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HydroVision 2014 Show Overview of Parker Hannifin Technology Solutions | Motion and Control Systems

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1. Control Solutions for Turbine and Generator governing systems. Parker’s Hydraulic solutions provide high power density and precise position control for today’s modern turbine- governing systems.Custom cylinder capabilities and high performance DF Plus proportional valves provide superior control and robust performance
2. Filtration, Isolation & Conditioning Systems
Bearings used in hydroelectric turbines require clean fluid for trouble-free operation Parker can provide a comprehensive solution:
Bearing Lube Oil Solutions - in-line filtration system complete kidney loops for continuous off-line filtration.

Additional: Reservoir vent filters or isolation systems
(to prevent the ingression of harmful particles into the lube oil system)

Fluid Condition Monitoring – NEW -2014 IOS

Fluid Purification/Cleaning Systems- SENTINEL

FILTERS: Large capacity filters/duplex medium and low pressure lube filters
 3. Fluid Conveyance Solutions and Related Services
NEW 2014 – Sentinel – Purification System

Piping/Tubing:  Parker’s F37 family of seamless/non-welded stainless piping solutions reduces potential failure points from traditional welded pipe systems.

Fittings:  Parker Stainless EO2 a-lock style instrumentation fittings provide leak-free connections for standard tubes.

Hoses: Parker is also the global leader for medium and high-pressure hydraulic hoses, available with stainless steel connections.

ParkerStore (MRO)

Parker Tracking System (PTS)
4.  Products Supporting Gate Actuation
Hydraulic Cylinders: (NEW 2014 - INTELLINDER Enabled “smart” cylinder) Parker manufactures highly engineered, custom hydraulic cylinders to operate gates to control intake, outlet, and flood.

New 2014– Remote monitoring for hydraulic cylinder
Piping/Tubing systems: Our F37 seamless stainless piping solutions support the plumbing needs for all gate systems.

Custom HPU’s and Accumulator Stands:  Parker has global support capabilities to design and build custom hydraulic power units and accumulator stands.
 5. OTHER PRODUCTS (TBD)Seals, Piston Accumulators and Gas bottles; Olaer (Settima) private label screw pumps – DFP Valves ; DF+ Valves;

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HydroVision 2014 Show Overview of Parker Hannifin Technology Solutions | Motion and Control Systems

  1. 1. HydroVision International HydroVision 2014 #HydroVision14 – Booth #1001 July 22-25, Nashville TN
  2. 2. Renewable Energy Download our brochure : Energizing innovation in water – worldwide Designing systems ranging from "smart" hydraulic cylinders to state-of-the-art motor controls, Parker solutions optimize turbine upgrades and enable OEMs with critical technologies that include: hydraulics, pneumatics, and electromechanical systems to seamless piping and sealing solutions used inside the turbine, to fluid conveyance, filtration, purification and condition monitoring systems. In concert with expert vertical system integrators Parker provides end to end support and, including custom system design, project management and field support throughout the entire construction cycle. 2
  3. 3. Parker’s Featured Solutions for Hydro Dams and Power Generation • Fluid Conveyance • Filtration and Condition Monitoring • Hydraulic Actuation for Governance Control • Hydraulic Actuation for Gate Actuation 3
  4. 4. Technology Innovations for Today's Hydro- Electric Plants and Dam Operations 4
  5. 5. Product Offerings: Oil Filtration and Purification The compact Parker Sentinel Portable Purification System serves three main functions, removing water, degassing and removing solid particles: • Optimized for oil and hydraulic fluid reservoir systems of up to 1000 gallons • 75% smaller and lighter than traditional purification systems. • Highly efficient and uses 1/3 less energy than larger units.5
  6. 6. Product Offerings: Particle Detection and Monitoring 6 ICount Particle Detector & Condition Monitoring Systems Ideal for gearboxes and lubrication systems in hydro dam applications, the IPD from Parker delivers independent monitoring of system contamination trends, featuring early warning LED or digital display indicators for variable contamination levels and moisture %
  7. 7. Product Offerings: Hydraulic Cylinder with Intelligent Control 7 NEW! IITELLINDER "Smart" Hydraulic Cylinder with sensor Targeted for hydro-electric gate actuation and governor control, the Intellinder is an enhanced addition to the company's long established line offering in hydraulic cylinders. Featuring the first intelligent" externally mounted sensor!
  8. 8. Product Offerings: Portable Condition Monitoring ICount Oil Sampler (IOS) Portable Condition Monitoring for Hydraulic Oil and Fuel Systems The IOS uses Parker's proven laser detection technology, which delivers precise, repeatable, reproducible results in real time detection of both particulates, down to 4 microns (c) and dissolved water 8
  9. 9. Product Offerings: Non-Welded Stainless Piping System Solutions Parflange F37 "seamless" piping solution -- Part of Parker's Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) • Parker's Parflange F37 family of seamless/ non-welded stainless piping solutions reduces potential failure points from traditional welded pipe systems. 9
  10. 10. Contact Parker for Hydro-Electric and Hydro-Dam Operation Solutions • Energy Platform Solutions • Renewableenergy@parker.com HydroVision Show Information 10 Connect with Parker in our social communities