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Fintech UK market

  1. S UK Fintech Market Big Data, Method of payment, Startups and actors of Card Process
  2. Method of payments
  3. KEY BRICK United kingdom and Ireland are investing billion in Fintech startups in order to boost best projects and help them with campus and fundraising. They are creating thousand of different technology that mix idea and cutting-edge technologies focus on.. -bespoke service for client and -optimize payment process -Customer retention using bespoke ads -banking service -easy way to pay on internet avoiding bank’s charges
  4. BANK’S APP FOREIGN TRANFERT RETAILER’S APP/BIG DATA BITCOIN Monitise Worldremit Yoyo Bitcoin US Judo Transferwise us Droplet Bit Rserve Trustly Transfergo Ringpay Gyft UK Zapp us Gocardless Snapcard Payleven Flypay Coin US Revolut Izttle
  5. Cases S TRUSTLY - is an online PSP offering B2C and C2C payments. Its payment methods were created for mobile devices and offer cross- border payment functionality which makes the platform well suited for international eCommerce on mobile and tablet devices. The company covers 57 banks, serving over 67m customers. S TRANSFERWISE - lets expats, foreign students and business move money globally. During the last 12 months the company has introduced new mobile platforms, including iOS 8and Android. The business also rebranded, redesigned their payment flow and launched their first international TV campaign. The company has been valued at close to $1bn.
  6. OTHERS CASES S GOCARDLESS – is a UK based service that allows smaller merchants to easily set up interbank transfers for customers. The company makes collecting by Direct Debit easy for everyone, from one –man bands to multi-nationals throughout Europe. Clients include, Crowcube, Fundng Circle and The Guardian. S YOYO-is a mix between new process of payment and use all the purchases to have data and make marketing action or review your product. Retailer will use it to make statistic with others data or contact the customers for new promotion and also collect points increasing customer fidelity. Paying through bar code or show 16 digits number. They are testing this new way to purchase in few UK university.
  8. UK ACTORS ISSUER ACQUIRER PROCESSOR Citibank Bank of America Discover Chase Vantiv Mastercard Wells Fargo First Data Interac Bank of america Citi Union Pay Barclays Fis Mastercadrd Capital One Tsys American Express Pnc Elavon Visa Usbank GlobalPayment Hsbc Wells Fargo Dbank Heartland American Express Barclays Chase Fiserv
  9. Better know everybody Gateways Networks ISOs/MSPs Stripe Discover The transaction Group Wepay Interac PowerPay Beanstream American Express Flagship Paypal Visa American Worldpay Mastercard Paywire Optimal UnionPay Merchant One Bluepay Jcb Commerce Sagepay North America Klarna Pivotal Braintree National Bankcard Securenet PayPros Digital River Versapay Cardconnect CreditcardProcessing BlueSnap Everlink Authorize
  10. ISSUER LIST Acqua card Avios Bank of Scotland Barclaycard Capital One Halifax HSBC bank Lloyds TSB M&S Credit Card MBNA NatWest Post Office Mastercard RBS Sainsbury’s Bank Santander The partnership card from Johns Lewis and Waitrose Virgin Credit Card
  11. Big Data
  12. Big Data in action.. The main reasons to use Big Data: • Fraud Detection • Customer Experience • Risk Management • Investment Decisions • Operational Investment
  13. What are the challenges for Big Data • Laying the right foundations for data • Finding people with the appropriate level of business nous data analysis skills • Dealing with legacy system • Turning data into something you can act on • Overcoming technical infrastructure challenges
  14. GRAZIE