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  1. 1. news July 2008 The Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems Newsletter Our innovations set the benchmark Inside: New lockable CD cases enable self-service. » Advanced label technology in use page 2 » FHB Augsburg: Improved patron service page 3 » USB Cologne: RFID increases The library of the MPI for Legal History uses the new Longlife Labels with 40-year data preservation. productivity page 4 » Western Switzerland – BiblioChip advances rapidly Dear readers, page 5 Interest in RFID in libraries continues to solutions. We founded our own branch office grow. We saw this particularly clearly at this in Australia in May with the aim of providing » Switzerland: Uster chose year’s German Libraries Conference in our customers there with more personal BiblioComplete Solution Mannheim and the ALA Conference in support and responding to specific local page 6 Anaheim, California. Interested participants needs more swiftly. We will be continuously flocked to our stand to find out more about expanding our teams in both the Asia Pacific the BiblioChip system. Current users also region and in the United States. This will » Newly developed locking sys- took the opportunity to find out about our ensure powerful backing for our worldwide tem for CD/DVDs new products. Our new hybrid devices were branch offices and partners: Our professional » New hybrid devices offer mixed of particular interest. After all, libraries can product management and marketing mode operation page 7 now offer their patrons independent media operations and our modern development handling without having to change over department in Switzerland provides global » First practice-oriented completely to RFID. Our Hybrid SelfCheck support in accordance with Swiss quality BiblioUser Meeting in Germany and HybridGate process EM, barcode and standards. RFID labels at the same time, enabling an » New staff: Switzerland and incremental introduction of the new This latest issue of BiblioNews provides you Germany page 8 technology. with a multifaceted overview of current » USA: Library Technology In intensive talks we received confirmation installations and new products - I hope you Veteran appointed that many of our product functions are enjoy reading our newsletter. President & CEO unique and up-to-date. I would like to thank you very much for these stimulating Wishing you a wonderful summer, » Bibliotheca USA expands discussions and for your positive response in page 9 general! Yours sincerely, » Springdale: Ten goals to There is also an increasing openness towards achieve page 10 RFID in the international arena. In the United States and Australia in particular, we believe Matthias Joos » New office in Australia there is strong demand for RFID based CEO page 11 1 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  2. 2. news Advanced label technology in use Bibliotheca and NXP provide a state-of-the-art Longlife RFID library solution for leading research institution Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems, sources and secondary literature about the globally one of two leading RFID development of European Law,« said provider, and NXP Semiconductors – Dr. Sigrid Amedick, library director of the named the leading RFID Transponder Max-Planck-Institute for European History IC vendor worldwide by ABI Research of Law. »It is therefore essential that we – announced in June that Max Planck maintain the collection for future genera- Institute for European History of Law, tions. This is why it’s essential that the a prominent German research library’s stock maintenance system should institution, will be the first to imple- have longevity and be based on trusted ment the latest in long-term RFID technology that is secure and easy to use.« asset management technology. The library has Bibliotheca RFID chosen Longlife »The Max Planck Institute Library Library Systems RFID labels – internationally A high-tech product: specially developed for in Frankfurt houses one of the day to day library applications. from Bibliothe- known for its ca RFID Library most important collections of leading RFID Systems, based historic primary resources and sec- library technol- attached, making labels easily to detach on the recently ondary literature about the devel- ogy – has without leaving any residue. This is key for launched ICODE opment of European Law« initiated the old and valuable collections of material. SLI-SY chip. development of This latest this innovative Designed specifically for use within library ICODE product offers a guaranteed solution to respond to the needs of and archive environments, the ICODE SLI-SY 40-year data lifespan to produce a contemporary libraries. »By the end of last plays a central role in Bibliotheca’s new robust solution which offers long- year, we determined that the chip technol- Archive and Longlife Labels which are ideal term data integrity. The internation- ogy and production has been enhanced to for academic libraries, government, legal ally renowned Max Planck Institute enable a solution with improved data and medical archives. for European History of Law Library