NextGen Portals coming?

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Webinar: NextGen Portals: What? Why? When?

  1. 1. Microsoft NextGen Portals: What? Why? When?
  2. 2.  Webinar is being recorded  45 minute session  15 minute Q&A at the end  Slides and recording will be available after the session  Send in your questions!  Type your questions in the Go-to-Webinar Question Box on the right side  Will try to answer questions throughout the presentation Housekeeping
  3. 3. Daniel Cohen-Dumani @dcohendumani Founder and CEO Blogger: SME for Portal Solutions Digital Workplace Today Blog Areas of Interest: Portal and Collaboration, Productivity and Efficiencies A passion for Simplicity and Speed to Market About Me
  4. 4. Joshua Steiner @JoshuaMSteiner Practice Director Leads Portal Solutions’ Team of Project Managers and Business Analysts Areas of Interest: User Adoption, Information Architecture A Passion for Knowledge Management and Pain- Free Content Migrations About Me
  5. 5. 1. Build a good foundation to understand the difference between turnkey and custom intranets. 2. What are portal essentials and trends? 3. Where is Microsoft coming from, little bit of history. 4. What are NextGen Portals, where are we today, what is available? 5. What is the importance and what does it mean for you? 6. What is the timeline, when can we expect to see NextGen Portals? Session Learning Objectives
  6. 6. What Is Your Portal Platform Based On?  SharePoint Online/Office 365  SharePoint (not sure what version)  IBM Connection/Lotus Notes  Turnkey such as Jive, Igloo, Jostle  Other Platforms (Wordpress, Drupal, SiteCore, for example) Poll
  7. 7. Tools & Forms Communication Departments Projects People Gateway Mobile Portal Essentials “How do I…?” “What’s going on…?” “Don’t ask me, find it yourself…!” “What’s the status…?” “Who has worked on…?” “What’s the address for…?” “Access anywhere”
  8. 8. Trends - Microsoft SharePoint has over 160 million users worldwide and over 75,000 customers over on-premises and online. - The SharePoint ecosystem has grown to over 1M developers and represents an $8B market for products and services. - SharePoint is still a strong investment at Microsoft. - But wait… there is a problem! Maintenance of custom SharePoint solutions has grown exponentially There are so many custom solutions on SharePoint that upgrading and supporting solutions is more complex than ever SharePoint UI has aged and many users are dissatisfied with the platform
  9. 9. What Is Microsoft's Vision For The Future? Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more Mobile-first Create more personal computing Reinvent productivity & business processes Build the intelligent cloud platform Cloud-first Provide ready-to-go portals plus the ability to create custom portals to support organization- wide productivity across online, on-premises and hybrid.
  10. 10. So What Are Microsoft NextGen Portals Anyways? Ready-to-go portals with the ability to create custom portals to support organization- wide productivity across online, on-premises and hybrid. Video Delve “InfoPedia” Intelligent  Social  Mobile  Ready-To-Go ENHANCED BY KEY OFFICE 365 CAPABILITIES
  11. 11. Roadmap Portal – What Does It Mean For Custom Portals? 2016 2017 2018 Common controls & APIs available to developers
  12. 12. What Exists Today? Office 365 Videos Delve People Experiences Office 365 Groups New Page Authoring OneDrive for Business
  13. 13.  New Page Authoring  Delve  Office Videos Demonstration
  14. 14. Why This Is So Important Current SharePoint solutions are based on an old platform that is aging Maintenance of custom SharePoint solutions are rising Upgrades are complex, time consuming and unpredictable Microsoft recognizes they have created too much complexity by giving users too much freedom to build
  15. 15. Why Should You Look At NextGen Portals? Simplicity Cloud Productivity No Upgrade Speed and Performance Continuous Improvement Modern and responsive
  16. 16. What Should You Know About Them? A word of caution…… New • Some of the new portals are unfinished • You can’t turn all features on/off Functionality • Some missing functionality • No historical governance • Lack of customization • No branding options Release • Release is scattered across tenants (you can’t predict when you will see them) • There may be some bugs…..
  17. 17. Timeline
  18. 18. TodayRoadmap – Microsoft Portal/Intranet Platform 2001 SharePoint Portal Server 2001 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 2006 Office SharePoint Server 2007 2009 SharePoint Server 2010 2012 SharePoint Server 2013 2019 SharePoint Server vNext Office 365 2016 SharePoint Server 2016 NextGen Portals Micro-sites/Groups InfoPedia Power BI Delve People Experience New UX New ECM back-end Turnkey Portals Microsoft acquires Content Management Server Microsoft acquires ProClarity Microsoft acquires FAST Search
  19. 19. What To Expect In 2016 InfoPedia a.k.a. KM Portal Social (Yammer or Groups) Planner Magazines Groups/Micro-Sites OneDrive Enhancements
  20. 20. What Is Coming Next? Q4 15 Q1 16 Q2 16 Q3 16 Planner Delve enhanced experience New Groups features Magazines/ Micro-Sites InfoPedia Q4 16 Portal Solutions estimates, not an official roadmap
  21. 21. What To Watch For Disjointed User Experience (Delve vs. Groups vs. InfoPedia) Licensing and Constraints Governance Migration Path from Existing SharePoint Solutions
  22. 22. Where Can You Learn More? Check the Office 365 roadmap (little information) http://success.office.com/en-us/roadmap Take a look at the pricing plans http://portl.me/1RRDFy3 Follow Portal Solutions @portalsolutions and watch for our newsletter for updates. Listen to our Podcast: Microsoft NextGen Portals
  23. 23. See Our NextGen Portal In Action Questions? Contact Jenny Lynch at jlynch@portalsolutions.net OneWindow Workplace, a social turnkey intranet for Office 365. www.onewindowapp.com