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My Advert

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My Advert

  1. 1. ADVERT PLAN!What is my advert going to be about?My advert it going to advertise Barry M MakeupProducts. Im going to focus on the new crackle Barry m nail polish.
  2. 2. Ideologies. The primary target audience for my advert would be women; and also1. Colourful teenagers. In lifestyle categories my target would2. High street be for groupies,trendies. In social class categories I think it would be targeted at c1 and b.3. Affordable The secondary target audience for my product, could be men too; considering that they might want to Looking at Maslows hierarchy of needs the needs I will buy it as a gift for there daughter or be targeting would be esteem; self-esteem , confidence wife. and respect of others more than any others.
  3. 3. • Sex sells; if people think my product will make them better looking/prettier. Then this will persuade them to buy it.•Beautiful people; if I use a beautiful model to hold and show off my product it will sell more than if I used a unattractive person. The colours in my ad which are going to be dominant are feminine colours like Pink for example. Also very bright colours because that is what Barry m is about..being different.