vincenzo di nicola social psychiatry cultural family therapy alain badiou global mental health world association of social psychiatry trauma cultural psychiatry social determinants of health family therapy and culture adverse childhood events study mara selvini palazzoli family therapy social determinants of health and mental health canadian association of social psychiatry philosophie et psychiatrie global health covid-19 pandemic psychiatrie et sciences humaines giorgio agamben transcultural psychiatry rd laing terapia familiar cultural adaptation globalization psychiatrie philosophy & psychiatry syndemic trauma-informed care global mental health movement terapia familiar cultural confinement evental therapy child and adolescent psychiatry social distancing psychiatric epidemiology social and cultural psychiatry evental psychiatry systemic family therapy cinéma et psychiatrie culture children & adolescents developmental impact of covid-19 pandemic michel foucault karl jaspers families adverse childhood experiences family and psychosocial impacts of covid pandemic integrative community therapy (ict) slow thought santé mentale globale treatment gaps sigmund freud event slow therapy ace study impact of covid-19 pandemic translational research social psychiatry manifesto transcultural child psychiatry santé globale global trauma & event psychiatrie et antipsychiatrie family psychiatrie et spiritualité harvard program in refugee trauma pédopsychiatrie ludwig binswanger phenomenological & existential psychiatry santé mentale jeunesse ptsd sociology slow thought manifesto western psychotherapy terapia sistemica shared care psychiatrie et littérature psychiatrie et sciences sociales frantz fanon franco basaglia evental being threshold therapy maurizio andolfi child psychiatry public health milan systemic family therapy intergenerational transmission of trauma terapia de limiar psiquiatria social psiquiatria cultural philosophy of mind biopolitics psychodynamic psychotherapy syndemics psychiatry and poetry poetry vincent fellitti michael marmot child psychiatric epidemiology change in psychotherapy psychoanalytical psychotherapy social isolation values-based practice child development the event paul watzlawick integrated care santé mentale publique relational therapy jacques lacan saúde mental global psychiatrie phénoménologique threshold people raymond prince salvador minuchin philosophy phenomenology thérapie familiale culturelle identity vs. belonging systems theory threshold being psiquiatria e filosofia médecine et sciences humaines contemporary poetry psychiatry in crisis training in psychotherapy attachment theory psychiatry and social science schizophrenia adverse childhood events collaborative practices in medicine person centred medicine plato's cave sensory deprivation experiments children and families world social psychiatry journal wasp donald winnicott pandemic values-based medicine community mental health movement community psychiatry teoria sistemica kurt lewin the global south social class development alfred korzybski déterminants soçiaux de la santé transdisciplinary studies theory of the border children across culture epidemiologie santé publique sciences humaines psychiatrie et histoire psychiatrie et arts et lettres psychiatrie et théâtre epistemologías do sul boaventura de sousa santos richard mollica state of exception public health policy psiquiatria emmanuel levinas ciné-illusion trauma e evento terapia relational psychology belonging soins partagés sciences sociales mudança cultural psychiatry and social sciences therapeutic temperaments holding environment truth & reconciliaton sufism conviviliaty psychiatry and the arts philosophy of psychiatry humanities a stranger in the family psychosis gregory bateson psychiatry in crisis - di nicola & stoyanov evidence-based medicine children and trauma devleopmental aspects of trauma children and adolescents coronavirus global mental health & psychiatry casp family interventions neurosciences trauma and recovery predicament psychosocial impacts politics canadian social psychiatry slow psychiatry sequential traumatisation alexander h. leighton culture-change syndromes faculté de médecine université de montréal terapia familiar sistemica southern epistemologies refugee evental analysis psychiatrie sociale et culturelle mental health saúde internacional the figure of the migrant cultural changeling mentoring mentor attachment anna freud emmanuel lévinas diálogo relacional lenore terr universite de montreal thomas szasz j-p sartre international health cultural change psychiatry children at risk franz brentano psychanalyse et philosophie edmund husserl phénoménologie mudança em terapia relações pais e filhos evento pédopsychiatrie transculturelle cinema and psychiatry determinantes sociais da saúde mental estresse traumático mudança determinantes da saúde mental liminality vs. community relational being soins intégrés critical psychiatry traumatic stress philosophy of science ethics two solitudes emile nelligan steven pinker individual psychotherapy arthur miller poetry of peace poetry of life gaza poetry of war medical humanites ivan illich cultural anthropology medical sociology john bowlby emil kraepelin covid-19 existential psychoanalysis silvano arieti russian invasion health humanities