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Deezer and Spotify for brands and labels

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Learn how to use Deezer and Spotify platform to highlight your music content. How to create Deezer and Spotify Apps?
What are the 5 points to take into account for a good label application?

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Deezer and Spotify for brands and labels

  1. 1. Deezer and Spotify for brands and labels
  2. 2. Streaming platforms Deezer/Spotify
  3. 3. Figures about the two world leaders SPOTIFY 24 million active users worldwide 6 million paying users worldwide More than 20 million tunes 3.8 M Facebook fans 600 000 followers on Twitter Spotify is available in 32 countries DEEZER 12 million monthly unique visitors worldwide 5 million paying subscribers worldwide Access to 30 million tunes 2.5 M Facebook fans 800 000 followers on Twitter Deezer is available in 182 countries
  4. 4. Principal features of the two streaming leaders FUNCTIONALITIES RECOMMENDATIONS CONTENTS Search engine Playlist creation Radios Editors’ picks Users’ listening & favourites Friends’ suggestions Biographies Reviews Concerts dates
  5. 5. The applications on Deezer/Spotify
  6. 6. History of integrated applications for Spotify and Deezer November 2011 Launch of Spotify Apps May 2012 Second launch with 11 new applications
  7. 7. November 2012 Launch of Studio Deezer app May 2013 Launch of Studio Deezer app on Android December 2013 Launch of Studio Deezer app on iOS
  8. 8. Studio Deezer’s web and mobile app: Store specialized in apps
  9. 9. Integrated applications on the Desktop version of Spotify
  10. 10. Deezer/Spotify apps are on for good! Spotify // 100+ available apps (desktop only) •  1500 years of music played in 3 months via Spotify apps •  100 000 publications of lyrics by Spotify users on TuneWiki •  3.5 million of playlists created by MoodAgent’s app each week Deezer // 100+ apps available on the studios •  More than 100 000 games played on Askking Music (music quizzes) •  10k of additions in bookmarks guaranteed for labels and artists during the month of the launch •  The 3 great catalogues from classical music world are represented (Deutsche Grammophon, Essential Classics, Harmonia Mundi)
  11. 11. Applications available on Deezer/Spotify These applications are free and integrated into Deezer and Spotify. They are created in order to be complementary to the music tunes offer and they are available to the whole group of both platforms users whether they are free or paying users.   The applications provided by Deezer and Spotify’s services offer many varied functionalities : Music recommendations     Direct playlist sharing     Thematic   applications   Labels applications   Artists’ applications     Album reviews     Music dating     Live Experiences    
  12. 12. Music recommendation Looking for new artists or new songs to discover can be hard to do when using only the streaming p l a t f o r m s ’ s e a r c h engine. That is why Deezer and Spotify offer applications which main goal is to recommend music to the user. The recommendation can be personalized depending o n w h a t h e o r h i s friends have listened to (LastFM Application), or a l s o e d i t o r i a l i z e d (Shuffler Application).
  13. 13. Music recommendation
  14. 14. Playlists creation & Live experiences C r e a t i n g p l a y l i s t s r e q u i r e s t i m e a n d creativity. That is why some applications are specialized in doing this job for users and suggest them to listen t o c o l l a b o r a t i v e playlists in real time (Soundrop Application) or suggest thematic playlists which are likely to correspond to every moments of the day and to all situations (Digster Application)!
  15. 15. Playlists creation
  16. 16. Live experiences
  17. 17. t   Thematic applications For people who are fan of a special type of music or whether users simply want to discover a new style, there are thematic applications which permit to discover a n d d e e p e n o n e ’ s knowledge in a music type!
  18. 18. Thematic applications
  19. 19. Artists’ applications Thanks to a dedicated application, an artist or a music group can go further than just his own artist profile on Deezer or Spotify. For some of them, it even r e p r e s e n t s a m i n i - website mixing photos, v i d e o s a n d g a m e contents!
  20. 20. Artists’ applications
  21. 21. Album reviews Reading an album review while listening to it to compare your opinion with the expert’s? That is now possible thanks to Pitchfork and Rock Sound applications for example. The only thing left to do is to give users the possibility to publish their own review in turn!
  22. 22. Albums reviews
