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Modern Recruiters Guide to Social Media

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Presentation to Volt Workforce Solutions Jan 2013

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Modern Recruiters Guide to Social Media

  1. THE MODERNRECRUITER’S GUIDETO SOCIAL MEDIAPresented by Carmen HudsonPrincipal Consultant, Recruiting ToolboxVolt Workforce Solutions January 28, 2013
  2. TODAY’S AGENDA01 Facebook 02 Twitter 03 LinkedIn 0504 Professional Social Google+ 06 Blogging
  3. #WILLNOTSUCK01 Video 02 Professional Social 03 Visual Sharing 0504 Mobile Social Professional 06 Productivity
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A LOT LIKE HOT YOGA It’s a hot mess But, it’s good for you You get better the more1 2 3 you do it
  6. FEAR IS RATIONALIntellectual Productivity Capital Security
  7. LINKSTERS SEND 110 TEXT MESSAGES ADAY HOW WE COMMUNICATENot only are we using differenttools to communicate, the way wecommunicate is changing. Brevity,casual language and visual aidsare valued over wordy, formalcommunications.And, studies show that “Linksters”think very differently about privacy,freedom of speech and informationtransparency.
  8. DON’T BE SCURRED Harvard Business ReviewAny organization can get lucky andhave a single successfulimplementation of social media.Social leaders, on the other hand,build collaborative capabilitythrough a learning process thatstarts with understanding theircurrent attitude and taking thesteps required to buildingconfidence and trust. This turns asingle social media success into a The Social Organization How to Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employeessustained source of competitive By Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald Harvard Business Review Press, October 2011advantage..
  9. FACEBOOK FOR BRANDING JOBS ENGAGE | LEARN Post jobs, feature hot jobs, Your fans want to hear from video previews you – they will consume anything new, original or interesting INFORM ADVERTISE Think beyond your website; Target potential candidates use Facebook to keep and clients through candidates and clients Facebook’s powerful informed about your advertising platform. And, successes, your process, the new search platform your team promises to be equally powerful
  10. LINKEDIN FOR CONNECTING JOBS ENGAGE | LEARN LinkedIn is a great place to Use the status updates to post jobs, but ensure that engage your network; existing employees repost participate in groups for them for maximum additional visibility and to effectiveness broaden your network INFORM ADVERTISE Your company page may Consider LinkedIn targeted be the first place potential advertising programs, candidates or clients find including display ads and you. Make sure your email targeting, to reach followers can find your audience additional information about your company
  11. TWITTER FOR SOURCING JOBS ENGAGE | INFORM Post jobs and engage your Twitter is one of the best followers. A steady stream places to keep up with of job postings is not industry trends and learn interesting! from experts. Direct your followers to CRM-enabled links SOURCE ADVERTISE Twitter users often do not Grow your network through overlap with LinkedIn targeted Twitter advertising, users. Twitter profiles – even inactive ones – are a great source of passive candidates
  12. GOOGLE+ FOR PAGERANK JOBS ENGAGE | INFORM Post jobs, feature hot jobs, Share photos, videos, video previews articles and more. Provide an intimate overview of what it’s like to work for your company. SOURCE HANGOUT Build an advanced search Universities are among the to find profiles. Use first to jump on the Google Rapportive + Gmail to find Hangout band wagon. contact info. Schedule a hangout in advance or create an impromptu event.
  14. PINNING SHARING AND LIKING JOBS ENGAGE | INFORM Not yet. Women and creative professionals are flocking to Pinterest. Great place to track brands and design trends SOURCE Find designers, retail professionals and others using passive sourcing tactics
  15. PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEETUP GITHUB Meetups are informal Github is a code repository gatherings organized – open source developers around topic, profession, or share code and collaborate event. Search for group on technical projects. members or consider sponsoring a meetup. QUORA SLIDESHARE Quora is a Q&A site edited 16 Million users upload and organized by users. presentations to slideshare The site has over 500,000 – find experts on any topic, registered users. follow brands, share documents.
  16. TALENT IS MOBILEAPPS OR MOBILE LOCATION BASED ENABLED?Check out your career site For 20 million FoursquareGoogle Analytics – an users, “checking in” in is aincreasing number of way of life. Combined withcandidates are finding your GPS-enabled apps likesite via mobile device; Highlight or Sonar, locationsmartphone or tablet. How based apps is a powerful –does your website rate on and sneaky – way to discovermobile platforms? Want to passive talentcreate an app? Proceed withcaution. Launching an apprequires extensive marketingas well as technologyexpertise.
  17. KEEPING UP KEEPING TRACK HOOTSUITE: MY SECRET WEAPONManage almost all of your socialmedia activities from onedashboard. Pre-schedule tweetsand status updates. Instantly postto all of your social mediaproperties. Track followers and fans,and measue the results..
  18. LET’S CONNECT carmen@recruitingtoolbox.co E m L http://www.linkedin.com/in/ca I rmenhudson/ T @peopleshark W www.recruitingtoolbox.com