psychiatry and philosophy psychiatry and the humanities medical humanities rainer maria rilke medical anthropology expressed emotion george brown julian leff ideology in health care the future of psychiatry refracting prism creolization divergent convergent centrifugal centripetal early childhood development trauma studies collaborative care early intervention in psychosis dependence vs independence js neki psychiatric phenomenology purity and danger mary douglas um estranha na família intimate strangers family memoir ontario child health study therapeutic alliance psychoanalysis didier fassin aristotle intimate partner violence canada profamille réseau francophone international psychéducation changelings migration history of social psychiatry culture-bound syndromes anorexia nervosa psicologia relacional necessidades das crianças cyranoides conviviality syncretism walter benjamin porosity mentoring in psychiatry global village global south thérapie familiale systémique mouvement de la santé mentale globale eating disorders brazil globalização brecha de saúde e de tratamento thomas nail épidémiologie psychiatrique mondialisation biomedecine psychiatrie et poésie psychiatrie et musique relationships sante mentale healthcare psychiatrie et psychologie psychiatrie et anthropologie saude publica potenza mouvement antipsychiatrique slavoj zizek negation lacan terapia familiare sistemica terapia di soglia terapia familiare culturale familias soigner en psychiatrie enfants & adolescents enfants à risque psychiatrie existentielle multiculturalism transitional states haiti negative vs positive conceptions of culture change tragedia em santa maria rs brasil famille walter salles intersubjectivity lisboa portugal poesia literatura médecin spécialiste répondant en pédopsychiatr coerência espt complex changement culturel adaptation culturelle traumatisme enfants biografia literária traumatismo famílias boulimie mentale anorexie mentale encontros interculturais relational dialogue social being soins collaboratifs médecin spécialiste répondant en psychiatrie littérature philosophie anthropologie poesia e filosofia ofélia queiroz literary biography fernando pessoa ellen west ronald melzack language codes social reality antinomies of kant immanuel kant sociolinguistics basil bernstein karl mannheim sociology of knowledge psychosocial impacts of covid- children and covid-19 biosocial robin dunbar plato's allegory of the cave sociobiology sociofugal sociopetal proxemics social space social anxiety george herbert mead personality self-esteem sociality social on the road jack kerouac james joyce's ulysses the odyssey culture-reactive syndomes new york city bob dylan christopher lasch robert hughes shock of the new critical theory wilf self margaret atwood chaos bruce cockburn normality gabor maté jordan peterson erich fromm quebec the global north evental theory deux solitudes que pense le poème? le contemporain nietzsche montreal hôpital st-jean-de-dieu poésie québécoise hamartia the tragic flaw bessel van der kolk harvardprogram/refugeetrauma tragedy complex ptsd sincretismo ciudad de mexico javier vicencio prácticas sistémicas y sociale this is your brain on war poetic emergencies arabic poetry hebrew poetry yehuda amichai power daniel kahneman rationality description to prescription ideology fact-value distinction is-ought problem max weber david hume polarization differentiation theory murray bowen individuation relational ethics plastic words the myth of independence interdependent the friendship bench joshua bierer winnicott freud western psychptherapy crisol jan kott sdh ace historia de trauma trastornos de estrés postraumá predicamento trauma y evento teoria y terapia del evento filosofia del evento acontecimento evernto exposomics epigenetics populational studies muslim-jewish relations jewish-arab relations war on terror canadian literature palestinian literature peace studies jan jorgensen mustafa qossoqsi israel-palestine relations palestine peace jewish-muslim relations palestinians israel middle east behaviour therapy structural family therapy canadian psychiatric assoc resilience positive psychiatry sufi centre in montreal montreal's mile end plurality binary thinking esotericism dennis palumbo rene descartes franz kafka ludwig wittgenstein two kinds of people terapia lenta psicoterapia familiar pensamento lento terapia comunitária adalberto barreto carl jung manfred bleuler bracket creep in diagnosis diagnosis in psychiatry personal genomics psychiatric genetics genetics reductionism in psychiatry reductionism in medicine reductionism philosophy of social sciences epistemology ontology social sciences novas formas de família transições socioculturais novo ciclo da vida familiar post-traumatic stress disorder trauna studies forensic consequences of covid social consequences of covid cesare lombroso discipline and punish madness and civilization containment measures crise de reproductbilité replication crisis centripetal vs centrifugal divergent vs convergent psychiatrie sociale déterminants sociaux de santé international relations economics of development eco-anarchism ecological anarchism sustainability sustainable development antonio gramsci development studies club of rome thomas malthus maldevelopment phenomenological temperament technocratic temperament