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UI5 Tooling - Open and Extensible

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The UI5 Tooling is the new Node.js based, open and extensible tooling to develop OpenUI5/SAPUI5 applications/libraries. Volker Buzek and Peter Muessig started to create a community project (https://github.com/petermuessig/ui5-ecosystem-showcase/) to proof that the tooling can be easily extended by custom tasks and custom middlewares.

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UI5 Tooling - Open and Extensible

  1. 1. Volker Buzek / Peter Muessig November, 2019 👻 👻 👻UI5 TOOLING “Node.js based, open and extensible!”
  2. 2. UI5 Tooling A Zoo Of Tools…
  3. 3. …OneToolingTo RuleThem All >_
  4. 4. UI5Tooling • Open-Source CLITooling : • Node.js-based Build and development tools to build, test and run applications, reuse components and libraries • Easy Integration: • Via CLI into the Editors or CI of your choice • Via JS API into BuildTools (such as Gulp, …) • Type-oriented/Task-centric Build: • BuildTools based on bare-metal Node.js • Types define the execution order ofTasks • Task are lightweight Node.js modules • Middleware-based Dev Server: • Development Tools based on Express.js • For resource lookup, on-the-fly replace of placeholders, compilation of less to css, …
  5. 5. UI5Tooling Family • IDE Support: • The standard build for UI5 applications, components and libraries in SAP Web IDE • Via CLI into SAP Business Application Studio and other environments • Additional UI5Tooling: • Karma UI5 Plugin to simplify testing • Migration tooling to update the UI5 codebase • Open and ExtensibleToolchain: • Extend the UI5 builder via custom tasks • Extend the UI5 server via custom server middleware • More to come… Migration Karma >_
  6. 6. UI5con Challenge • UI5con – the idea was born: • UI5Tooling is open and extensible • SAP cannot provide all functionality • Proxies are “manifold” • Hackathon at J&S-Soft: • Explaining the extensibility concept • Live-hacking and show-casing the simplicity • Implement and provide the tasks and middlewares for the UI5 community via NPM for a best-of-breed development environment • Identify gaps in the UI5Tooling • Proof that the UI5Tooling is not limited • The project ui5-ecosystem-showcase 2019 Peter, a proxy is missing! Volker, the UI5Tooling is extensible, just add it! Ok, let‘s proof this together! Hopefully…
  7. 7. Live Coding ~ Code for Life 👻
  8. 8. proxy static
  9. 9. We need you Use the UI5 Tooling, build tasks and middlewares, contribute! We need you!
  10. 10. Material/Guidelines • Documentation: • UI5Tooling • Blogs: • The Build and DevelopmentTooling • Utilize UI5Toolings Extensibility • Projects: • ES6Task for UI5 app (all-in-one) • Ecosystem Showcase • NPM Naming Conventions: • ui5-[middleware|task]-*
  11. 11. One more thing… Derived Licence
  12. 12. A new task in the UI5Tooling family! • Task Name: • ui5-task-nwabap-deploy • Blog: • Deploy UI5 Source to ABAP • Project: • GitHub ui5-nwabap-deployer • Licence: • Apache Licence 2.0 Florian Pfeffer
  13. 13. SAPUI5 Tools for Eclipse will be discontinued due to UI5 Tooling Noteworthy
  14. 14. THANK YOU Contact Information: Volker Buzek (Development Architect Mobility) volker.buzek@js-soft.com / @vobu Peter Muessig (Chief Architect, UI5) peter.muessig@sap.com / @pmuessig Find out more about UI5 Tooling here UI5