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Santa Clarita housing market Single Family Residence update 08012013

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Watching the local Santa Clarita real estate market can be quite exciting. Especially when we get calls from upset buyers and sellers with regard to them being set up by those that are in the Sales Professions. While the world view is that every single real estate agent is a crook, that is far from the truth. When I was full time with the LAPD, some had that very same view, that 90% of the LAP were crooks and that only 10% were the "good guys". Come to find out those numbers should be turned around. There were 90% good and about 10% bad. And those 10% were not bad like the 10% bad in real estate. Be safe - search well and make sure you are working with the local real estate professionals.

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Santa Clarita housing market Single Family Residence update 08012013

  1. 1. Santa Clarita Housing Market Single Family Residence Market Update Report 08.01.2013
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