hierarchy of needs families are unique cultures resistance homeostasis lessons for young therapists social anthropology psychotherapy & social science letters to young therapists sir michael marmot parental alienation parental separation forensic child psychiatry forensic psychiatry transcultural studies world values survey anthropology elinor ostrom vilfredo pareto tirrill harris social systems family systems indian psychotherapy gurū-chelā paradigm victim-survivors human rights reparative justice humanitarian reason rwandan genocide genocide domestic violence samuel guze jerome kagan nimh thomas insel drozdstoj stoyanov la psychiatrie en crise psychiatrie événementielle interpretation of psychiatry history of psychiatry linguistic translation after babel translation therapeutic translation cultural translation elias canetti biculturalism bilingualism qc child ment health survey child & adolescent psychiatry mental health gaps community consultations covid and mental health coronavirus syndemic ace studies clinical social psychiatry populational research psychiaitric epidemiology existentialism unconscious paul federn viktor tausk paranoia eugen bleuler social phenomenology situationist pussy riot manifesto scum manifesto cyborg manifesto art manifestos futurism art slow art relações familiares pais e filhos health consequences of war software ukraine ukraine war malcolm gladwell turning point tipping point watershed zeitenwende psychiatry and literature humanism adverse childhood events (ace) families and trauma f.t. marinetti stanzi vaubel anthropophagy manifesto manifesto antropófago tarsila do amaral oswald de andrade peter sloterdijk kabbalah kintsugi wallace stevens interdisciplinary studies indeterminacy festival history of manifestos julian hanna narrative language comparative linguistics language learning autobiography expressed emotion (ee) family & culture wacp world ass cultural psychiatry rationalisme positivisme françoise dolto richard dawkins l'avenir d'une illusion varieties of religious experience william james spinoza psychanalyse et religion threshold dsm thérapie communautaire intégrative community health biopsychosocial george l. engel vaccine hesitancy endemic epidemic cognition scaffolding synthesis russian psychiatry psychology and psychiatry modernism in theatre developmental psychology behavioural psychiatry pavlovian psychiatry alexander luria lev vygotsky ivan pavlov anton chekhov russian thinkers differentiation blending indian association of social psychiatry unity diversity ambrosiana università covid-19 pandemip medical scientism affirmative biopolitics community immunity roberto esposito transcultural child pschiatry children's mental health cultural studies youth and family devleopmental aspects of covid-19 collaborative partnerships university of toronto rural psychiatry rural medicine marginalized populations experimental child nn wig guru-chela relationship patient-therapist relationship jaswant singh neki indian psychiatry adolescent pregnancy impacts determinants of health total health romania pediatrics trauma and event being and event intentionality philosophy of the event contingency philosophical archaeology bill (kwm) fulford vicarious trauma propaganda illusion and reality cordon sanitaire hubel and wiesel donald hebb covid social consequences of protest and violence revolutions protests riots social unrest and mental health social unrest book review latino psychiatry hispanic psychiatry mexican psychiatry psychosomatic medicine bernardo ng psiquiatría en la medicina modern morality play relational self cultural identity family support grief bereavement covid-19 testing well being wellness epistémologie ontologie philosophie de la psychiatrie théorie de la psychiatrie healing power of justice difficult to treat families distanciamento social confinamento famílias em crise pandemia covid-19 famílias de difícil manejo psychotherapy narratives brazilian literature father-son relationships cascade of psychosocial consequences quebec mental health survey jerome bruner narrative resources community-based child psychiatry epidemiological prevalence studies peter fonagy epistemic trust bipersonal field robert langs transference therapy transference-focused therapy otto kernberg counter-transference transference psychodynamically-oriented treatment psychoynamic psychiatry military families third culture kids anti-stigma campaign incident at antares (novel & film) antigone (sophocles) plague martin la roche impotenza political activism activism psychiatry and politics medical assistance in dying assisted dying mental health commission of canada multiculturalism and mental health psychiatric stigmatisation evenement rupture novation dialogue relationnel soi relationnel culture change children child cultural aspects of eating disorders oxford advanced studies seminar oxford anorexia multiforme emergency medicine crisis intervention in child psychiatry crisis intervention in children's mental health crisis intervetion child psychiatric emergencies defining social psychiatry theory of social psychiatry the trauma story identity narrative division of social & transcultural psychiatry eric d. wittkower hbm murphy leffet rashomon the rashomon effect rashomon akira kurosawa clinical and research supervision hierarchical