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Mobile phones become local pron...
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Digital Trend Report on Local Mobile Phones

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Digital Trend Report on Local Mobile Phones

  1. 1. DIGITAL TREND Publicis Modem Mobile phones become local prone “If you’re spending lots of money bringing people to an online experience, the mobile experience should be comparable” on devices like Android phones, BlackBerrys and iPhones, said Jason Taylor, a vice president at Usablenet.” Mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced, and most importantly more people are buying powerful Smartphone’s with the intentions of using applications. With the advancement of GPS tracking technology; local based applications such as foursquare.com and gowalla. com are becoming more popular and gaining traction amongst local businesses and consumers. Google has also integrated mobile browsing into their business place pages, making it easier to browse local destinations via mobile web. The demand for these types of applications will only rise, and soon the average customer will be able to browse local stores for the best deal and share these discoveries with friends. Shopping with a mobile phone through web browsers or applications is becoming more prevalent. Consumers Provide information and coupons that are obtainable now possess the ability to check product prices and through mobile while in-store. Often a potential consumer ask questions online, which creates a more informed will enter a store and analyze their options, after collecting shopper. Mobile shopping coincides with social shopping all the information possible they will retreat home and -influencing where consumers go and what brands they continue their research. After being fully educated on look for. the subject, if not swayed by competition the consumer will then return to purchase the product. Sustaining a potential consumer with info via mobile web can help How can this trending topic be applied? influence decisions and retain customers that may have once been lost due to at-home research. Make sure your store can be properly found. Local mobile applications won’t do any good for your brand if it’s not in the right places. Providing information and geographic specific promotions can increase the level of discovery and desire to visit a store in person. Engaging the audience with personalized messages through geographic locations can add a new level of relevancy to the brand. January, 31, 2010