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PODIUM Magazine

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PODIUM Magazine

  1. 1. PODIUM MagazineCommunicating to a genuinelyaffluent audience in a sports andbusiness environment
  2. 2. About PODIUMEditorial Stance Circulation Bi-monthly: 35,000 copies on board and in lounges forIntelligent, incisive and impactful sports writing First and Business class airline passengers, Eurostar business passengers and private jet lounge clientsProfiling the people who make the headlines on the field and in the boardroom Also available to purchase in Harrods and Selfridges (London)Paying tribute to those at the very top of their gamePodium covers high-end sports including: rugby, cricket, tennis, horse racing,sailing and poloWith regular exclusive features with Olympic stars in the build up to 2012 ReachReader profile Air India American AirlinesA highly affluent and discerning audience who are passionate about sport British Airways Cathay PacificExclusively high-net worth individuals in the AB demographic Eurostar EmiratesFrequent flyers at a senior level in business Harrods Iberia Selfridges Virgin Atlantic
  3. 3. Editorial ExamplesHow PODIUM fuses a strong sports presence with anon-going focus on how this effects a business world
  4. 4. The Business of Sport
  5. 5. My Time In Sport
  6. 6. Automotive Reviews
  7. 7. Exclusive Interviews
  8. 8. Integrated editorial and advertisingCase Studies of current clients who use Podium as a platform to speak to the truly affluent
  9. 9. HSBC wanted to advertise their involvement in Rugby 7’s They chose PODIUM as the perfect environment to reach a key demographic and talk about the world’s fastest-growing sport PODIUM in turn provided in-depth editorial around the events and some savvy creative to really keep HSBC front of mind, for our readers’.
  10. 10. Net-A-Porter wanted to advertisetheir men’s arm, Mr Porter, to an affluent male audience They chose PODIUM as their only UK title to do so. PODIUM in turn provided in-depth editorial and early positioned advertising to help raise awareness with this very discerning audience
  11. 11. ESPN wanted to publicise their extensive sporting TV rights They chose PODIUM as a way to communicate with the truly affluent about the more expensive programme packages on offer PODIUM in turn provided an extensive article on the subject and placed the advertising within the article itself. Anecdotal evidence from the client states that we were in the top 3 in terms of response, of all magazines used for the campaign
  12. 12. Investec wanted to publicise theirextensive involvement in affluent sports They chose PODIUM as a way to communicate with the truly affluent in an environment that promoted their sponsorship As well as offering regular advertising space, we also integrated several editorial pieces to coincide with certain sporting events they were involved in
  13. 13. Client: Investec
  14. 14. Client: Investec