  23. 23. Music dating Having the same tastes in music is a guarantee for sharing a common discussion topic. So why not offer a service which would allow us to connect to users who listen to the same music as we do? That is what Tastebuds a n d M o o s i f y a r e offering.
  24. 24. Music dating
  25. 25. Focus on label applications
  26. 26. The entire catalogue of your label may be distributed via Deezer/Spotify… (which is good)
  27. 27. …but scattered within a catalogue of millions of tracks! (which is a shame)
  28. 28. THE SOLUTION? Creating a unique corner for your music catalogue! Example of the Deezer and Spotify Deutsche Grammophon Apps
  29. 29. Labels applications
  30. 30. 5 points to take into account for a good label application
  31. 31. 5 points you must not forget for a good integration of your app 1– LISTENING Provide musical content in 1 click 2– ADAPTATION Offer a new way of discovering your catalogue 3- DATA COLLECT Enrich your CRM base with information collected through the app 4– INVOLVEMENT Make personalized content creation easier 5– SHARING Optimize the social sharing of the app
  32. 32. Listening It is important to be able to offer a musical experience to your users as soon as they arrive on the application. Providing music in 1 click permits to let the user enter directly your label’s musical universe and encourages him to s t a y l o n g e r o n t h e application.
  33. 33. Adaptation “When in Rome, do as Romans”… but in your own way! T h e h e a r t o f t h e a p p l i c a t i o n i s t h e l i s t e n i n g a n d t h e musical discovery of your catalogue but also remember to adapt it in order to offer a new way of browsing. In this way, the application brings a real added value compared to the o t h e r s t r e a m i n g platforms’ native tools.
  34. 34. Data collect Get the most of your a p p l i c a t i o n b y collecting information about your users and therefore, enriching your database. You can opt for forms to fill in or you can use permissions request that D e e z e r a n d S p o t i f y provide in order to give you access to requested users’ data and let you use them.
  35. 35. Involvement Give your user the possibility to also become actor of the application. It can take several forms such as a TOP 5 to submit or even the creation of a c o l l a b o r a t i v e p l a y l i s t f o r example. T h a t i s w h a t several sports club a r e o f f e r i n g t o their supporters so as to define the musical atmosphere of a stadium in a collaborative way.
  36. 36. Sharing Encourage your users to share your application through their favorite networks and make it easier for them to do so. A simple proposal of s h a r i n g o n s o c i a l networks can work very well. As well as more developed mechanics of games and challenges between friends within t h e a p p l i c a t i o n s , encouraging the user to invite his friends for example.
  37. 37. What is the impact of your app on your catalogue?
  38. 38. Monitor the important metrics for the analysis of the application’s impact on your catalogue’s discovery Identify and monitor the relevant metrics for your application: -  Number of daily active users -  Number of streams performed via the application. This data is available directly through streaming platforms. You can also integrate your own monitoring tools yourself (ex: google analytics) to narrow the monitoring of your application: -  Most clicked sections -  Time spent on the application -  Traffic sources Source : Deezer App Insights  
  39. 39. NEW FEATURES ON DEEZER Remind your users to come back to consume your contents
  40. 40. Deezer answers the following issue: How to reach my users within Deezer to make them come back to my application? January 2014 Launch of applications’ notifications Q1 2014 Launch of App cards pushed by the developers themselves
  41. 41. Use notifications to make your users come back The apps notifications give you the possibility, under the application name, to indicate that a new content is available in your application and to encourage users to come back. When to use them? When a new content is made available in your application. Who can receive them? Users who added your application in their bookmark. Where do they appear? In the Apps menu of bookmarked applications and in the activities feed on the right of the screen. Source : Deezer  
  42. 42. Use the Apps cards to be visible on the homepage Source : Deezer   The Apps cards give you the possibility to publish as an application in the Deezer homepage feeds of your users. When to use it? When a real new feature is available in the application. Who can receive them? Users who added your application in their bookmark. Where do they appear? On the Deezer homepage feed in the « Exploring » section.
  43. 43. Ready to highlight your catalogue? Contact us!
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