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SourceCon: Initiating Contact with Passive Talent via Social Media

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SourceCon Feb 2013 Sourcing Lab

  • Nice presentation, wish I was there to see it live. You should extend that to client sourcing, slight nuance changes I'm sure but principally similar. Have fun in Atlanta!
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SourceCon: Initiating Contact with Passive Talent via Social Media

  1. 1. Initiating Contact with Passive Talent via Social Media Carmen Hudson, Principal Consultant Recruiting Toolbox
  2. 2. Welcome!• A little about me• Today’s agenda• Preso will be available on Slideshare.net
  3. 3. Mistakes we makeWe don’t prepareEmail/inmail & prayNot persistentWe don’t follow up/want results NOWWe don’t acknowledge our awesomeness
  4. 4. How I do it• Research person• Add to spreadsheet, CRM, ATS etc.• Call, reference follow up email• Send email (and LI inmail)• Call again (or get someone else to call)• Send a new email• Ghost write email for hiring managers• Wash, rinse repeat 5x (7x for best results)• If this is the candidate, then I show up in person! Or send snail mail.
  5. 5. Treat every lead like gold• Start with a google search – LI profile – Blog (resume) – Tweets – Professional social (meetup, github, google+, slideshare, etc.)• Now you’re ready to have a real conversation!
  6. 6. What do we know about Jack?• Moved to Bay Area after founding a Startup; in 2011 recruited to Square• Married. Likes coffee. Feminst stuff. Blogs. Not a sports fan. Social. UW. Likes to build things.• Ha ha funny.• Likes Scala, can code in C, agile, pair programming, graph search, writing algorithms for a little over a year, + much more
  7. 7. Stalking* Jack• Code• Presenting or attending conferences• Photos• Questions• Everything except Facebook• Check-ins*meant in the nicest, most legal sense
  8. 8. Contacting Jack• Google it• Call the main number (get his extension)• Check out his blog• Jigsaw it• Namechk it• Pipl, Zabasearch, whois.com, + 1 million other sites• Desperate?• Go old school!
  9. 9. A Word About Inmail• Open rate?• Short and sweet• Hint: it’s not about you• Do not inlcude long, boring job descriptions. If you must, include a link.• Bottom line: Inmail alone is lame sourcing
  10. 10. Use Rich Media• Storify story• Custom Video/communication• Embed media into your email• Music????
  11. 11. Use Your Mobile Device• Foursquare• Highlight, Sonar etc.• Track whereabouts using Twitter or Facebook
  12. 12. How do I get someone to follow me?• Lead! (With great content)• Follow• Retweet (with comment) using @twittername• Ask – but that seems a bit lame• Use DMs judiciously• Remember tweets are public
  13. 13. Is it OK to contact via FB?• Good luck with that.• If all else fails, try.• Try a FB ad (just thinking out of the box)
  14. 14. Smiling and Dialing• Smile. Seriously. Stand up. Energy!• How did you get my number?• “I’m working on some important positions for my company, and your experience is really interesting to us. Do you have a few minutes to talk about your current career status?”
  15. 15. Stalk Me• @peopleshark• www.recruitingtoolbox.com• www.slideshare.net/peopleshark• carmen@recruitingtoolbox.com