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7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2014.

Discover what you need to know from Lisa Harrison, Strategic Marketing Director and cofounder of POMO.

Lisa has sifted through the hype and the fads to deliver you expert advice gained from working directly with businesses to deliver effective results-driven, digital marketing strategies.

What you’ll learn:

Customer retention in a digital environment
More effective ways to drive website traffic than SEO
Latest updates on Web 3.0
What your business should consider to be an effective part of the conversation
Understanding digital ROI
Lisa will share what’s new in the realm of digital marketing, including the importance of engagement, content marketing, real-time marketing, web 3.0, reputation management, influencers as well as the ideas around return on investment.

Lisa is also the developer and trainer of Certificate IV Social Media Mastery, a new Nationally Recognised Qualification – Certificate IV Business (BSB40212).

Follow Lisa on Twitter or subscribe to her on Facebook. POMO – is a creative agency specializing in customer engagement based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

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7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

  1. 2014 Digital Marketing Trends with LISA HARRISON, DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST
  2. a little about Lisa... Passionate about media + internet + relationships = DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST! MY Mission “Create safe, supportive and structured social communities online.” @_lisa_harrison #smm
  3. this morning we are going to discover... 7 Digital Marketing trends for 2014 @_lisa_harrison #smm
  4. what you’ll learn • Customer retention in a digital environment • More effective ways to drive website traffic than SEO • Latest updates on the Web & Web 4.0 • What your business should consider to be an effective part of the conversation • Understanding digital ROI @_lisa_harrison #smm
  5. pop question what do I need to do to be a success in social media marketing? a) Pinpoint b) Publish c) Share d) Network e) All of the above @_lisa_harrison #smm
  6. connect FACEBOOK www.fb.com/Secretstosocialmediamastery www.fb.com/pomocreative TWITTER @secretstomedia #smm BLOG www.pomo.com.au/blog @_lisa_harrison #smm
  7. you will walk away with... • INSPIRED by some real digital marketing examples, • ARMED with ideas for testing digital marketing within your own organisation, • The most EDUCATIONAL 30mins of your day. • @_lisa_harrison #smm
  8. The INTERNET has had a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives, from daily relations to our business practices. But one of the most dynamic changes are how businesses and consumers COMMUNICATE. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  9. Rethink Marketing. OUTBOUND MARKETING. INBOUND MARKETING. Interrupt consumers Permission to communicate Telemarketing SEO/SEM Trade Shows Direct mail Email Blasts Print ads TV/Radio ads Blogging V’S Social Media RSS Free tools/trials Viral videos @_lisa_harrison #smm
  10. Traditional forms of Communication are dying! @_lisa_harrison #smm
  11. 2014 is all about ENGAGEMENT. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  12. Connecting and building communities who are prepared to stand up for your brand that is ENGAGEMENT! @_lisa_harrison #smm
  13. The future of marketing integrates traditional and social tools, connected by successful, ongoing relationships with media, influencers, and people. That’s right…it’s about relationships and it’s about people. Relationships serve as the foundation for everything, whether its traditional or new media, and the constant reminder that we’re reaching people, and not audiences, will keep us on a path to relevance. Brian Solis 2007 International publisher in new media.
  14. Social Media biggest opportunity in history to ENGAGE @_lisa_harrison #smm
  15. What is Social Media? Social - a two-way communication Media - a one-way communication = Turning communication into interactive dialogues. Websites which build on Web 2.0 technologies to provide space for in-depth social interaction, community formation, and the tackling of collaborative projects.
  16. What is social media marketing? Content + Context + Connection + Community = Social Media Marketing
  17. Roles and responsibilities of a Social Media Manager (SMM)? • Create inbound traffic • Reputation management • Conceptualise, launch and manage campaigns • Customer service through online enquiries • Report on effectiveness
  18. Why is SOCIAL MEDIA GOOD for business? • Increased word of mouth • Research • Accessibility • Collaboration • Range • Instant communication • Low Cost • Measurability • Marketing opportunities • Increased traffic and subscriber rates • SEO and larger digital footprint @_lisa_harrison #smm
  19. why does my business need social media? @_lisa_harrison #smm
  20. digital marketing trend #1 Customer engagement is essential for customer acquisition and retention. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  21. Social media has become an important part of building a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. Online consumers are using social media more frequently before making the purchase decisions by communicating with their networks. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  22. according to marketingmag.com.au... Over 45% OF B2B organisations claim they DON’T KNOW HOW to OPTIMISE SOCIAL MEDIA in their organisation. IS THAT YOU? @_lisa_harrison #smm
  23. the bottom line Face-to-face + Online conversations = Loyalty and Advocacy @_lisa_harrison #smm
  24. TIP: CULTURE. The success of brands is due to the PEOPLE behind an engaging brand. It’s everyone from senior leadership to the most junior staff, and even the consumers. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  25. digital marketing trend #2 Right now Facebook has global dominance in the social networking realm. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  26. Nearly 11 million users 51% penetration of the Australian population 64.26% in relation to the number of internet users. 54% of Australian users are female 26% of Australian users aged 25 - 34 75% of Australian users engage with the platform at least once a day, with 54% using it several times a day. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  27. social media sites to suit your brand Business 2 Consumer ur Facebook Tumblr Twitter Blog Google + Instagram Youtube Pinterest Foursquare A retail business, for example, needs to monitor online review site Yelp. Flickr @_lisa_harrison #smm
  28. Business 2 Business LinkedIn is the only real B2B social network that was developed purely to develop direct B2B sales relationships for B2B marketers. If you’re on limited time and resources and looking to greatly increase your bottom line, you should invest wholly in LinkedIn. Consider a blog to leverage content to drive conversations, as that will be key to differentiating your company from the rest. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  29. TIP: Think of the strongest brands you know. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  30. Top five brands on FACEBOOK. 1 2 3 4 5 @_lisa_harrison #smm