retention. To get our product idea realized will now begin the rollout of the new we successfully committed our leading »Bibliotheca has created a solution which RFID library solution for its archive of partners in label production with NXP,« fully complements the benefits of the ICODE 320,000 assets. stated Uwe Brandenburg, COO Bibliotheca. SLI-SY», said Rainer Lutz, RFID marketing manager, NXP Semiconductors. »Both the »The Max Planck Institute Library in The use of high-quality paper and pH- Archive and Longlife labels are perfect Frankfurt houses one of the most impor- neutral adhesive bond prevents degradation packaging solutions for our new RFID IC. tant collections of historic primary re- of documents to which the labels are While standard library labels have been proven and reliable on 500 million books and media worldwide, ICODE SLI-SY based labels are ideal for academic libraries, government, legal and medical archives requiring a guaranteed data integrity of at least 40 years. Having the Max-Planck Institute for European History of Law choose the solution clearly demonstrates the senior position NXP and Bibliotheca hold within the Library RFID solutions market place.« Building on the proven ICODE platform, used by over 1,500 libraries worldwide, the new solution offers additional benefits including password-protected security and benchmark read range. Other key security features include a protected EAS functional- ity and full compatibility to the ISO 15693 standard. RFID labels can be individually and independently printed using the BiblioPrinter. 2 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  3. 3. news Library of the Fachhochschule Augsburg Improved service combined with longer opening hours Since the autumn of 2007 the FBH Augsburg has been the first academic library in Bavaria to offer automatic check-out and return around the clock. The expansion of patron services was a key objective that has been met with diverse solutions thanks to RFID. »We have been able to extend our opening can check out media, manage their library and security increases our ROI,« says hours from 43 to 70 hours per week. And account, settle photocopy charges and pay Angelika Hofmockel. our 5,000 active users are pleased to see for meals in the In total, that staff now have more time to provide cafeteria. Access to installation of consultation and help them with literature the library in the Delays are a thing of the past, the technology research,« says library director Angelika evening and to the even during breaks in lectures cost 118,000 Hofmockel. computer center is when visitor frequency is high. euros. It is an also regulated investment As of recently patrons are able to return using the card. which is already media seven days a week, around the clock. paying off. A BiblioReturn has been installed in the The 2-way sorting system installed visibly in exterior facade of the building. The a glass cabinet behind the BiblioReturn is touchscreen is made of security glass in especially efficient. Media ordered in order to provide protection from vandalism. advance are immediately selected and an The flap of the return box only opens after order receipt is automatically printed out. the appropriate authentification using the FH Card and entry of a personal six-digit Productive installation phase PIN, thereby preventing abuse of the return device. A total of 83 per cent of the library’s The entire open access holdings of 50,000 patrons felt that the additional require- media were converted within two months. ment of PIN entry was expedient and Students were deployed as a temporary practical. This solution also prevents misuse workforce. When checked out, an additional of the FH Card if it is lost. 50,000 magazine media are initialized at The user-friendly automatic check-out one of the two StaffStations and an RFID station Jupiter saves an tremendous label is applied. The BiblioChip software is amount of time – even though PIN entry is also directly integrated in the SISIS client at required. Delays are a thing of the past, the counter workplace. even during breaks in lectures when visitor frequency is high. »The BiblioChip system also replaces our previous book security system. Not only the In general, the use of MIFARE cards in the improved security aspect provided by RFID entire FH field provides a great benefit. was important to us. The fact that we now With a single multifunction card, students have a single system both for check-out 24-hour media return integrated in the exte- rior facade. Do you generally appraise the implementation of Which effects derive from the new self-check- RFID at the FHB Augsburg? possibilities? (Multiple answers are permitted) positive neutral negative don‘t know saves patron time frees up staff for appreciate miss face-to-face customer service anonymity contact percent percent Beneficial sorting technology: transparent for Results of the latest user survey at the FHB Augsburg. everyone. 3 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  4. 