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WILDpaul Resume July 2015

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WILDpaul Resume July 2015

  1. 1. Academic Qualifications BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS) - English Literature Carleton University, Ottawa BACHELOR OF EDUCATION - Primary and Junior Division University of Windsor, Ontario Professional Qualifications Introduction to Project Management - George Washington University Principal’s Qualification Part I & II Special Education Specialist (Part I, II & III) Religious Education Specialist (Part I, II & III) Intermediate Basic – Drama Professional Experience 2013 (Feb) – Present Acting Principal / Principal – Canadian Martyrs Catholic School 2011 – 2013 (Jan) Vice Principal – San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic School 2007 – 2011 Program Department – Coordinator of Assessment & Evaluation and Mathematics 2006 – 2007 Program Department – Academic Consultant, Information Technology, Assessment & Evaluation / Data Management 2004 – 2006 Program Department – Academic Consultant, Information Technology 1999 – 2004 Teacher - Metropolitan Andrei School - Special Education, Primary & Junior grades 1997 – 1999 Teacher - St. Louis School – Junior grades Paul Wild 804 Frobisher Boulevard, Milton, Ontario L9T 3L9 (905) 299-1743 wildy71@gmail.com
  2. 2. Paul Wild Direction Setting and System Leadership Across various roles within a large school board of 125 elementary schools, supported evidence-based decision making and public accountability while ensuring fiscal responsibility and planning for continuous system improvement. Consistently demonstrated the ability to influence others positively to achieve system goals; prioritizing and coordinating projects and initiatives to meet board and Ministry goals and timelines within budget and on time. Vision and Implementation • Co-Author: Board Plan to Improve Student Achievement:2006-2009 • Proposed and developed Board Plan to Improve Student Achievement adult Training DVD and support materials • Proposed and received approval for external review of Board Plan to Improve Student Achievement by Dr. Douglas Reeves’ Leadership and Learning Center • Represented Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board at various Ministry sessions (Curriculum Review process, Consultation Sessions, Provincial Assessment and Evaluation Symposium, etc.) • Developed electronic data collection system for gathering, tracking and analyzing literacy results in Mississauga South Family of Schools • Developed concept, pioneered and designed video social stories for students with Autism using iLife software • Designed and facilitated professional training sessions for creating and using video social stories using iLife software suite • Proposed, designed and coordinated development of Daily Physical Activity: Aboriginal Perspectives resource kit for all Dufferin-Peel elementary schools in consultation with Native Canadian Centre of Toronto staff • Originator of Dufferin-Peel’s first ‘Sensory Garden’ outdoor naturalized learning space for students with special neuro-sensory needs Project Leadership • Co-Author: Planning For Assessment and Reporting – a design-down approach to curriculum implementation • Board Lead on Ministry of Education roll-out of Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools • Co-Author: Dufferin-Peel CDSB Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines • Coordinated board-wide rollout of SkoVision school improvement planning software • Author: Dufferin-Peel Homework Policy and Procedures 2010 • Writing Team Leader: Dufferin-Peel CDSB Combined Grades Resource • Writing Team Leader: Dufferin-Peel CDSB Revised Science Curriculum Support Resources • Writing Team Leader: Dufferin-Peel CDSB Report Card Comment Bank • Writing Team Leader – Dufferin-Peel CDSB Planning For Assessment & Reporting • Writing Team Member – Pathways To A Caring Learning Community Adult Learning/Training Facilitator • Ministry of Education Math Teacher Trainer - Primary & Junior Math Strategy / PRIME: 2005-Present
  3. 3. Paul Wild • Dufferin-Peel CDSB Teacher Trainer: eTeacher software • Co-developed networked, adult Professional Learning Communities model employed in Dufferin-Peel elementary schools • Coordinated Dufferin-Peel involvement in Ministry of Education: Collaborative Inquiry for Learning in Mathematics (CILM) adult professional learning project • Marker: Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Assessment- Mathematics and Literacy • Resource Evaluator: Curriculum Services Canada – Screened draft textbooks and resources produced by publishing houses prior to approval for use in Ontario schools. Team Leadership and Customer Service • Successfully coordinated a team of curriculum consultants to develop adult training resources and courses for many board-wide initiatives and roll-outs (Ministry and Board) • Developed effective communiques on behalf of the school board, school board Trustees, Supervisory officers and at the school level for various audiences and purposes • Successfully generated change of established practice at school and system levels • Successfully liaised with, consulted and collaborated with various system-stakeholders in all roles • Ensured open communication, high levels of trust and parent and community engagement in local school communities • Established use of social media to communicate with parent community regarding school-based professional learning and student learning Financial and System Accountability • Oversaw and reported on $1.5 million budget associated with multiple cost-centres, projects, and Ministry grants in Program Coordinator role • Learned new report card software, developed support and online training resources and coordination of system wide rollout of Trillium web-based report card using online, self-directed learning, video training modules saving $100,000 professional development costs • Maintain balanced school budget focused on school goals and priorities • Developed accountability reports for various Ministry and Board funded initiatives • Developed Dufferin-Peel process and plans for various ministry and system-level initiatives and grants Committees • Board Improvement Team • Mississauga East Family of Schools Improvement Team • Principal/Vice Principal Association Representative: Joint Health & Wellness Committee • Steering Committee: Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Peel • Dufferin-Peel Sustainability Committee • Toronto Area Curriculum Steering Committee (past member) • SkoVision Pilot Committee Co-Chair
  4. 4. Paul Wild Publications, Awards & Citations • “Up, Down and Sideways – Integrative School Improvement Design Leverages Commonalities” – CPCO Principal Connections: Summer, 2015 • Nominee: Premier’s Award For Teaching Excellence: 2007 • Citation: Children and Schools, Volume 29, Number 3, July 2007 (National Association of Social Workers Journal) Community Involvement • Society of St. Vincent de Paul Member - Holy Rosary Parish – Milton • Reader – Holy Rosary Parish - Milton References • John Martelli – Bruce Power • Gillian Shearer – Shearer-Lattal LLP Additional References Available on Request