  31. What do they have in common? They deliver well on VALUE PROPOSITION. That is, they do what they say they will, and most likely do it better than others in their industries. @_lisa_harrison
  32. digital marketing trend #3 Social Media and Content marketing will drive more traffic to your website than SEO. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  33. techniques of getting targeted traffic to your site (and don’t involve Google in any way shape or form! ) •• Social media •• Social bookmarking •• Video marketing •• Blog Commenting •• Guest Posting •• Sourcebottle (http://www.sourcebottle.com.au/) •• Your Email Signature @_lisa_harrison #smm
  34. based on magnet method • Permission based. • Allows the recipient to opt out, and to control what they do and don’t see. • t puts the power in the hands I of the consumer. • t revolves around I engagement – 2 way conversation – social. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  35. examples of content marketing • EDM – electronic direct mail, email newsletters and email alerts • e books • podcasts • websites • social media • publishing - blogging • podcasting • video content @_lisa_harrison #smm
  36. TIP: CLARITY Build relationships first, promote your content later . @_lisa_harrison #smm
  37. Focus on Your Benefits, Not Your Feature. What problem do you help to solve? What critical service do you provide? Ask yourself the same question 5 times: Why do you do what you do? why? why? And so on. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  38. Know your target. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  39. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  40. Demographics Gender Age Education level Income level Marital status Occupation Religion Size of a family Geographic etc. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  41. Psychographics @_lisa_harrison #smm
  42. digital marketing trend #4 digital marketing trend 3 WEB 4.0 @_lisa_harrison #smm
  43. “The sheer size of the audience makes mobile increasingly important to advertisers.” Joe Laszlo, senior director of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at the IAB, New York. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  44. TIP: CREATE AUTHENTIC, TARGETED EXPERIENCE. Use data to turn an anonymous visitor into individual consumers. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  45. digital marketing trend #5 Reputation Management. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  46. Reputation management is the practice of making people and businesses look their best. To accomplish that, people need to control their online search results because they frequently contain inaccurate, misleading or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  47. TIP: MONITOR • Create your own content and optimised profiles, to push offending content down to that proverbial third page in google search results. • Search yourself • Buy your domain name • Join social networks • Optimise your presence on these sites • Keep private things private @_lisa_harrison #smm
  48. digital marketing trend #6 The influencer will become more influencing @_lisa_harrison #smm
  49. 3 Ways influencers use SOCIAL Networking. 1. PUBLISH Everyone can publish anything for everyone • publish everything you have anywhere you can, • monitor what others publish, promote it @_lisa_harrison #smm
  50. 2. SHARE Anyone can promote anything to everyone • monitor what’s being shared about you • find where your audience hangs out • promote your content and other content • share content your audience with love @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  51. 3. NETWORK Anyone can connect with everyone from anywhere • find your existing connections • network through groups • be helpful - answer questions, share interesting content • make new connections @_lisa_harrison #smm
  52. TIP: CREATE COMMUNITY with Social Media strategies. Ultimately its about your audience feeling connected to you and wanting to spread your brand story. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  53. Personalisation @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  54. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  55. Entertain and Compel @_lisa_harrison #smm
  56. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  57. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  58. Credibility @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  59. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  60. Value @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  61. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  62. Ideas / Solve a problem @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  63. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  64. bonus tip: Become An Influencer TIP: the 80/20 80% useful, relevant and informative content 20% bragging about your achievements (establish yourself as an expert and/or boost your credibility) @_lisa_harrison #smm
  65. digital marketing trend #7 Social Media ROI @_lisa_harrison #smm
  66. Return on Investment EXAMPLE Benefits Sales Leads referrals Customer feedback Increased online traffic Instant communication   Costs Time Subscriptions Advertising Purchases ROI (Outcomes)   Surplus – in this case repeat the formula Shortfall – look for improvements to find problem @_lisa_harrison #smm
  67. TIP: Obtain feedback - to improve social media campaign activities • Analytics • Subscribers, Customers • Colleagues • In person • Competitors @_lisa_harrison #smm
  68. TAKEAWAY THE “AGE OF STRATEGY” Communication now needs to be an interactive dialogue ENGAGE @_lisa_harrison #smm
  69. Where a lot of companies fall over in implementing digital marketing and engagement strategies. Who is responsible for this stuff? Do we have the “know how” (education)? What are our priorities? @_lisa_harrison #smm
  70. Learn More... Brisbane North Sydney For further information on Social Media Mastery or to book please call 1300 572 349, or visit www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au
  71. Become an Accredited SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Join me at Social Media Mastery Certificate IV in Business BSB40207 The training is fully accredited Session One, 2 days (Prerequisite for remaining Sessions) Establish networks (BSBREL401A) Advanced online business networking using social networking tools (Building Client Relationships and business networks, BSBREL402A) Session Two, 2 days E-commerce (Conducting e-marketing communications, BSBMKG412A) @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  72. THANK YOU! MORE INFORMATION Email: lisa@pomo.com.au www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au www.pomo.com.au Subscribe to my newsletter at www.lisaharrison.com.au www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au Blog: www.pomo.com.au/blog/ @_lisa_harrison #smm