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Atchula Subrahmanyam HOD-GIIS East Coast Singapore- asciefl@gmail.com Page 1
Examination Vocabulary in Literature 0486
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Examination vocabulary literature

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Examination vocabulary literature

  1. 1. Atchula Subrahmanyam HOD-GIIS East Coast Singapore- asciefl@gmail.com Page 1 Examination Vocabulary in Literature 0486 Key Words (used in IGCSE questions) Synonyms 1. Striking Attractive, impressive, dynamic, noteworthy, wondrous, dazzling, prominent, stunning, out of the ordinary. 2. Dramatic Expressive, startling, electrifying, melodramatic, theatrical, farcical, thespian, climactic, sensational, affecting. 3. Ironic Contradictory, quick-witted, defiant, incongruous, exaggerated, pungent, trenchant, paradoxical, sharp, mordant. 4. Amusing Exciting, diverting, cheerful, engaging, gratifying, jovial, humorous, lively, jocular 5. Comic Absurd, merry, playful, jovial, good-humoured, hysterical, priceless, waggish, jolly, whimsical. 6. Compelling Compulsory, fascinating, forcefully, imperative, coercive, constraining, intimidating, obligatory, imperious, mandatory. 7. Vivid Active, bright, meaningful, high-spirited, shining, distinct, colourful, brilliant, vigorous, flamboyant. 8. Significant Important, meaningful, indicative, representative, symbolic, weighty, momentous, valid, denoting, cogent. 9. Tense Strained, rigid, firm, taut, stiff, stressful, unyielding, hard put, nerve wrecking, chocked. 10. Important Essential, foremost, primarily, ponderous, conspicuous, relevant, paramount, determining, serious, vital. 11. Moving Heart-felt, touching, emotional, gripping, heartrending, heartening, stirring, poignant, impelling, awakening. 12. Intriguing Alluring, enchanting, stimulating, riveting, bewitching, captivating, spellbinding, hypnotic, magnetic, mesmerizing. 13. Memorable Eventful, momentous, unforgettable, indelible, inerasable, unforgettable, ingraining, enduring, illustrious. 14. Disturbing Alarming, agitating, discomforting, troubling, impending, wearisome, unpleasant, severe, perplexing, dismaying. Note: It is a good idea to close your paragraphs with Key Word(s) from question but it will be monotonous if you use it quite a number of times, say 6-8 times in 6-8 paragraphs in a literature response. Thus, it is essential that candidates use a variety of words that are similar to the Key Word given in the question. In this context, the table above is truly handy. Do send your feedback to asciefl@gmail.com Try them. Good luck!