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Global HIV Activism

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The Pediatric AIDS Coalition Cause Education Committee – Global HIV Activism

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Global HIV Activism

  1. 1. Global HIV Activism
  2. 2. Ryan White Teen from Indiana who contracted HIV from infected blood products taken to treat hemophilia He was expelled from school and his house was threatened with gun shots His activism in fighting stigma and educating the public resulted in the passing of The Ryan White Care Act
  3. 3. Gugu Dlamini a volunteer field worker, went public with her diagnosis Her neighbors accused her of bringing shame to her community with going public a mob attacked her house and stoned her, kicked her and beat her with sticks. She died the next day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STnIv1qVeeE&t=11s
  4. 4. Jyoti Dhawale Indian activist living with HIV Contracted HIV due to medical negligence Works with PLWHA, the LGBT movement in India, and The Stigma Project; advocates for rights of people with HIV/AIDS https://youtu.be/HxXXLyRPPZk
  5. 5. Wan Yanhai Activist for people living with HIV who has fled China due to pressures from the Chinese government Discovered Bloodhead Scandal in Henan Province Founder of Aizhixing Institute to raise awareness and fight discrimination and Beijing LGBT Center, the first in China
  6. 6. Reframing Our Activism - “Helping, Fixing, or Serving” - Rachel Naomi Remen HELPING FIXING SERVING ● Power dynamics ○ “Strong vs. weak” ● Can cause more harm to development ● Sense of satisfaction ● Inherent judgement ● Assumption that life is “broken” ● Respond with expertise, not humanity ● Can add stigma ● Equal relationship ● Collaboration ● Honoring other perspectives and understanding own limitations