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Phillip UW

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Phillip UW

  1. 1. PHILLIP M. PRICE 2413 Willow Court Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Home: (856) 786-8222 Email: pobx4@comcast.net Cell: (856) 466-4208 SUMMARY Successful, results driven business professional with experience in the mortgage and commercial credit industries. Seeking a career in Underwriting and Credit analysis utilizing extensive experience and in-depth training. Searching for an organization with stability and upward mobility to become an invaluable team member and contribute quality results. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Freedom Mortgage Jr. Underwriter-Wholesale • Manage pipeline • Effective communication with Brokers, assist them getting loans approved • Work closely with internal departments to ensure loans are handled quickly • Review loan conditions quickly and accurately for correct criteria • Assist teammates with pipelines when they are out of the office. • Maintain high quality levels while also working in high volume atmosphere • Keep abreast of constant Government and Company regulatory changes. Pelican Auto Finance Underwriter • Work application “que” quickly and accurately • Analyze credit, income, and loan structure • Provide customer service to car dealerships, discuss deals with finance managers • Maintain highest accuracy rates (over 98%) • Ensure Credit department meets monthly application targets • Point of Contact for Finance Managers, as well as PAF Field Reps • Provide analysis support for funding department with any issues PHH Mortgage Underwriter • Analyzed borrower files for credit approval according to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other investor guidelines
  2. 2. • Underwrote loan application to ensure ethical and saleable mortgages • Made timely decisions for customer commitment deadlines • Maintained quality levels and service levels; Quality level maintained at 96% or better • Completed rigorous tax return analysis classes to learn how to read personal and business tax returns as they are applied to income analysis for credit underwriting • Graduated top of class in Underwriter training courses TD Bank CCMG Specialist • Provided excellent customer service to external and internal customers • Managed Portfolio, worth over $80 million of 18-23 customers with Formula Based Lines of Credit for business capital needs, • Processed borrowing and pay down requests according to customer requests, ensuring assets were available, and guidelines upheld • Provided monthly analysis of A/R, A/P, Inventory and Borrowing Base Certificates for all customers • Provided Loan Officers and Credit Officers with timely information for customer renewals/extensions • Provided Field Examiners with all pertinent information for successful field exam • Completed Credit Curriculum at TD University, for Commercial Credit Analysis and reviews Cendant Mortgage Processor • Processed mortgage applications to company, investor and government guidelines • Main point of contact for applicants, real estate agents, closing agents, and attorneys • Maintained pipeline of over 100 conventional loans, 45 government loans and ensure timely closings • Provided the highest customer service to both internal and external customers. • Worked with applicants getting issues resolved to get loans closed on time. • Promoted to government counselor in short time after successful conventional processing • Participated in pilot programs as needed for upper management EDUCATION B.S., Management, Rutgers University School of Business
  3. 3. COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Laser Pro Mortgage, Desktop Underwriter, Loan Prospector, CASH, Excellis, STUCKY, Fidelity, Monarch, Shaw, Lotus Notes, Net Query, Maestro, Filenet, iDesk, LoanSpan, TCI, CRM References Available Upon Request