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Stem Cells 21 Medical Center

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A presentation on the Stem Cells 21 - IntelliHealthPlus medical center in Bangkok, Thailand. Information on Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and Cd34+ cells, also the companies Ultrasound adipose stem cell separation.

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Stem Cells 21 Medical Center

  2. 2. StemCells21 is a Biotech company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was established in 2008, founded by Mr. Paul Collier, with the first Regenerative Medicine facility & lab opening its doors in 2011. StemCells21 offers: • Premium Regenerative Medicine @ IntellliHealth+ • Allogenic Stem Cells Supply & Technology • Autologous Stem Cells in-house laboratory services • Product/Protocol R&D: Serum & Essentials STEMCELLS21: THE COMPANY
  3. 3. IntelliHealth+ centres were established to offer patients stem cell based treatment programs, in 5* modern facilities. When patients undergo a treatment program at IH+, an appropriate stem cell source is selected and a supportive therapy program is designed. Stem Cell Sources: Umbilical Cord, Peripheral Blood or Adipose. Supportive Therapies: Peptides/Growth factors, Bio-photon laser treatments, Oxygen therapies and Nutrition/Enzyme/Hormones. STEMCELLS21: THE FACILITIES
  6. 6. STEMCELLS21: STEM CELLS What Are Stem Cells? Stem cells are biological cells that can an self renew to produce more stem cells and differentiate into specialised cell types.
  7. 7. Self Renewal: Differentiation: STEMCELLS21: STEM CELLS
  8. 8. STEMCELLS21: STEM CELLS How stem cells work These cells are capable of performing three important functions with unique abilities: - Plasticity: Potential to change into other cell types like nerve cells - Homing: To travel to the site of tissue damage or under stimulation - Engraftment: To unite with other tissues
  9. 9. Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells STEMCELLS21: STEM CELLS
  10. 10. Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells STEMCELLS21: STEM CELLS
  11. 11. Corporate Policies: ISO 14001:2004 BSC Safety Audit: British Safety Council Clinical Research Services: National GLP, GLP CAP (College of American Pathologies) Regenerative Medicine: AABB (Accredited Cord Blood Facility) Molecular Medicine: CAP, NABL, CLIA STEMCELLS21: CELL LAB
  12. 12. Mesenchymal & CD34+ Cells: Fully characterised, early passage stem cells are available ready for use in cryo-storage. All products undergo extensive testing including characterisation studies. This gives detailed information on genetic stability, gene expression, and differentiation potential. STEMCELLS21: MSC & CD34+
  13. 13. Source: human umbilical cord-derived ▪Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells that can differentiate into a number of cell types including osteoblasts, chondrocytes, myocytes, adipocytes, neurons, etc. ▪These can have immense applications in regenerative medicine. STEMCELLS21: MSC
  14. 14. ▪Early passage: maximizing stable life-span ▪Spindle morphology consistent with bone marrow MSCs ▪Fully characterised with a panel of cell surface markers STEMCELLS21: MSC
  15. 15. ▪Passage #: P2 or P3 ▪Source: Donated human umbilical cords ▪Microbiological tests: Maternal blood and cord blood tested negative for HIV I&II, HCV, CMV IgG/IgM, syphilis IgG/IgM antibodies and Hepatitis B surface antigen. Free of bacterial and fungal contamination. ▪Morphology: Adherent cells having spindle morphology ▪Representice surface markers: CD31-, vWF- , CD29+, CD44+, CD14-, SSEA4+, HLADR_, HLA ABC+, CD73+, CD105+, CD24- ▪Endotoxin Content by LAL Test <10 EU/ml ▪pH of the Medium 7.4 ±0.2 ▪Average Pre-Freeze Viability >90% ▪Average Purity >90% STEMCELLS21: MSC
  16. 16. ▪Source: human umbilical cord blood-derived ▪CD34 cells are lymphohematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, scaleable up to 10-folds in culture, and capable of maintaining long-term hematopoiesis. ▪They can be used for a variety of purposes including reconstitution of myeloablated marrow, neurological and angiogeneic applications. STEMCELLS21: CD34+
