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  1. 1 Cleversafe, an IBM company November 2015 © 2015 IBM Corporation
  2. 2 IBM recently acquired Cleversafe, Inc., a Chicago, IL-based, privately held company providing web-scale storage solutions for cloud and on-premise, scaling up to exabyte capacity and beyond © 2015 IBM Corporation
  3. 3 Cleversafe at a Glance Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet®) Object Storage software  Manager component provides comprehensive operation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance functionality  Accesser® component the object interface to the application over a variety of storage interfaces including Industry Standard APIs  Slicestor® component software manages the storage of object data in the form of erasure coded slices, across a network of storage nodes.  Deployed as on-premise software on industry standard and qualified hardware or as a pre-integrated appliance Offerings  Founded in 2004. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois  Enterprise storage provider for content scaling to exabytes and beyond  Employs 210+ personnel, over 100 dedicated to software team  Owns 350+ patents with over 500 more filed  Global clients in financial services, insurance, media, communications, government, intelligence, life sciences/healthcare. Global 1000 or massively data-intense - US, Japan, UK, Germany  Service providers  Client references Customers OrganizationOrganization © 2015 IBM Corporation
  4. 4  Increasing revenue and lowering costs requires a holistic data strategy for next generation mobile, social, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications - Object storage is the emerging standard for unstructured data - Key requirements include flexibility of deployment options, ease of manageability and consistency at web-scale  The combination of IBM and Cleversafe can address a broad set of workloads with an expansive set of object-based solutions and : - help deliver enhanced on-premise storage options for large scale active archives and unstructured data stores - offer leading1 object storage-as-a-service in dedicated private cloud, public cloud—or hybrid cloud—implementations - provide consistent, scalable, cost-efficient hybrid deployment options making it easier for clients to scale and right-size their data deployments IBM and Cleversafe - meeting client’s evolving storage needs © 2015 IBM Corporation 1 IDC Marketspace World wide Object Based Storage 2014
  5. 5 Web-scale requires a new storage architecture Objects 1000x larger  HD videos/images/audio  Genomic/seismic data  Internet of Things/social media Large and growing storage requirement Up to exabytes with always-on availability and zero-touch, carrier-grade security Legacy storage won’t scale and is less cost-effective  Traditional storage requires copies, replication, mirroring and disaster recovery (DR) to protect data—Cleversafe can help eliminate those requirements, and can help lower both cost and complexity  Can also reduce requirements for power, cooling and management for lower TCO  Cleversafe provides web-scale performance/capacity at any time with zero downtime operations Multiple Interface: customer deployment flexibility Industry standard object API compatibility © 2015 IBM Corporation
  6. 6 Cleversafe supports a broad set of use cases Entrust business critical data to one of the most reliable and scalable storage platforms Fuel workplace productivity across the globe with distributed access to valuable content Deliver new levels of storage capacity and availability with carrier-grade security Get easy, scalable back- up and always-on data availability for dependable recover and lower infrastructure costs Keep content accessible with scalable, reliable and long-term data archive © 2015 IBM Corporation
  7. 7 Cleversafe dsNet Storage System dsNet Manager  Fault management  Reporting  Provisioning  Performance monitoring  Storage configuration Accesser®  Slices data  Disperses data  Retrieves data  Stateless Slicestor®  Storage for slices  Single- or multi-site  Capacity-based pricing  Rebuilds slices Scalability  Multiple 100PB+ customers  Shared nothing architecture Security  Zero-touch, carrier-grade, with built- in encryption Availability  More reliable than traditional storage systems, without complexity Manageability  Multiples more data per administrator  Software-defined, hardware-aware Economics  Eliminates cost of copies, replication, mirroring and DR  Reduction in storage costs © 2015 IBM Corporation
