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Video site testing v2

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Video site testing v2

  1. 1. Safari on MacBook Pro - Took literally 1 ½ minutes to load the page on OSX operating system. I mention the OS because my husband Mike tested it on his macbook pro – but he’s running windows on it – and it loaded immediately for him. - Little phone icon by the phone number did not load until I clicked somewhere on the screen. - Inquire Now button is formatting properly - Clicked on ‘come along with us’ – same delay in page load; the load bar gets this far and then just sits there for close to, and sometimes over one minute: - clicking on each of the tabs in the header results in that same delay - went elsewhere on the site and when I clicked on header logo to get back to the homepage, the box where the video is is black, with no logo (play button is there, and video does play) Chrome on MacBook (OSX) - Initial Page load time was fine, but clicking on come along with us took a bit of time – although not nearly as long as safari Firefox on MacBook (OSX)
  2. 2. - Took a little too long to load – again, not as bad as safari, but still too long - Clicking on come along with us took a long time IE 64 bit and 32 on Windows (running on a macbook pro) Sorry, completely blew up on both – too many issues to detail. Needs work