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Toc ott presentation

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Toc ott presentation

  1. 1. CNS Overview
  2. 2. What we’ve done • Review options for a shared member solution – Carriage rights – Shared content transcoding
  3. 3. Competitive Threats • Programmers Direct to Consumer • YouTube – 2017 • Sony • New ones announced almost every day
  4. 4. Solutions we’ve review • NeoNova • Minerva • Skitter • Big Pipe TV • Innovative Systems • Others from west coast • Other international
  5. 5. Where we’re at • Members in wait and see mode • We’ve committed to streamlined transport • We’ve researched using members’ infrastructure for content injestion and colo for transcoders • Holding pattern for launch due largely to uncertainty of potential demand • Equipment (transcoding/caching) costs are substantial • Members are somewhat concerned about launching another product that might be breakeven, and that requires substantial customer education
  6. 6. OTT augmentation • Kent Daniel solution • Real-time additional content in app that correlates to content streams
  7. 7. Opportunities • Rural folks like linear • Rural folks like locals
  8. 8. Challenges • Competing offerings • Survey says rural folks still like linear • Limited streaming use • Dish Network popular