relationships supervision vs. mentoring pygmalion in the classroom pygmalion symmetrical vs. asymmetrical relationships mirroring mentoring is a relationship peer supervision supervisión mentoring in child and adolescent psychiatry selective mutism são paulo os santa catarina trabalho transdisciplinar saúde mental comunitária colaborações transdisciplinares cuidado colaborativo dignité bienfaisance bienveillance beneficience théologie et psychiatrie alexis thibault desenvolvimento vida familiar calor e controle tudo mundo tem um nome psicologia trauma psíquica trauma psicológica imbroglios fracassos em terapia terapia relacional relações encontros clínicos gratidão da família perdão dos filhos benção do pai permissão da mãe etapas da vida transições sociais transicões culturais transições ciclo da vida familiar mario quintana mapa e território isomorfismo homeostase armadilhas falha epistemic gap judith herman dsm-iv dsm-iii refugee culture the hidden injuries of class richard sennett bakhtin dialogism migrants and borders borders santé communautaire development gap north-south divide albert borgmann focal things and focal practices epistemologies of the south aimé césaire negritude non-aligned movement third world discourse analysis theory of the subject (badiou) psychologie relationnelle emotionally-focused therapy susan m. johnson théorie de l'attachement théorie systémique thérapie conjugale thérapie systémique global burden of diseases fardeau global des maladies écarts de traitement psychiatrie internationale anthropological perspectives on global mental heal anthropocene hyperphagie boulimique troubles alimentaires non-restrictifs bulimia nervosa bulimia binge-eating disorder binge-eating non-restrictive eating disorders troubles alimentaires apa global mental health caucus washington psychiatric society bulgarian mental health brazilian mental health bulgaria psiquiatria epidemiológica health gaps transdisciplinaridade family narratives samuel okpaku vikram patel gabriel ivbijaro eliot sorel mentoring in psychiatre mentorat psychiatre et théâtre principes pédagogiques en psychiatrie pedagogie marriage and family therapy critiques of global mental health marriage and family movement for global mental health vitor pordeus brazilian cinema cinéma brésilien psychiatrie et cinéma madness hotel psychiatry and cinema psychiatry and theatre études développementales études sociales mutisme électif changement culturel rapide troubles mentaux écart de traitement études culturelles health família de origem família do terapeuta familiar estória de trauma testemunha justica social relato de trauma anti-psiquiatria família global saude mental la soglia terapia relazionale la cultura familiare storie la cultura invisibilità accademia di psicoterapia della famiglia psicologia relazionale l'evento i determinanti sociali della salute terapia evenemenziale terapia dell'evento psychiatrie et philosophie psychiatrie et les arts microprogramme en psychiatrie et humanités département de psychiatrie hegel dénégation gobal mental health comparative psychiatry terapia famililare disasters université de montréal american psychiatric association theory of change différences culturelles oganization of health care services phénoménologie subjective théologie la rencontre face à face le dialogue gestes philosopphiques le rire le silence epoché intentionnalité jacques derrida concepções negativas e positivas entre culturas health care organization european graduate school reasonable accomodations mutual accoomodations pluriculturalism tony kushner haitian proverb créole les fils de lhomme cinéma et littérature santa maria rs brasil relação familial como algo sagrado histoire familiale transmission des traumatismes ernesto "che" guevara che peru colombia chile argentina cuba alberto granado gael garcia bernal diarios de motocicleta carnets de voyage the motorcycle diaries o ano da morte de ricardo reis alberto caeiro álvaro de campos josé saramago philosophy & family therapy jean-luc nancy casa fernando pessoa cascais heterônimos diagnostic co-morbidité médicale co-morbidité psychiatrique conséquences devéloppementales conséquences médicales troubles de l'alimentation approche systémique cultura antropologia desdobramento dignidade daseinsanalyse rencontres culturelles syndrome de stress post-traumatique (espt/ptsd) stress traumatique alfonso cuarón p.d. james araz artininan atom egoyan children of men autobiographie génocide arménien armenian genocide kiss boate problematizar problemáticas traitement complexité concept de "faux frères" raisonnement clinique diagnostic différentiel normalité mythes vs. réalités co-morbidité épidémiologie adhd tdah inattention adaptação cultural saúde pública haitian families haitian diaspora multiple being singular being multitude multiple multiplicity individual being histoire sens et signification poesia e psiquiatria amor literary criticism filosofia alienation effect parallax view letters to a young therapist advice to young therapists health care delivery performance health care systems therapy imigrantes pessoas liminares mimetic vs antimimetic trauma dichotomy meta-concept of trauma supplement apparatus traumas as event existential analysis suicide assisted suicide psychic trauma o pai nosso
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