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How to keep track of your personal real estate values

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The local real estate agents can give you the best intel when you call them about what your home is worth. However, how do you keep tabs without having to speak with a Realtor? There are ways, and our Market Snapshot is one such "hands off" system. It will give you the intel about your specific home once per month. It will have data points that speak about the other homes that are listed in your neighborhood and those that have sold and entered into escrow. It is gleaning all of the data represented directly from the local Boards of Realtors. This system works for all of Southern California, including where we are headed in the Greater Los Angeles area, The Santa Clarita Valley. Be safe - Search well and try out this REMAX of Valencia CA, Paris911 Real Estate monitoring resource today. You can opt out of it is not the "bees knees".

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