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Aravind eye hospital

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this presentation is about aravind eye clicnic

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Aravind eye hospital

  1. 1. Aravind Eye Hospital Making A Dent In Global BlindnessIntroduction:Aravind Eye Hospital is internationally recognized as an best institution suitedto make not just a dent, but a grand canyon in the world of blindness.Nearly twenty-four million blind in the world.One-Third of them are unnecessarily blind.Aravind Eye Clinic perfected an assembly-line technique of surgery to increasethe productivity.Thousands of blind poor are operated for free and only 30% of its patients payfees.Makes 35% operating profit.Treats 2.4 million outpatients and does 2,86,000 cataract surgeries every year.
  2. 2. Beginning with A Dream: Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy wanted to be a gynecologist after his 3 cousins died in early childhood. But as he was going to start his career he fall sick and was bedridden for 2 years with crippling rheumatoid arthritis. He recovered from his disease but he couldn’t do the heavy surgical work required to do for gynecology and he took for ophthalmology. Dr.V had a dream to eliminate unnecessary blindness in India. Treating unnecessary blindness became passion for him. While engaging the treatment of blind people he realized that he was just not restoring eye sight but extending the lifespan of treated people. After retiring in 1976 he decided to setup a hospital to treat unnecessary blindness and this is how a dream Aravind Eye Hospital started. And to support Dr.V his sister and her husband joint Dr.V
  3. 3. Following The Dream The trio needed funding to begin this dream project. They thought that it would not be difficult to raise money for this good cause. But they were mistaken. Nobody helped. Banks also refused to give them loan. After that they decided not to ask for loan again. They began with 11 bed hospital in Dr. V’s house and G. Srinivasan mortgage Jewllery to buy equipments. In a few years 2 more Doctors joined Dr.V. and the pool of doctors grew to 5. G. Srinivasan, an engineer, took charge of the construction and the finances. Following Milestones were achieved:1. 1977: bulit a building with thirty beds2. 1978: built a low-c0st hospital with a hundred beds3. 1980: moved into its present facility at madurai4. 1982: present facility expanded to 200 beds and 3 operating rooms5. 1984: free hospital set up with 400 beds and 3 operating rooms
  4. 4. 6. 1985: Aravind hospital at Theni set up7. 1988: Aravind Hospital at Tirunelveli set up for 135 paing 400 free patients8. 1991: Facility at Madurai expanded to accommodate 280 paying and 1100 free patients.9. 1992: Aurolab set up10. 1996: Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology set up.11. 1997: Aravind, Coimbatore, set up12. 1999: hostel for PG doctors set up13. 2001: free hospital expanded to accommodate another 400 patients.14. 2001: nurses residential qaurters set up15. 2003: Aravind Pondicherry, set up16. 2004: Outpatient clinic at Melur Started, now expanded to four outpatient clinics at Thirumangalam, Tuticorin, and Tirupur.17. 2005: Vision centre serving population of 50,000 piloted, has grown to 30 vision centres at present18. 2007: New state-of-art manufacturing facility inaugurated, manufacturing intraocular lenses, sutures, blades and pharmaceutical products used in eye care.19. 2007: Aravind Managed Eye Care Service Division started to manage eye hospitals in other parts of the country.20. 2007: Dr. V Eye Research Institute, a new research facility started to conduct research in molecular biology, genetic disorders in eyes and proteomic studies.
  5. 5. The Famous Assembly Line: As Dr. V and his team started conducting cataract surgeries in rural areas by travelling hundreds of kilometers. But the impact seemed to be very small Around this time Dr. V went to U.S and learned assembly line operations from McDonald’s restaurants. And it made a radical differnce. An average ophthalmologist operates on 250 to 400 patients a year. An Aravind ophthalmologist using McDonald’s assembly line technique operates 2000 patients a year. At Aravind in One operation theatre has 4 operating tables laid side by side and 2 surgeons handle these 4 tables. And 4 nurses assist the doctors so that other work of doctor’s released and doctor’s can concentrate more on surgeries.
  6. 6. The Dynamics of Next-Horizon Thinking Everyone in Aravind strikes about the next horizon. Aravind Eye Hospital is currently doing2,86,000 surgeries a year and Dr. Aravind talks about scaling this to 1 million by 2015. Dr. Nam talks about eradicating diabetic-related blindness in another 10 years despite of the fact that there are around 42 million diabetics, of which 20% tend to suffer from diabetics-related blindness. Dr. V talks about using IT and rural internet connectivity to bring in more patients. The entire organiztion is obsessed with the next horizon The ambition now is to reach a billion people.