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Pragati marketing plan for a mobile app

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Pragati marketing plan for a mobile app

  1. 1. PRAGATI Marketing Plan for a New Mobile APP
  5. 5. Introducing, a unique strategy game which gamifies the process of creating new habits and goals for self-improvement by tracking the activities that you are doing through the phone, or a Fitbit, or simply entering the details of it and utilizing this as resources in the game Further, this let’s you also compete with your friends who are trying to achieve their own personal goals.
  6. 6. HOW THE APP WORKS? The gaming application tracks certain parameters, like number of steps, hours of workout, amount of calories etc. These can be track by the phone as well as any fitness band. The user can also make their own inputs for certain parameters. These parameters are then converted into resources like gold, potion, health etc., and will be used in the game to build our own world. This world that’s build by the user can keep growing if they continue to be consistent while pursuing their goals, and if they are not they would face damages in the game. The game would also have a social aspect where people can exhibit their progress as well as compete with people all over the world
  8. 8. Company overview Fresher in APP Market Backed up with latest technologies Highly focused on innovation Great team of engineers from IITs
  9. 9. Market overview Unique Product High potential for growth Flourishing market of games
  10. 10. Target Customer Fitness oriented crowd Business Leaders Students People looking for self help Anyone who has a goal
  11. 11. GOAL
  12. 12. September 2017 • App Development Process initiated February 2018 • App launch in 3 major cities April 2018 • Generating 10,000 users of Free version • And 1000 users of paid version September 2018 • Generate 1,00,000 users for free version • And 25,000 for the paid version
  13. 13. STRATEGY
  14. 14. TARGET MARKET • To track the activities done on a daily basis • To generate good habits • To manage time • To stay committed to the goals • To play fun strategy game on phone Customer Needs
  15. 15. • To get rewards for following goals • To compete with people • To increase efficiency with time Customer Wants:
  16. 16. • Goal Oriented people • Fitness enthusiasts • Business leaders • People looking for self help • Gamers Distinguishing Characteristics of the Customer:
  17. 17. COLLABORATORS • Mobile app stores like Google Play Store, Apple app store, Nokia’s Ovi Store, Windows Phone Market Place, Amazon’s forthcoming Android App Store Channel members:
  18. 18. • Open sources like Wikipedia, Wikihow, Quora etc. • Paid sources that include blogs and content websites • Writers, Bloggers, Photographers etc. • Consumers that are interested in contributing Suppliers:
  19. 19. • Brands/ Companies who will sponsor the app or advertise their products/services through display ads. • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. via which the buzz for the app will be generated Communication Partners:
  20. 20. COMPETITORS Similar Apps: Habit Hub
  21. 21. • App development team: Coders, Developers, Software engineers • Business development team: Planners, Negotiators, Networkers, Strategists, Growth Hackers • Content Creation Team: Editors, Writers, Curators, Sources • Marketing Team: Promotions, Communications and distribution teams • Data Analysis Team: Analysts, Machine learning experts • Finance and Accountancy team • Customer Team: Customer Care Department • Public Relations Team: Employee relations and Investor relations team Company’s strategic business Unit:
  22. 22. • Suppliers • Investors • Customers • Employees Key Stake Holders:
  23. 23. Points-of-parity Classic Strategy based game Simple activity tracker Easy access to articles and stories for help Competing within the game for rewards and social status
  24. 24. Points-of-difference Generating resources in game based on the activities and not the time given to the game Not allowed to simply cash in and buy resources to simply get ahead of everyone else Not just tracks the goals but also motivates though articles, and quotes and advices The app is based in freemium model
  25. 25. VALUE PROPOSITION Consumer: • It benefits consumers because it keeps them on track on their goals and rewards accordingly Collaborators: • It gives them a chance to put forward their content in such a platform that would actually have some impact on the customers Company: • The company benefits and earns money from consumers that buy the premium version
  26. 26. TACTICS
  27. 27. Free features of the Pragati: A strategy game with futuristic theme Tracker module to record all the activities and details like, duration of the work, no. of step These tracked activities would generate resources like gold, health points, etc These resources can be used to explore and build the world in the game The app would keep reminding the user regarding the goals Limited no. of goals
  28. 28. Premium features of Pragati: You’ll get constant motivation and guidance in terms of quotes, videos, photos You’ll get exponential benefits as a reward. You’ll be able to add unlimited goals
  29. 29. Brand: • Name and slogan: Pragati, Pushing you forward • Meaning: Pragati means progress in hindi and implies that this app would help people progress • Attributes: Quality, Fun, Reliable
  30. 30. • The pricing strategy adopted here would be Freemium. That means the app itself is free, but the in-app purchases and the premium version would be paid. • The premium version of the app would be priced at $3. The justification for this would be that some people need a bigger push to pursue their targeted goals and some people are just ambitious and competitive so much so that they are willing to pay this price. • The price is also not extremely high since there are in- app purchases in both the versions that would contribute to the revenue Price:
  31. 31. Communication: Word of mouth marketing to family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances Capitalising on influential social community through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Increasing online presence through emails, messages and posts Joining developers and entrepreneurs groups on LinkedIn Creating a announcement blog for the app followed by summary guide, Press Release, Design Collateral and APP Screenshots Utilising SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization) to optimise searches and yield greater results
  32. 32. Getting featured on Mobile App Review sites Recruiting users locally by organising meet-ups, events and conference Participating in app awards as they can give tons of press, exposure, reviews, and plenty of downloads Letting professional gamers review it and generate an audience Creating incentives for joining the app at the earliest Promoting the game at pop events at college fest, Comic cons, Networking events etc.
  33. 33. • Focusing across all app stores for the gaming category such as non-Apple platforms, independent app stores, device app stores, tablet app stores and more • Pay-Per-Installs: There are recommendation driven promotion engines which rewards users with virtual goods or virtual currency in one app for trying and installing another app Distribution:
  35. 35. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE CEO Content Department Content Creation and Collection Head Technology Department Game developers Graphic Designers Analysts Animators Coders Business and Marketing Department Promotions and Distributions Head BD Head Finance Department Finance Head Public Relations Department PR Head Customer Department Customer Care Head
  36. 36. Marketing Research: • Conducting surveys on strategy games • Understanding gamification • Pre Marketing to create a buzz • Involving pro gamers to receive their inputs App Development • Game module • Assets Creation • Planning Gameplay • Developing Mechanics • Sound • Coding • Graphics and Animation • Analytics • App development for various OS • Developing tracker module which monitors activities • Reminders • To do lists • Content • Generating curated content for the people • Creating general content for motivation Promotion: • Advertising • Pay-Per-install promotions • Promotion through blogs • Word of mouth promotion • Promoting on events • Online Promotions Distribution • App Stores like Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows App store • Also tapping into independent app stores • ASO (App Store Optimization) Control and Feedback • Game • Data analytics on the game • Receiving performance of the users and responding accordingly with content • Company • Environmental analysis of the performance • Reviews on app store • Metrics like: No. of installs, no. of uninstalls, 5-star rating etc. PROCESS
  37. 37. CREDITS ▪ Google Images ▪ Wikipedia ▪ Google play Store
  38. 38. DISCLAIMER Created by Piyush Kumar Maske (IIT Madras) during a marketing internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur (IIM Lucknow)
  39. 39. THANK YOU