4. news RFID increases productivity USB Cologne expands its range of services In October 2008 the University and Municipal Library of Cologne (USB) will introduce automatic check-out and media security facilities based on RFID technology. The aim is to increase the productivity of the library and extend services so that students will derive immediate benefits from the conversion. The installation of the future-oriented RFID system by Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems is being partially financed by course fees. the installation of four Jupiter Biblio SelfChecks, one double and one triple gate and various staff check-out stations followed. Connection to the library system of OCLC was effected smoothly thanks to the many years of effective collaboration between the two companies. There are also plans for the future installa- tion of return stations and ultimately the conversion of the entire holdings of 3.6 Bibliotheca takes over the entire conversion of library stocks consisting of 400,000 media. million media so as to make full use of the BiblioChip RFID system at all levels. About the USB Cologne The University and Municipal Library of Icelandic collection), the library especially Biblio SelfCheck Jupiter Cologne (USB) is the central library facility of appeals to nationwide and non-university Cologne University and therefore a service patrons. It also regards itself as a partner to »Our first priority is the user-oriented facility mainly for the members and industry and seeks to meet the latter’s expansion of our wide range of services. We institutes of this university, but also for the information needs with its special collec- want to use RFID to significantly extend residents of Cologne and the surrounding tions. service times and offer efficient self-service region as well as for numerous other during opening hours,« explains Dr. Rolf patron groups. The library’s historical collection is the Thiele, Library Director of USB. The largest and most important in North Rhine- expansion of open access holdings and the The UBS offers both a broad range of Westphalia. The USB preserves the library introduction of self-service help us improve current information media and an abun- heritage of the City of Cologne, which our services in areas which do not have high dant collection of historically valuable items. began with the Ratsbibliothek (1602) and manpower requirements. We can then With extensive special collections (business other predecessor library facilities, supple- deploy more staff in areas where new studies, social sciences, insurance theory, mented by a number of significant private demands have begun to develop: informa- the cultural region of Belgium/Luxembourg, donations extending into the modern tion, training (BA/MA courses), electronic Rhenish literature, the European Union, an period. media etc.,« explains Dr. Thiele. Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems started converting the reading room holdings consisting of 400,000 media in mid-July. As had already been practiced successfully with UB Mainz, Bibliotheca recruited a team of students to attach RFID labels to the media, as well as coordinating the entire workflow during the complete conversion phase. As part of the planned refurbishment and expansion of the USB building structures, The USB is Cologne's largest and most important library. 4 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  5. 5. news First project with library of the NEBIS network Western Switzerland – BiblioChip advances rapidly the success of this comprehensive installa- tion. »Collaboration with the Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems and Polyright teams was excellent and extremely productive,« says Nils Rinaldi, Project Manager at the EPFL. The Zurich ETH Library IT-department coordinated the configuration of interfaces The architecture library on the EPFL campus. with the ALEPH library system. For this purpose Bibliotheca acquired a special license to ensure a smooth transition. »Integration into the existing library system - an essential aspect of the implementation Filigree DoubleGates secure entry. of an RFID system - is now solved for all ibraries in the NEBIS network,« explains Manuela Kettler of Bibliotheca. The use of RFID in the architecture library of the École polytechnique The response to the RFID system among fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) since staff and library patrons has been extremely March 2008 is a groundbreaking positive. »The BiblioChip system is user- pilot project. The architecture libra- friendly, frees up staff for consultation and ry secured its 35,000 media with reduces the theft rate. As a technologically book labels and CD complete advanced system it definitely supports our Automatic media checking meets with solutions. After the introduction of image as a modern university library,« a positive response. an RFID-controlled access check all comments library director Steven Gheyse- over the campus using a Polyright linck. At the EPFL the architecture library is one product, it was a logical step to of 24 faculty libraries. At the end of 2009 install a complete RFID solution The EPFL is one of the new construc- with SelfCheck, DoubleGate, staff two technical tion of a cross- check-out facilities and People »Integration into the existing universities in disciplinary Counter. A BiblioWand for efficient Switzerland and is library system - an essential »Learning Center« inventory control will also be in regarded as aspect of the implementation of will be completed, use in future. renowned, an RFID system - is now solved an extensive Bibliotheca and Polyright, leading supplier of international for all libraries in the complex comprising centre of NEBIS network.