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ARGENTEGYPT - An Online Collaboration Project - RSCON4

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Two years ago Miss Ayat Tawel from Egypt and I worked on this project. Our students did a great job as they did all on their own.

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ARGENTEGYPT - An Online Collaboration Project - RSCON4

  2. 2. Let’s answer some questions  Do you feel identified with any of these phrases? Using computers in class isn’t interactive. Students could do computer work at home My students know much more about computers than I do. Students are only interested in Social Networks and playing games Why use webtools if I’ve a very good course book Adapted from How to teach English with Technology Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hocky Pearson Longman – 2007
  3. 3. The end is another beginning  Blended Learning BaW2011 / Week 5  Wrapping up - Ideas for collaboration  After BaW : socializing through different PLNs  Collaboration project / Skype interviews
  4. 4. Before the Interview Language context  Clarifying the aims of the interview  Motivating the students to practise their English in real time Social context  Talking to students about the teacher to be interviewed Other preparations  Question preparations on the part of the students  Questions sent to the teacher so as to check topics
  5. 5. The Interview  Students’ motivation  Students’ participation  Students’ understanding of the interviewed teacher
  6. 6. After the Interview  Instant feedback from the students right after the conversation I thought what would happen if I didn’t prepare any questions It was exciting though I didn’t share We learnt a lot of things about Argentina & had a great deal of fun It’s good to know about other countries. I hope we can do it with other countries. It was very interesting but I blamed myself that I haven’t shared in that interview She had a different language
  7. 7. After the Interview – cont. Happiness cause students understood the English spoken by the other teacher Motivation to go on with more interviews: people from other countries (England, Pakistan) Better and authentic language practice: Writing a diary, an autobiography, a story, a dialogue
  8. 8. After the Interview – cont.  Usage of extra web tools: www.photopeach.com www.youtube.com  Continual, on-going language practice  The creation of the ArgentEgypt group in…
  9. 9. ARGENTEGYPT  Facebook group  Any member can post a comment or question  Chat in English  Arabic and Spanish learning: language, customs and culture  A range of topics: greetings, birthdays, likes, festivals, interests
  10. 10. ARGENTEGYPT – pics
  11. 11. When there’s a will, there’s a way Becoming a Webhead 2011 / 2012 / 2013 Facebook / Twitter Socializing via Yahoo groups, YM and Skype Other online seminars  Life-long friendship
  12. 12. Meeting in Cairo – 2012/2013
  13. 13. “Pedagody needs to include the use of Internet” – Sugata Matra – RSCON4 – October 2013 Thanks RSCON for this great opportunity Ayat Al-Tawel ayatawel@gmail.com Maria Bossa mariabossa1@hotmail.com