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Azetone 2018 UX Analytics, A/B Testing & Personalization

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Overview of Azetone's Mobile Optimization platform for iOS and Android

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Azetone 2018 UX Analytics, A/B Testing & Personalization

  1. 1. Understand, Optimize & Personalize Your Mobile App User Experience To Boost Recurrence, Engagement & Conversions #BetterApps @AzetoneMobile © Azetone 2017 - Please do not reproduce without permission Mobile App UX Analytics A/B Testing & Personalization
  2. 2. What Does It Take To Make Your Mobile App A Success? Agility Relevance Efficiency Update your Mobile Apps on iOS & Android in real time Understand and optimize your App UX (User Experience) Customize your entire in-App User Experience
  3. 3. Understand your Mobile App UX Optimize your Mobile App with on-the-fly A/B Testing and App real-time updates Personalize your Mobile App dynamically based on user profile and context ❖   : 1 SDK for iOS & Android 3 Optimization Solutions
  4. 4. Built On A User-Centric Platform 1. Azetone-Generated Segments 2. Imported Segments Azetone SDKs Azt Event Tracker Azt A/B Test Output 3rd Party SDK Integration CRM/DMP Integration Partner Solutions
  5. 5. 1. How Do Your Clients Actually Use Your Mobile App? – Heatmaps & UX Analytics  Which gestures and where?  Which interactions are ineffective?  How much time before 1st gesture?  How to evaluate actual user engagement?  Analyze by type of mobile, user segment…
  6. 6. Understanding Your UX • Example: TV Go • Interactions on « Live TV » page • Unexpected number of zooms!  Users misjudging which gesture (tap) will trigger video because of missing « play » icon.
  7. 7. • Example: • Identify unresponsive zones when being interacted with (taps, zooms, press, 3D touch…) Taps tracked on non-responsive page areas Understanding Your UX
  8. 8. • … or understand which page capabilities are being under- used! Few zooms vs. swipes as clients don’t get that photos can be zoomed on Understanding Your UX
  9. 9. 2. Change And Optimize Your App in Real Time – A/B Testing  Visual A/B Testing • Make instant changes to your App user interface in production • No need to resubmit your App to the stores • No tag, no preparation and no technical resource necessary • Variations can be deployed in pull or push mode
  10. 10. 2. Change And Optimize Your App in Real Time – A/B Testing  Universal A/B Testing • Manage progressive roll-out or roll- backs of your App functionnalities • Test different implementations for a feature or even a full page • Check out how different acquisition or conversion funnels perform
  11. 11. • HomePage A/B testing • Winning variation identified after a few thousand conversions • Result: • +35% conversions • +10% engagement Catalina boosts its engagement and conversion rates +35%
  12. 12. • Home Page construction • Menus • Purchasing funnel • App features • Based on: • User profile (segmentation) • Web experience • App usage and context • User location… 3. Personalize your « in-App » Experience – Personalization
  13. 13. Personalization boosts Orange Cloud Onboarding • With personalization, Orange Cloud increase its App retention (2nd usage) by +26% « With Azetone, we no longer want to do an App for all of our customers, but an App for each of our customers… » Yvan Delegue, Mobile Apps Director @ Orange
  14. 14. A Personalized User Experience • Example – Allianz : • Home Page and App features are dynamically customized based on: • Client Profile (type of contract…) • Source: CRM segments • Client Status (claim…) • Source: CRM/IT Systems • App Usage & Push Notifications • Source : SDK Azetone et SDK Push Notifications • Previous Web Experience • Source: DMP, Partner Solutions
  15. 15. Allianz My Mobile App – Personalization powered by Azetone Result: up to +150% content access within one year
  16. 16. Powering Mobile Leaders Over 300 Apps, 10 M. devices, 100 B. Datapoints
  17. 17. Schedule your demo on www.azetone.com contact us: welcome@azetone.com call us: 408-915-6360 / +33 9 77 55 02 50 Mobile App UX Analytics A/B Testing & Personalization #BetterApps @AzetoneMobile