« library, study and modern multifunction chip cards, combined teaching, research service facilities. their specific technology expertise to ensure and science. It After the success of also participates in NEBIS, the web-based the pilot system in the architecture library, catalogue database which currently Bibliotheca is set to equip the entire center. incorporates the holdings of over 80 Swiss libraries with a total of some 3.8 million More on the libraries at media. http://library.epfl.ch. 5 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  6. 6. news New Municipal and Regional Library in Uster User-friendly security system for CD/DVD collection with BiblioComplete Solution Visitors can check their media independently and discreetly. State-of-the-art RFID technology tackles increasing numbers of users. The perfect security system for the 8,000 CDs/CD-ROMs are now secured in a growing DVD and CD stocks was a key user-friendly manner. Like all the other issue for the Municipal and Regional media, they can now be checked out by Library in Uster/Switzerland when patrons at the automatic check-out introducing an RFID system. Biblio- stations. The result is reduced waiting times theca RFID Library Systems offers at the check-out counter during peak The DoubleGate provides acoustic and visual specific labels for these media: the frequency periods. In this way, RFID has signals when an error occurs. BiblioComplete Solution is a compact significantly improved our customer label with a very Bibliotheca. The conversion of 55,000 media good identification was completed while reconstruction work performance at »Bibliotheca’s long experience was being carried out and involved the library’s own staff. the automatic check-out and the and RFID expertise was gate. This ideally Last year the library recorded 345,000 secures CDs in of benefit to us throughout the check-outs. This year there have already spite of their entire project phase.« been 96,000 in the first three months since re-opening: a clear upward development. metallization and allows them to be Stocks are to be increased to 70,000 media placed in the shelf in the coming years, too. Thanks to the effi- for borrowing by library patrons. satisfaction rate. All in all, customer ciency enhancements driven by RFID the response to the improvements has been library can focus more strongly on the The BiblioChip RFID system went into entirely positive,« Defuns adds. The top future extension of its services. operation in the converted and expanded priority for the introduction of the new Uster Municipal and Regional Library when system was to relieve check-out staff so For further information on the library see it opened at the end of March 2008. In addi- that they have more time to provide www.stadtbibliothek-uster.ch. tion to the Complete Solution, the library support and consultation for patrons. The also opted for two Neptune BiblioSelf- automatic check-out facilities also allow Checks, a DoubleGate and four StaffSta- users greater independence and discretion. tions for counter check-out and the initialization of new media. It took the professionals involved just three »Bibliotheca’s long experience and RFID months to install and implement the expertise was of benefit to us throughout system. »That must be almost a record, the entire project phase,« explains library and it was due to perfect cooperation on director Rico Defuns. »Our 2,800 DVDs and the library’s part,« says David Weber of 6 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  7. 7. news new Newly developed locking system for CD/DVDs Biblio Security Locking System As a result of the growing size of CD/DVD collections in public libraries there is an increased need for an improved system to secure these expensive media items. Bibliotheca provides a wide range of CD/DVD seucurity systems and solutions. The new Biblio Security Locking System is an effective full security system for one to six discs housed in closed, transparent boxes. The media are checked out at the automatic check-out station as usual. Not until the gate has been passed through is the box completely released by means of a special device, allowing to be opened properly. The advantages are obvious: In the case of audio books or media with several discs, it is sufficient to affix a single RFID label to the box. The detection rate at the gate is the same as that of the classic BookLabel. The boxes can even be used for modern Blu-ray discs. Simply pass through and locked cases are With the lockable cases, CDs and DVDs can be A box holds up to six CDs. released. placed on shelves for users to borrow. Back to the future new New hybrid devices offer mixed mode operation Practice-oriented mixed-mode and