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Sustainable travel

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Cruising into Sustainable travel, a look at how shore tours can impact local businesses.

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Sustainable travel

  1. 1. Cruising into Sustainable TravelInternational travelers and Localbusinesses are primed for the benefits ofsustainable travel
  2. 2. Tourism and Local Businesses worktogether to perform better in asustainable economy● The number of experienced cruise travelers has more thandoubled in the last 10 years● Many choose a shore excursion because it is an easy way tovisit a new destination● The experienced traveler wants accountability● Businesses are more conscious of their responsibility towardsencouraging a flourishing environment4 reasons Cruises lines are perusing sustainable travel options
  3. 3. Cruises are a place forfamily and friends togather
  4. 4. They offer self contained services:in house hotel, restaurant & entertainment
  5. 5. It’s possible to relax & enjoythe vacationof sun and fun with acomfy deck chairand a cold drinkwhile visitingexotic destinations
  6. 6. The appeal of a cruise has many elements:
  7. 7. Lush&elegantaccommodations
  8. 8. Argggghh! Avoid much of theOrganizational stress of aconventional vacation plan.
  9. 9. Cruises actas a bufferbetween thetraveler and thenew culture.No hiddensurprises ormysteries whensigning up for ashore tour.
  10. 10. Tour excursions offer anAuthoritative figure Robin to guidetravelers and bring them closerto the local culture.That’s right Batman, they offerqualified guides, transport andso much more.
  11. 11. On a tour excursion you canAvoid dealing with the localtraffic andRules of the road
  12. 12. Skip the crowdsAndgetonthefasttrackformuseumsandculturalevents
  13. 13. In other words the cruise line becomesan ambassador for the new destinations
  14. 14. World businesses are respondingtotheir consumers!According to the BBMG Conscious Consumer Report,nearly 9 in 10 Americans say the words “consciousconsumer” describe them well and are more likely tobuy from companies that manufacture→ energy efficient products→ promote health and safety benefits→ support fair labor and trade practices→ commit to environmentally-friendly practicesif products are of equal quality and price.
  15. 15. Many companies areconscious of their rolein sustainable business
  16. 16. RCCL (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines)is one of many who have implemented asustainable policyShore tours andexcursionspromote localbusinesses andtraditions.
  17. 17. FOR EXAMPLEA stop in the Mediterranean could offer a tourexcursion to Pisa, Florence & Tuscany Italy.
  18. 18. This tour would include a visit tomany sites:Offering valuable information about the history and the famous monuments
  19. 19. Sustainable travelmeansthis tour would alsoinclude a peek at thelocal cultureandtraditions
  20. 20. Watch as master craftsmen carveAnd recreate the famous antique framesFloral carvings are painted inthe traditional gold leaf
  21. 21. Or it might include a visit to aStone mosaic workshop
  22. 22. Or have a tour of thePierotucci Italian Leather Workshop
  23. 23. In each visittourists are brought close tothe crafts people and theirworkshopwhere they can ask questionsThey are encouragedto purchase productsthat are authentic &Made in Italy→ leather jackets andhandbags→framed mosaics→Florentine gift paper
  24. 24. Sustainable Travel helps localbusinesses flourish bysupplying a flow of shopperswho:● Appreciate authenticitems● Want to bring hometraditional gift itemsandsouvenirs
  25. 25. Planning your next vacation?Ask if they support sustainable traveland make your voice heard!
  26. 26. Pierotucci Italian Leather Factoryvia Lungo L’Ema 17Ponte a Ema, FlorenceI-50015www.pierotucci.comcustomerservice@pierotucci.comPlease contact our offices for more information regarding a tour our theleather workshop.