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Introducing Advanced Reporting & Data Visualization

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We are very excited to announce PayScale’s newest enhancement to the MarketPay product: The Advanced Reporting data visualization feature! Powered by Tableau, one of the world leaders in business intelligence and analytics software, you can use a set of standard visualizations that can be used to create your own visualizations.

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Introducing Advanced Reporting & Data Visualization

  1. 1. PayScale MarketPay Webinar: Introducing Advanced Reporting & Data Visualization
  2. 2. Introductions Chris Highfield Vice President, Product & Support Becky Wood Director, Training www.payscale.com
  3. 3. Advanced Reporting & Data Visualization Using Tableau Today’s Topic: www.payscale.com
  4. 4. Agenda • What Is The Feature? • Why Is It Important? • Functionality • Demo • Q&A www.payscale.com
  5. 5. Advanced Reporting & Data Visualization with Tableau MarketPay’s Advanced Reporting feature allows customers to use real time MarketPay data to build data visualizations using Tableau. Tableau is the first BI software to be integrated into MarketPay. www.payscale.com
  6. 6. Why Is It Important? • Advanced analytical capabilities to enhance the data you already have • Standard, pre-defined dashboards in PayScale MarketPay give you a head start to building dynamic reports • Unlike other products, Tableau is natively integrated within MarketPay • Allows you to build impactful data visualizations using real-time MarketPay data, on your schedule • Utilizes the same powerful security built into MarketPay, providing you additional peace-of-mind • Build analytical dashboards that can be easily shared and presented to stakeholders • The new partnership paves the way for future integrations with other third-party vendors to enrich the MarketPay customer experience www.payscale.com
  7. 7. Robust Functionality • Comes with a pre-defined set of standard visualizations that can be used to create your own visualizations • Build brand new reports from scratch, including: • Create a simple workbook, 1 chart or 1 table • Create a dashboard, which combines multiple charts/tables • Create a story, a sequence of visualizations that work together to convey information. www.payscale.com
  8. 8. Demo www.payscale.com
  9. 9. Q&A www.payscale.com