return. The BiblioGate Hybrid offers operation is beneficial to libraries perfect detection rates and optimum wishing to convert to RFID in stages. security. This is not just an issue for libraries with holdings which run into the This customer-oriented expansion of its Hybrid gates in practical use. millions. Bibliotheca’s new hybrid product range once again makes Bibliothe- devices detect media with both ca a technology leader. The BiblioChip barcodes and RFID labels. What is System always accommodates individual more, media fitted with EM and RFID requirements, while meeting all the are secured by the BiblioGate. In standards of a technology for the future. short: the hybrid components provide These are fundamental factors for a the possibility of complete mixed reliable, long term investment. mode operation, combining conven- tional check-out and security systems For more information see with RFID. www.bibliotheca-rfid.com. Hybrid gates are already being used successfully throughout Europe. The new automatic check-out facility Jupiter Hybrid can barely be visually distinguished from the familiar station. As is customary, the stations can be used for both check-out Biblio SelfCheck Jupiter Hybrid 7 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  8. 8. news Focus on your experience First practice-oriented BiblioUser Meeting in Germany The first BiblioUser Meeting will be held RFID technology. Bibliotheca will present its on October 28, 2008 on the premises latest products in this context. of the Reutlingen Municipal Library and Bibliotheca Germany based in The meeting will serve as a platform for a Reutlingen. All current and future stimulating discussion of experience among German speaking BiblioChip System librarians, IT coordinators and RFID experts users are more than welcome to take and will be held on an annual basis in part in this intensive exchange. future. The agenda includes the provision of Interested? current information, facts and figures If so, please register with Hartmut Marder relating to the specific use of the many by e-mail on different system components. There will be hartmut.marder@bibliotheca-rfid.com. a practically oriented focus on the basics of Bibliotheca Germany: meeting place for pro- standardization and further development of fessionals to discuss their experience. Our team is expanding Switzerland Roger Widmer, The Sales & Schläpfer has held various positions in IT new Chief Marketing project management with leading compa- Financial Officer division was nies over the last 27 years. Most recently he since expanded in mid- was the head of international projects for June 1, 2008, is March 2008 with the Metro Group, with responsibility for the responsible for the addition of entire range of basic technology. Bibliotheca’s Tiziana Dotta. internal and As a multilingual external contact person, Germany Roger Widmer accounting. Tiziana Dotta she coordinates A graduate in all internationally Since the beginning of June 2008 business studies and holder of the Swiss relevant marketing materials according to Martin Bader has been providing sales financial expert license, he has gained Bibliotheca’s corporate design and provides support in Germany/Austria. A graduate in experience in leading positions with in-house support for the sales team. Tiziana business administration and operations, he international companies over the last seven Dotta has seven years of sales and marke- has ten years of years. ting experience gained in various companies professional operating worldwide. experience Fabian Lütholt, graduate in business gained in various studies, has In the interests sales positions been active as of optimum with a number Assistant CFO customer of global since support during production July 1, 2008, pro- the entire companies. The viding assistance installation addition of Martin Bader Martin Bader to in the finance phase, the department. In project manage- the team the last eight ment team especially reinforces support for existing years he has Roland Schläpfer received customers and current projects and Fabian Lütholt tenders. worked in professional various positions in finance, most recently reinforcement with the addition of as Junior Controller. Roland Schläpfer in mid-March. Roland 8 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  9. 9. news Former Sirsi executive to lead U.S. subsidiary Library Technology Veteran Lamar Jackson appointed President and CEO of Bibliotheca Incorporated USA Bibliotheca, the global leader in open Jackson has more than 25 years’ experience RFID technologies for library automa- in technology sales, marketing, and tion and media security, announced customer relations, including 17 years May 1st the appointment, effective working with the library community. In immediately, of Lamar Jackson as 1991, Jackson joined Sirsi Corporation, president and CEO of Bibliotheca Inc., where he held a range of U.S. and interna- headquartered in Huntsville, AL. tional management roles, including most recently the role of vice president of »With our bringing onboard an experienced international sales and marketing. As part and proven library technology leader like of