  8. 8 Cleversafe solutions have proven successful in global, cross-industry enterprises Business requirement Results Major League Baseball Organization Update the team’s system for storing, protecting and accessing all of the video data and other information their coaches and other employees use to make critical decisions every day  Reduced administration time  Up-to-date data, backed up and replicated across all sites  Improved access to the data through a simple log-in  Scalability to meet future needs  Data available to coaches, players, marketing, press and minor league affiliates  IT staff free to focus on innovation Major Japanese telecoms operator A highly reliable and secure solution for protecting their customers’ mobile data plus a flexible, multi-tenant storage as a service offering for their enterprise customers  Solutions supports millions of mobile subscribers  Highly reliable and available solution that tolerates site outages without expensive copies of data  Savings over original storage  Flexibility to offer multiple services to their enterprise customers Leading European Home Entertainment and Telecoms A secure solution for their massive storage and immediate access needs with growing storage needs  Zero-touch security for all content  Lower data center costs with improved service levels  Always on availability; capacity provisioning in minutes © 2015 IBM Corporation
  9. 9© 2015 IBM Corporation How the Cleversafe platform works CONTENT TRANSFORMATION Cleversafe software encrypts, slices and applies Information Dispersal Algorithms otherwise known as erasure coding policies to the data. Data Ingest Accesser Software Storage Nodes Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Physical Distribution Slices are distributed to separate disks and industry standard x86 hardware across geographic locations. Data Retrieval Storage Nodes Reliable Retrieval An operator defined subset of slices is needed to retrieve data bit perfectly in real time. Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 BENEFITS The level of resiliency is fully customizable resulting in a massively reliable and efficient way to store data at scale as opposed to RAID and replication techniques. Accesser Software Slicestor Software
  10. 10© 2015 IBM Corporation Feature superiority 24x7 Operation – No downtime during software upgrades, hardware refreshes, and in the face of disk, node, and site failures. Security - Government grade security with inherent key management. Scalability – Scale performance and/or capacity at any time with no downtime to operations Efficiency – Less raw storage means less power, cooling and floors pace resulting in low TCO Manageability– No RAID sets or replication schemes to manage. Manage upwards of 25PBs with a single Full Time Employee
  11. 11© 2015 IBM Corporation Highly scalable and flexible deployment options
  12. 12 12 SecureSlice – Data at-rest or in-flight confidentiality © 2015 IBM Corporation
  13. 13 System management – from a single pane of glass © 2015 IBM Corporation Monitor • Event monitoring via SNMPv3, email alerts or event console Configure • Create Storage containers • Select different IDAs to meet requirements Security • AD Integration • LDAP • Access Key • IP Restrictions • Maintenance • ‘Rolling Upgrade’ with no downtime • Log collection, troubleshooting, reports Web-Based Access RBAC Support Provisioning API Available Administration • System configuration options • Preferences, TLS, CA
  14. 14 Deployable on-premise, dedicated or public cloud Enhance IBM Spectrum Storage™ with:  A low cost, high scale content repository in addition to existing high performance file and object offering  An additional backup choice for data protection and recovery  An additional archive option Aligned to IBM hybrid cloud strategy Deployment flexibility of software, appliance or hybrid cloud SoftLayer® object storage services with hosted object-storage cloud, including industry standard APIs Private Cloud Dedicated Public Cloud Public Local (on-premise) Hybrid Cloud Apps Industry Standard APIs Cleversafe technology OpenStack © 2015 IBM Corporation ™ Hybrid deployment
  15. © 2015 IBM Corporation 15 IBM and Cleversafe provide Hybrid / Cloud On Premise Appliance From the smallest set of objects to billions of files and exabytes of capacity, IBM has a storage system to fit your needs. A pre-provisioned set of optimized hardware and software for “plug- n-play” usage inside a customers datacenter. Leverage on-premise data, the elasticity and cost benefits of the cloud using the same API, low maintenance and reliability.
  16. 16 Summary  “Data” is the new natural resource, and IBM is committed to supporting a comprehensive suite of storage solutions for our clients  IBM and Cleversafe capabilities can help businesses cost- effectively embrace the growth in data—particularly unstructured content—for next generation mobile, social, cloud, and IoT applications  IBM will infuse Cleversafe offerings and technology into our on-premise software-defined storage and cloud solutions, offering businesses unparalleled hybrid cloud flexibility  Cleversafe will continue to be available for on-premise deployments as well as within dedicated object storage deployments on SoftLayer © 2015 IBM Corporation
  17. 17 More information  Visit IBM at  Visit Cleversafe at  Read the press release at © 2015 IBM Corporation
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