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What's new in Jakarta EE and Eclipse GlassFish (May 2019)

  1. Jakarta EE Update - May 2019 - Kenji HASUNUMA Payara Services Ltd Twitter: @khasunuma #payara
  2. Jakarta EE is … • Standard for Server-Side Java • Led by Jakara EE Working Group 
 under Eclipse Foundation • Community Driven • Inherit from Java EE 8 @knhasunuma #payara
  3. Jakarta EE WG @knhasunuma #payara
  4. Java EE to Jakarta EE Java EE Jakarta EE Owner Oracle Eclipse Foundation (Jakarta EE WG) Standardise JCP (Java Community Process) JESP (Jakarta EE Specification Process) Specification JSR (Java Specification Requests) EE4J Project @knhasunuma #payara
  5. Schedule @knhasunuma #payara
  6. Donations from Oracle • GlassFish and sub projects • Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 (29 Jan 2019) • Jersey, Mojarra, Metro, Tyrus, 
 Grizzly, HK2, etc. • Java EE 8 TCK … And others @knhasunuma #payara
  7. Naming Java EE javax.* Trademark of Oracle Corporation @knhasunuma #jjug_ccc #ccc_i2a Copyright of Oracle Corporation
  8. Naming Java EE javax.* Jakarta EE javax.* (AS IS) jakarta.* @knhasunuma #payara
  9. Jakarta EE 8 is … • First specification by Jakarta EE • Minimum differences with Java EE 8 • Eclipse GlassFish 5.2
 (as compatible implementation) @knhasunuma #payara
  10. Jakarta EE 9 is … • Next Jakarta EE version • Several Improvements (Plan): • JSF 3.0, Security 1.1, JASPIC 1.2, 
 JACC 1.7, JAX-RS 2.2, Concurrency 1.1, Interceptors 1.3, EL 3.1, etc. • Those would be renamed (w/namespaces) @knhasunuma #payara
  11. Because show no code • Jakarta EE 8 APIs will be almost same as Java EE 8 • In Jakarta EE 9, old APIs could be still used as ‘javax’ package • No or few code should be rewritten @knhasunuma #payara
  12. What we should do • Keep mind differences between Java EE and Jakarta EE • Understand growing Jakarta EE become rapidly rather than Java EE • Get involved with Jakarta EE for better future @knhasunuma #payara
  13. More Information • Jakarta EE Home • Blogs @knhasunuma #payara
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  15. Jakarta EE Update - May 2019 - Kenji HASUNUMA Payara Services Ltd