the team that grew Sirsi into the global Lamar Jackson Lamar, Bibliotheca is building on its recent leader in library automation software, successes and taking another strategic step Jackson was instrumental in developing and in expanding our global technology Joos continued, »Lamar’s role as president growing a number of foreign operations for leadership,« said Matthias Joos, CEO of and CEO of Bibliotheca in the United States the company, including Australia, Canada, Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG. will focus on strengthening the company’s Latin America, Middle East and China, as »Today, we are the No. 2 provider of RFID position in the American marketplace as well as establishing the company’s first solutions for library materials handling recognized experts in customer-specific and strategic alliances program. In addition to automation and media security worldwide, fully integrated RFID and materials handling his corporate roles, Jackson has been a a degree of leadership that provides our solutions. We’re confident that Lamar will career-long advocate for international customers with help us go to the trade, an interest that has led him to serve an incredible participate and lead local, regional and Jackson was instrumental in developing next level of depth of success in the national efforts to promote international and growing a number of foreign op- technology United States, just trade; he is past president of the North erations for the company, including expertise and a as we have done in Alabama International Trade Association. A Australia, Canada, Latin America, track record for Europe.« graduate of the University of Mississippi, creating new Middle East and China. Jackson resides with his family in Huntsville, and innovative AL. solutions in the evolving market.« Bibliotheca USA New staff and office expansion With the anticipation of greater sales, Alan Johnson Rod Withlow Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems Inc. Southeast Regional Account Manager Midwest Regional Account Manager has moved to a larger office to Alan has 20 years of experience in IT-sales Rod has been working for Bibliotheca since support its customers in North Ameri- and marketing. For more than ten years he 2002. Before joining, he had been selling ca. The company’s products have worked for an internationally known library electronic article surveillance (RF/EAS) been recognized as the »cutting automation system provider. systems as a Major Account Manager for 15 edge« of library RFID technology. To years. support this growth, Bibliotheca has Steve Mackey expanded its staff in sales, adminis- Western Regional Account Manager Rebecca Perry tration and technical support. During the last 15 years, Steve has had Administration Manager diverse positions in the library branch. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree from These are new members of the staff at a Formerly, he worked as a Senior Sales Auburn University and a master’s degree glance: Consultant for SirsiDynix. from the University of Alabama. For several years, she worked as a public relations Charlie Carroll John Nagy professional and gained experience in Northeast Regional Account Manager Mid-Atlantic Regional Account administration. At Bibliotheca, Rebecca is Charlie provides 15+ years of successful sales Manager responsible for the office management and experience in the library automation system John has worked for more than 15 years in significantly supports the project manage- marketplace. He has worked for several the library sales market. Previously, he was ment. international leading companies in employed with Checkpoint Systems in its responsible sales positions. Library Division selling RFID and EAS Distribution of the company’s products materials and management systems. have been centralized at the new corporate headquarters in Huntsville, AL. 9 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  10. 10. news Springdale Public Library is converting to RFID Ten goals to achieve with a BiblioChip System With a desire to bring its services, The installation of SelfCheck Stations, System (WCLS) which includes seven other media offerings and library technolo- BiblioGates, BiblioReturn Machines and an member libraries the public library provides gy to the leading-edge, Springdale efficient, quiet Sorting System will start in a vast collection to its 52,000 library card Public Library, AR has confirmed autumn of this year. »With the Library’s holders. Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems as Integrated Library System being Millennium its RFID supplier. Release 2007, we will be able to successfully For more information about the library implement the fully integrated interface in please see »We chose Bibliotheca because of their cooperation with our partner, Innovative In- http://www.springdalibrary.org. product, experience, and excellent customer terface. The Innovative Libraries can count service. It has been a pleasure to deal with on our continued cooperative technology to them and we are eager to start imple- provide the best workflow available with an menting their RFID system,« stated Lisa RFID solution,« explained Lamar Jackson, Caldwell, Automated Services Coordinator CEO & President Bibliotheca USA. at Springdale Public Library. The Springdale »We chose Bibliotheca because Library has a wide The Library plans to of their product, experience, and collection of retrofit an existing excellent customer service«. 