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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Accenture

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How We Deliver
Vmware Tanzu & Accenture
Executive Insights for the Ontario Public Sector Webinar
Rod Kelly
September 24, 2020

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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Accenture

  2. 2. Copyright 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved. 2 Rod is the lead for our Intelligent Software Engineering Services (IES) platform in Canada. IES includes Data, AI, Testing & Quality Engineering, Technology Architecture, Products & Platforms and Emerging Technologies. Originally from Newfoundland, Rod is based in Ottawa with his 2 daughters, Charlotte and Emilie. Rod holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Francis Xavier University. ROD KELLY MASTER TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECT
  3. 3. INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING SERVICES IES is a group of Accenture practitioners that build and deliver custom solutions. Our resources are technology architects, software engineers, quality engineers and delivery management experts. Home to over 5,700 certified architects
  4. 4. PIVOT THROUGH THE EXTREME UNCERTAINTY CLOUD-NATIVE TRANSFORMATION Transform legacy landscapes to cloud-native applications leveraging modern architectures based on business priorities. MicroservicesDevSecOpsAgile / XP Delivered by modern engineering principles, processes & techniques Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved. 4 Human-centric Design CLOUD-NATIVE INNOVATION Design, build, and implement innovative / greenfield applications born for the cloud.
  5. 5. ACCELERATED DELIVERY: TIER-ONE BANKING CLIENT – THE CASE FOR XP The innovation hub balanced team is operating in true agile mode and delivering leaner product quickly by following extreme programming principles Accenture provided: 6 Software Engineers 1 Product Manager Client provided: 1 Scrum Master 52 Weeks (started in June 2018) RESULTS • Improved visibility & alignment: By creating an automated functional test, the business gained confidence in the product. What they view online will be exactly what will be submitted to the government. • Improved productivity: Development efforts were reduced by 60-70%. • Improved Time-to-Market: The team was able to deliver stories 2-3 times faster than other traditional scrum teams working on the project. TEAM STRUCTURE TIMELINE Key KPIs 2xThroughput 4xImproved Lead Times 4wks Reduced Cycle Time 0Defects in Prod