  17. 17. ▪Early passage: maximizing stable life-span ▪Good morphology: non-adherent,translucent and round cells ▪Fully characterised with a panel of cell surface markers STEMCELLS21: CD34+
  18. 18. ▪Passage #: P1 or P2 ▪Source: Human umbilical cord blood of donated umbilical cords. ▪Microbiological tests: Maternal blood and cord blood tested negative for HIV I&II, HCV, CMV IgG/IgM, syphilis IgG/IgM antibodies and Hepatitis B surface antigen. Free of bacterial and fungal contamination. ▪Morphology: Non adherent translucent round cells ▪Representive surface markers: CD33+, CD38+, CD34+ ▪Endotoxin Content by LAL Test <10 EU/ml ▪pH of the Medium 7.4 ±0.2 ▪Average Pre-Freeze Viability >90% ▪Average Purity >90% STEMCELLS21: CD34+
  19. 19. Autologous Adipose Tissue-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  21. 21. How it Works: Our technology process yields SVF which is a functionally diverse population of cells that is believed to be synergistic and able to communicate with other cells in their local environment. Ultrasonic Cavitation Separation process is: • Clean/Safe – no animal products or enzymes • Efficient– complete time 30 - 40 minutes with cell counting • High number of SVF • Extra cellular matrix present which aids in the regenerative process • Can be applied to a variety of diseases STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  22. 22. STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF Prior to our process, the cell membrane's are clearly defined Contents of the Adipose cell begin to emulsify. Emulsifications of the fats and water content to occur. Homogenization of the Adipose tissue has occurred!
  23. 23. ▪Derived from Blood Vessels in adipose (fat) tissue ▪Capillaries are primary source (see inset below) ▪Same-day clinical procedure ▪Easy to harvest fat ▪High cell counts Blood vessels Adipose (fat) cells Capillaries The isolated SVF contains: ▪ Adult Stem Cells ▪ Endothelial Cells ▪ Fibroblast Cells ▪ Pericytes ▪ Red Blood Cells ▪ White Blood Cells … and much more STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  24. 24. Varma et al, Stem Cells and Development 2007:91-104 (freshly isolated adipose). Repeated by Collas et al and Yoshimura et al. CD90+ positive cells after ultrasonic cavitation STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  25. 25. Fraser JK, Wulur I. Fat tissue: an underappreciated source of stem cells for biotechnology. Trends in Biotechnology. 2006;24:150-154. Dapi staining of lipoaspirate. Dapi nuclear stain highlights the capillaries containing MSC’s STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  26. 26. Extracellular matrix (ECM) • Basement membrane (type 4 reticular collagen) • Interstitial matrix (Type 1 collagen) ECM regulates cell function and is a reservoir of growth factors. Triggering protease activity releases growth factors ECM controls growth, wound healing and fibrosis; is able to block the immune reaction of inflammation and scarring to allow replacement tissue to grow in the absence of scarring. STEMCELLS21: ADIPOSE SVF
  28. 28. 0.4-1 Million Cells per gram of adipose 15–30 % Dead Cells Digests ECM More adipose required (more time) Animal or bacterial product 8-16 Million Cells per gram of adipose 5-15 % Dead Cells Preserves ECM Less adipose required (less time) Clean and safe Ultrasonic Cavitation 
Proprietary Technology ! Collagenase Enzyme
  29. 29. Autologous EPCs & APCs: Endothelial Progenitor Cells & Angiogenic Precursor Cells: Prepared from patients whole blood cultured for specific cell type EPCs & APCs for regeneration of vascular. Key areas of treatment: Vascular disease
  30. 30. Immunotherapy Cell Therapies: Autologous natural killer cells (NK), Cytokine induced killer cells (CIK) & Dendritic (DC) vaccines derived from the Patients blood. Delivered in multiple infusion programs. Key areas of treatment: Cancers, Viral Infections and Immune system disorders.
  31. 31. Fibroblasts: 1) Autologous cultured fibroblasts for wound healing and cosmetic skin rejuvenation 2) Neo-natal ready available fibroblasts for wound healing and cosmetic skin rejuvenation Plasma-Derived: PRP preparations for a variety of conditions: Skin Rejuvenation, Orthopaedic, Muskuloskelatal Pain