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Website Promotion - 2 google analytics interpreting data

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Website Promotion - 2 google analytics interpreting data

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Website Promotion - 2 google analytics interpreting data

  1. 1. press “play” button to go through presentation Google Analytics INTERPRETING DATA
  2. 2. Reports Audience (visitors) Acquisition (traffic sources) Behaviour (Content) Conversions (Goals)
  3. 3. Report 1: Audience
  4. 4. Audience – Location: Country/ region •  Where are your visitors coming from? •  Need for translation?
  5. 5. Audience – screen resolution •  Optimize your site for most used screen resolutions
  6. 6. Audience – flash usage •  Share of flash-plugins -> do your visitors have flash installed, if so what version? (max. compatibility)
  7. 7. Report 2: Acquisition
  8. 8. Types of traffic •  Direct Traffic – Visitors who typed your URL, navigated via their bookmarks or any other non-referral way of getting to your site. •  Referring sites / referral – are other sites who direct traffic to you. This can be by means of banners, weblogs, textlinkts etc. •  Search engines – all traffic that came in through a search engine. Organic as well as paid search (adwordse e.g.) are included •  Keywords – Which ‘search queries’ were used to get to your site via a search engine.
  9. 9. Report 3: Behaviour
  10. 10. Report 3: Behaviour •  What are the most popular pages on your site •  What pages have the highest ‘Exit-ratio’? •  On which pages do people enter your site the most? •  How do your visitors navigate through your site?
  11. 11. Report 3: Behaviour
  12. 12. Sessions= number of site-sessions on your site Bounce Rate = percentage of visitors that has left the site immediately after viewing the first page Pagesviews = number of pages that has been requested in the specified period Pages/Session= average number of pageviews per visit Avg. Session Duration = How long did your visitors stay on this page? % New Sessions = how many first time visitors Interpretation of site usage (dashboard)
  13. 13. Interpretation (1) Bouncerate = 55,80% –  % of visitors who immediately leave the site. –  Market average is 25-30% –  High ratio’s are probably very bad for your SEO ranking Cause?: –  Wrong implementation code? –  No tagging on other pages? –  Bad or irrelevant content?
  14. 14. Interpretation (2) •  % New Visits= 83,68% –  How many of the visitors are here for the first time? –  Lower=better Causes: –  High percentages could mean you are running an online campaign generating lots of new visitors or perhaps your site offers no need for people to plan return visits often
  15. 15. Interpretation (3) •  % mobile sessions= 38,97% –  Do you need a mobile version of your website? –  You have very low conversions Causes: –  You don’t have a mobile version of your site, but almost 40% of your visitors are coming via their mobile. They can’t ‘convert’…
  16. 16. Funnel overview Report 4: Conversions
  17. 17. press “play back” button to replay presentation Google Analytics INTERPRETING DATA