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Pepijn Lijnders by James Pearce - Edited by @PedMenCoach

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Pepijn Lijnders - Interview to 'The Athletic' by James Pearce

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Pepijn Lijnders by James Pearce - Edited by @PedMenCoach

  1. 1. Pepijn Lijnders Interview to The Athletic by James Pearce Edited to the Football Coaches Lyceum by @PedMenCoach
  2. 2. TRAINING • “These boys have the ability to make even a simple rondo competitive.” • “People talk about going game to game — no, we commit session to session. Small things make big things happen. You have to focus on doing the small things right constantly.” • “The passion and ambition I see, especially on the rainy and windy days here, that for me is what separates us from the others.” • “You need to know exactly what the manager wants. To coach is easy but to know what to coach is much more difficult. Jurgen had a way of coaching and exercises which were close to my own. It was so nice to find someone so good.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  3. 3. TRAINING • “I really believe that if you want to play quick then it starts in the mind and you have to train like the game. I do it a lot now with the first team. One team attacks, one team defends. They have 40 seconds to score, if they can’t then they’re out. If they score then they play against the third team who are waiting. You split the pitch in two and we call it the ‘wave’ game. If the team defending win the ball then they have to break the halfway line.” • “That’s how we want to play. We’re not defending our goal, we defend the halfway line first. And if you lose the ball it has to be intense with maximum concentration.” • “My time away from Liverpool was good for self-reflection. I became much clearer how I wanted to work and what is decisive to become successful. I know exactly what I would do differently now. No more concessions, we do it like I want in training, nothing else, convincing each day, create happiness in the players, a clear week plan and we play everywhere we go in the same manner, full energy.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  4. 4. TRAINING DRILLS 'Dutch Training' 6v6+GK - 3 teams of 6 players - 20 seconds each sequence. Available at https:// www.patreon.com/posts/dutch-training-3-29390856 @PedMenCoach
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  8. 8. TRAINING DRILLS Progressive Shooting at Goal. Available at https:// www.patreon.com/posts/progressive-at-27312118
  9. 9. TRAINING SESSION • “Early in the morning, I usually call Vitor Manos (elite development coach), I’ll text Jurgen and then come into Melwood. I have a meeting with Jurgen in his office to talk about training. What are we going to do? Who is delivering what and how is it going to look? Do we want to have Sadio (Mane) on the left wing or as the striker? Things like that.” • “When the training is planned, I explain what the ideas behind it are to Andreas (Kornmayer, head of fitness and conditioning), Pete, Vitor, John (Achterberg, goalkeeping coach) and Jack (Robinson, assistant goalkeeping coach).” • “Then I go out and put everything on the pitch. Normally Jurgen has a meeting with the players either in the dressing room or outside to give some details about the sessions. We train always in the same intensity as the game, same concentration and tempo. This is the secret of training in my opinion.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  10. 10. TRAINING SESSION • “Everything is designed around the training. The day basically starts when the training ends. I’ll watch the session back on the video and try to get as many opinions as possible from the people around me. Then the planning starts for the next session. We make decisions about how tomorrow will look. What do we want to do? What players will we have?” • “I have to speak with the medical department and try to plan the session in more detail and I’ll put it in the tactics planner and work everything out in terms of how it relates to our next opponent. Pete will also give input. Then the plan is clear for the next day and I’ll go home. In the evening when the kids have gone to bed I’ll watch footage of our opponents.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  11. 11. TRAINING SESSION Training Session the day before the UEFA Champions League Final 2019 Available at https://www.patreon.com/ posts/training-session-27286158 @PedMenCoach
  12. 12. TRAINING SESSION Training Session - 'Day before the UEFA Super Cup 2019 Final. Available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/training- session-29144653 @PedMenCoach
  13. 13. GAME ANALYSIS • “Pete Krawietz is one of the world’s best analysts and knows Jurgen’s way very well. He puts his mark in each game’s preparation. He supports me and Jurgen with information to include in our exercises and searches for weakness to exploit. The best football analysts simplify instead of complicate.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  14. 14. GAME PREPARATION • “The best meeting of the week is always the day before a game when Jurgen, Peter and I are in the office and we go through the video analysis and the plan for the game. Always in this meeting there’s a moment when we have full conviction in what we’re going to do. We speak about team selection and tactics. It’s a beautiful moment.” • “When you become European champions, when you become more dominant on the ball, you don’t rely as much on defensive organisation and counter-attack which is a very attractive part of our game. We’ve become better on the ball as teams have set up differently against us. I’d say 75 per cent of teams in the Premier League, even the bigger teams, changed their system or approach to play against us this season – lines much closer together, dropping deeper.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  15. 15. GAME IDEA • “Trusting the players to always look at our best games and think about what steps won us those games. Was it our full-backs being constantly ready to jump? Was it the centre-backs coming in front of offensive players rather than stepping back? Was it our midfielders being really together and always connected rather than just searching for it? It’s about doing it our way again, becoming better and searching for perfection. We know it doesn’t exist but you still have to search for it.” • “People say Liverpool developed so much here and there but I think our main strength is that we’re always together. By that I mean on the pitch, the distances, the organisation, the way we are. That’s the only way to be an aggressive, pressing team. If the distances and the organisation are not right then you have no chance.” • “That’s where we’ve made the biggest improvement. Wherever the game is on the pitch, we are there together. A compact team, an intense team, both on and off the ball. Jurgen talks about the principle that everyone is responsible for everything. It’s easy to say, it’s harder to put it into practice on the pitch for 95 minutes but that’s what these players have been doing a lot. If we recover well and have freshness in our game, we go into every game with a common idea of chasing them all over the pitch.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  16. 16. GAME IDEA • “Can we then expect to have attack, attack, attack? No, we can’t. We have to respect that and find a new way against them. It’s why our variety of creating and scoring is so important. It pushes us to evolve again. What I like about our game is that we have so many different weapons and that makes us unpredictable. It’s not about playing it from A to B to C to D. That’s not the game we want. Even our defensive principles aren’t like that. That makes us very difficult to read.” • “Teams can’t just drop deep against us and try to stop us playing through them because Trent and Robbo will get down the wings and then you’ve got the centre-backs bringing it forward and creating space. There’s a lot of freedom because we focus on principles rather than exact plays. We know that if all this is present then the mentality of Jurgen and the boys will put us above the other team. But all this has to be right (Lijnders bangs the desk).” • “You can have a lot of passion but if there’s no structure then you have no chance. You need organisation, tactical discipline and the right distances. That’s the base – that’s the father and mother of football and being a consistent team.” by Pepijn Lijnders
  17. 17. GAME MANAGMENT • “Even if we’re 3-0 up we want to be dominant. We still search for the 4-0 but the way we do that can be different from how we searched to make it 1-0 or 2-0. We can make more passes, we can switch the play more from one side to the other, we can create more doubt for the opponents with our positioning. But we are still searching for the 4-0.” by Pepijn Lijnders