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5 Benefits of Smart Technology in Extreme Duty Hydrostatic Pumps infographic

Learn more about Hydrostatic Pumps: Http://parker.com/hps

How can an extreme duty hydraulic system become smarter? Combine the brawn of Gold Cup® series pumps with the intelligence of Gold Cup - IE's operational sensors and a fully connected, predictive analysis engine, offering insights into pump performance and operational usage while maximizing up-time and the life cycle of your product.

Gold Cup - IE's intelligence is built-in with on-board sensors monitoring fluid, pressure, temperature and more, analyzing performance and alerting you when there is a risk of failure.

Gold Cup - IE is the perfect solution for jobs that require dependability and where downtime is not an option, including:

Ship steering/positioning
Rotary kilns
AHC cranes
Replenishing at sea systems (RAS)
Oil and gas CAPS equipment
Chemical mixers
Drill rigs/mining equipment
Autonomous equipment

Gold Cup - IE will help your Gold Cup pumps and motors work harder, smarter, and longer.

For example, Gold Cup - IE's predictive analytics can shorten downtime by enabling:

Proactive responses - predict pump failures before they happen, and avoid extended, unplanned downtime.
Efficient repair - spend less time diagnosing a problem and more time fixing the specific problem.
Right parts at the right time - know what needs to be replaced and have OEM parts delivered prior to disassembly.
For more reasons why to choose a smart technology for your hydraulic pump

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