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Promoting sri lanka to the expatriates

This includes how to promote a country to it's expatriates after a civil war. We're focusing Sri Lanka. This research contains the advantages and disadvantages on promoting Sri Lanka to the expatriates and a SWOT analyses.

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Promoting sri lanka to the expatriates

  1. 1. PROMOTING SRI LANKA TO THE SRI LANKAN EXPATRIATES AFTER THE CIVIL WAR GROUP PRESENTATION HND TTM– BATCH 001 TASK Undertake market research for an organisation which provides service/s of your choice
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Sri Lanka is also one of the main countries where the no. of emigrants are high  Most of the Sri Lankans expatriates emigrated due to the financial situation and civil war.  According to Wikipedia there are 3,000,000+ Sri Lankan expatriates living abroad  Most of the expatriates living in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and the Middle East.  Most of the people visiting Sri Lanka on there own (Specially visiting friends & family)
  3. 3.  According to the data from AASL, Sri Lanka received 15.8% of Sri Lankan expatriates in the total arrivals of BIA  Most of the expatriates stays in Western, Northern, Eastern regions and Hill country.  They normally stay for long periods of time. Such as 30 days or even 6 months.  FAR TRAVELS is one of the key destination management service which provides exclusive offers to Sri Lankan expatriates.
  4. 4. THE EFFORTS SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT TAKES TO ATTRACT EXPATRIATE TOURISTS • Tourism Development Strategy 2011 to 2016, by The Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourist Board • Heritage, History and Ancient Epics (Ramayana Trails) • Adventure and Sports • Wild Life and Camping • Eco Tourism and Ayurveda • Beach and Sea Food • Hill Country and Tea
  5. 5. DRAWBACKS AND AREAS TO IMPROVE IN THE INDUSTRY • Lack of Professionals • Lack of Technology • Rising Cost • Environmental Issues • Cultural Barriers • Language Barriers • Labour Issues
  6. 6. DISADVANTAGES AND THREATS • Illegal Migrants • Illegal Business • Black Money • Unethical activities such as human trafficking • Cultural Conflicts
  7. 7. THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROMOTING TOURISM TO THE SRI LANKAN EXPATRIATE According to the figures taken from FAR TRAVELS; Expatriate tourism comes to Sri Lanka in many forms. • Family visits • Heritage tourism • Medical tourism • Business travel • Birthright tours • Funeral Etiquette
  8. 8.  Expatriate members are most likely to invest in the local economy than the international traveller after making connections on their visits. The government have the opportunities in promoting more business zone, extra benefits in order to attract more tourism investment in the country.  Generally expatriate tourists are more willing to stay in locally including with friends and relatives, eat in local restaurants, and buy locally- produced goods than other international travelers. Opportunities for mid scale business for promoting more restaurants.
  9. 9.  Expatriates can help open markets for new tourist destinations in their countries of heritage.  Expatriate tourists travel to less-visited regions to see friends and family or participate in various cultural events outside of the major cities. Opportunities for promoting new destinations other than the traditional tourist zones.  They will likely influence others to visit through word of mouth and may become involved with local community projects. Opportunities for entering easily to the respective expatriate market rather than ineffective promotions.
  10. 10. CHALLENGES FACE BY THE TOURISM AUTHORITY TO PROMOTE TOURISM TO THE SRI LANKAN EXPATRIATE  Technological Advantages Lack of IT facilities.  Involvement of BOI Support of the board of Investments.  Law and Order Laws are different from Sri Lanka and the country they currently live.  Creating a safe image about the country Security of the country. specially fraud against the expatriate investors.
  11. 11. EXPATRIATE SRI LANKAN’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE TOURISM INDUSTRY • Frequent visits to meet kith and kin and attend various family gatherings. • Personal connections or commitments associated with someone/property. • To be present with the rest of their community at annual religious events and other festivals. • Undertaking tours. • Word of mouth and contributing local travel agents. • Benefits the service industry (Transportation/ Airlines/ Taxi and Cabs/ Hospitality service/ Accommodation)
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES OF PROMOTING SRILANKA TO EXPATRIATE  Transfers remittance from overseas countries.  Investment opportunities  Paves way for trade.  Developments in tourism industry.  Knowledge transferre.  Easy access to international influences in political & economical activities.  Immigration.
  13. 13. RECOMMENDATIONS • Highlight Country and Cultural Values • Create awareness on local investment opportunities • Ease the investment laws in order to attract the expatriates • Make sure they leave with a good word of mouth • Use Modern Technology with the global trend • Friendly approach from BOI to the expatriates • Security, law and order implement properly • Encourage to Practice Ethics • Clearly define DOs and DONTs • Diplomatic Approach to expatriates in order to win them.