195,000 items with building with RFID a circulation of technology to 700,000 annually. It achieve ten goals, typically adds like improving security, reducing time 18,000 items to its collection each year. As a required for circulation transactions, member of the Washington County Library increasing efficiency of staff and improving accuracy rates at checkout and check-in. Furthermore, they want to maximize patron self-check and even provide a SelfCheck Station in the Children’s area. One of the major goals is to streamline materials processing and handling. In the future, the library will improve its inventory capabilities while working with a Biblio- Wand for a mobile inventory control at the shelf. Shelving errors will be minimized as well as the reducing the time needed for the location of paged items. Springdale Public Library: modernization and efficiency enhancement in the interests of staff and visitors alike. 10 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008
  11. 11. news Internationalization and foreign investment Bibliotheca opens branch in Australia In May 2008, Bibliotheca RFID Bibliotheca will present its entire product Library Systems strategically portfolio at this year’s ALIA Biennial expanded its business activities and Conference in Alice Springs/Australia, technological leadership by estab- from September 2 to 5, 2008. lishing a new branch in Melbourne/ Australia. The new team will provide professional support for the entire Asia Pacific region, focusing on penetrating growing market potential. In line with company strategy, the new branch will be supported by the Swiss headquarters in the areas of product management, system development and marketing. Bibliotheca’s leading position as an innovative specialist for customer-specific, integrated RFID solutions will be internatio- nally reinforced in this way. »With this new Alice Springs Convention Center Bibliotheca RFID Asia Pacific Pty branch we now have an immediate presence in the core Asia Pacific market and Director of Product Management & Ltd can achieve a Suite 13, 1153-1157 Burke Road Professional much higher Kew, VIC 3101 Services, also highly level of »Collaboration with Bibliotheca was experienced Australia customer very positive and productive during the professionals in Tel. +61 (3) 9816 7600 proximity. We entire project phase. The implementa- their respective Fax +61 (3) 9817 5764 are very pleased tion proceeded extremely smoothly and fields, will be able accounts@bibliothecaapac.com.au to have gained the entire installation was a great to contribute sales@ bibliothecaapac.com.au the services of success. We are proud to be essential technolo- support@ bibliothecaapac.com.au three highly Bibliotheca’s reference library gical expertise as qualified staff in Australia.« well as a practical who are already knowledge of known in the libraries to support local library both existing and new customers. sector: Simon Harland, Tammy Waughman and Matthew Strapps. We are confident we Last year, the Yarra Plenty Regional Library will be able to provide optimum service for began converting its eight branches in the our customers in the region with regard to Melbourne area from a barcode system to our customer-specific RFID solutions,« as the BiblioChips RFID system. The new Matthias Joos, Bibliotheca CEO, stated. technology has brought about an improve- ment in service and a successful increase in BiblioNews Simon Harland has an impressive 15 customer satisfaction. Christine Mackenzie, Edition July 2007 years of successful professional experience Director of the Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Published every three months in Asia Pacific sales and marketing with says: »Collaboration with Bibliotheca was Please subscribe/unsubscribe online various international companies. Most very positive and productive during the en- www.bibliotheca-rfid.com recently he was active as Director of Sales & tire project phase. The implementation Marketing Asia Pacific with SirsiDynix. As the proceeded extremely smoothly and the Editor Birgit Lindl, Public Relations General Manager he will strengthen entire installation was a great success. We Bibliotheca’s position with the focus on are proud to be Bibliotheca’s reference Design Bittner-Design customer orientation and market orienta- library in Australia.« tion. To enhance service, Harland will Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG expand the network with strong service Hinterbergstraße 17 6330 Cham partners for installation and support. Switzerland Tammy Waughman, Director of Sales & Phone +41 (0) 41 726 99 55 Fax +41 (0) 41 726 99 56 Marketing, and Matthew Strapps, www.bibliotheca-rfid.com info@bibliotheca-rfid.com 11 © 2008 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG | info@bibliotheca-rfid.com | www.bibliotheca-rfid.com | Newsletter July 2008