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Foundations of Action Learning

Book your seat for the next Foundations of Action Learning workshop in Bangkok on 14-15 July !!

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Foundations of Action Learning

  1. 1. Certificate awarded by The World Institute for Action Learning the certification body for Action Learning (www.wial.org) Organized and facilitated by The Official International Affiliate of WIAL Solve  your  problems  and  develop  your  team’s  competencies.     At  the  same  8me  !   “What  pleased  me  the  most  is  that  this  methodology    in  addi2on  to  being  a  problem  solving  methodology     is  a  great  team  building  approach.  No  more  tension,  no     more  hierarchical  rela2onships,  the  group  is  dedicated  to  one   target  :  solve  the  problem  and  learn  how  to  be  more  efficient.”            Sebas2en  S.       ทำไป เรียนรู้ไปอย่างต่อเนื่อง เป็นหัวใจของการพัฒนาคุณภาพองค์กร ที่มุ่งสู่ ความเป็นเลิศ Arunee  T.  
  2. 2. Foundations of Action Learning Workshop FOR  WHO  ?   This  workshop  is  for  leaders  and  professionals  interested  in   geDng  more  out  of  their  teams  through  a  coaching   approach,  solving  the  organiza2on’s  problems  and   developing  their  people.         LEARNING  OUTCOMES   •   Understand  the  basic  concepts  of  team  coaching  and          Ac2on  Learning  sessions   •   Gain  competence  to  be  an  Ac2on  Learning  Coach       CERTIFICATE  OF  COMPLETION   A  cer2ficate  of  comple2on  will  be  awarded  to  the   par2cipants  who  complete  the  2-­‐day  program.  This   program  counts  for  12  ICF  core  competency  or  4  resource   development  credits.   This  2-­‐day  program  is  also  the  first  step  towards  becoming   a  Cer2fied  Ac2on  Learning  Coach.                               Dates:  14-­‐15  July  2016   Venue:  Novotel  Ploenchit  (BTS  Ploenchit)   Time:  9  am  to  5  pm     Dura2on:  2  days   Workshop  Fee:    THB  18,500     Early  Bird  (before  15  June):  THB  16,500     Informa8on  and  registra8on:   WIAL  (Thailand)   Contact:  Peter  Cauwelier  (Th  or  E)   email:  peter@wialthailand.com   phone:  081  939  7833     METHODOLOGY   The  two  day  session  covers  the  six  components  of   Ac2on  Learning  and  the  two  ground  rules  in  detail.   The  workshop  is  designed  to  provide  hands-­‐on   experience  in  coaching,  and  par2cipants  will   experience  the  Ac2on  Learning  process  both  as  a   par2cipant  and  as  a  coach.         COURSE  CONTENT   •   Introduc2on  to  Ac2on  Learning  (AL)  coaching   •   History  and  background  of  AL   •   Concepts  behind  Coaching   •   Power  of  Ac2on  Learning   •   6  components  and  2  ground  rules  of  AL   •   AL  Coaching  demonstra2on  and  feedback   •   AL  –  coaching,  observa2on  and  feedback  (mul2ple        sessions)   •   Holis2c  problem  solving  through  AL   •   Roles  of  Ac2on  Learning  Coaches,  members,          problem  presenter   •   Benefits  of  Ac2on  Learning   •   Ac2on  Learning  and  systems  thinking   •   Ac2on  Learning  and  Leadership  Development   •   Implemen2ng  AL  in  Organiza2ons   •   Reflec2on  and  Conclusion   WORKSHOP  FACILITATOR   The   workshop   will   be   led   by   Mr.   Peter  Cauwelier,  the  first  Thailand-­‐ based  WIAL  Cer2fied  Senior  Ac2on   Learning   Coach   and   Director   of   WIAL  Thailand       Is  your  team  solving  your  organiza8on’s  problems  ?  Or   is  it  wai8ng  for  your  commands  ?     Is  your  team  learning  from  each  experience  and  using   the  learning  to  increase  performance  ?  Or  is  it  stuck  in  a   day-­‐by-­‐day  approach  ?     Are  managers  playing  the  role  of  manager-­‐as-­‐coach  ?   Or  is  coaching  outsourced  ?     Find  out  how  the  ACTION  LEARNING  process  can  help   your  team  to  solve  problems,  learn  from  the   experience,  and  develop  the  competencies  of  the   individuals  and  the  team  as  a  whole.  At  the  same  8me.     Ac2on  learning  is  a  problem-­‐solving  process  that  involves   a  small  group  working  on  a  real  business  problem,  taking   ac2on  and  learning  as  individuals,  as  a  team,  and  as  an   organiza2on.