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Mobile app prototyping

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  • Petr, you might want to check out Proto.io (http://proto.io) for mobile app prototyping.
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Mobile app prototyping

  1. 1. Mobile app prototypingPetr Dvorak, iOS Development Lead
  2. 2. Petr Dvorak, iOS Development Lead
  3. 3. Outline• Motivation for an app prototyping• Tools and techniques for prototyping• Design and design testing
  4. 4. Motivation
  5. 5. How to have an app without making an app
  6. 6. Why prototyping?• Discover issues before the product is done• The resulting product is better• Create design more efficiently• Have more insightful team
  7. 7. ČT24 verze 1.0.0
  8. 8. ČT24 verze 3.0.0
  9. 9. Lessons Learned• Invest more time in initial product design• Never stop improving your product• Communicate and iterate with client• Let professionals review the design
  10. 10. Tools
  11. 11. Paper, Pencil & Stencils
  12. 12. Balsamiq Mockups
  13. 13. Join.me• Easy screen sharing• Enables efficient collaboration• Concept explaining
  14. 14. Business case• Order tracking• Sign-in and sign-out needed• Contact your sales person
  15. 15. What we aim for...
  16. 16. Balsamiq Mockups
  17. 17. The first design is prototype too
  18. 18. Photoshop / Fireworks
  19. 19. Photoshop / Fireworks
  20. 20. LiveView• Screen-cast from desktop to iPhone/iPad• Quick design verification by designer• Design presentations
  21. 21. Design implementation
  22. 22. “No matter how good your design is programmers will screw it up...” -- Dvorak’s first law of physics, 2011
  23. 23. Use tools• Detect misaligned or scaled images• Detect incorrect image blending• Measure the font and gap sizes
  24. 24. Use people too...• Ask designer for review• Verify design with customer
  25. 25. How is app design born?
  26. 26. •Someone does it for you• You need to do it
  27. 27. Archetypes Extrovert Aphrodite AresAffiliative Hera Zeus Individual Demeter Appolo Introvert NeedScopeTM
  28. 28. Does your product cause emotions?
  29. 29. Thank you. Q&A?Tuesday, October 11, 2011