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Tgi hospital planning

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TGI Hospital Planning Framework

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Tgi hospital planning

  1. 1. 06-11 Aug 2012 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY TO THE PARTIES IN DISCUSSION. Contact: sales@taurusglocal.net drgupta@taurusglocal.com Website: www.taurusglocal.com
  2. 2. Activity What we do Services planning – service mix, facility configuration - Service mix – Determination of the breadth and depth of services to be offered in the facility - Facility configuration – Determination of the type and number of clinical facilities in the hospital (beds, ICU’s, OT’s, etc) Facility planning - Involvement in facility design to drive clinical area layouts, standards followed (NABH, JCI, LEAN) - Experience working with specialist healthcare interior designers and architects - Involvement in evaluation and identification of specialist healthcare Interior designers and architect Technology and Medical equipment planning and Implementation - Developing a medical equipment plan (number, type and phasing) - Evaluation and identification of the HIS vendor - Managing the implementation process - HIMSS level - Experience in working with leading national / international vendors People planning - Workforce planning - Experience in workforce optimization in running hospitals - Experience in evaluation and recruitment of key operating leaders Operations planning - Experience in developing hospital systems and processes - Experience in operating performance improvement in running hospitals - Involvement in planning and implementation of support services (kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, supply chain, bio-medical waste management, medical gases, chemical drainage, medical fire safety designing, etc) Engineering Planning - Engineering planning (HVAC, MEP, PHS, Structural, etc), design development and engineering vendor management Pre-commissioning support - Managing pre-commissioning activities like dry runs, training, etc GREEN-FIELD HOSPITAL PLANNING STRATEGY Green-Field Hospital Planning EXTENSIVE HOSPITAL PLANNING SAVES COST IN THE LONG RUN TG offers unique combination of healthcare, management and IT for hospital planning TG designs the hospitals from people, process and technology perspective TG has a top down approach; we start from the vision of the promoters TG will work with promoters to select the architects and builders TG will build Governance structure to monitor the progress as per Roles and Responsibilities TG will offer its force multiplier framework– holistic healthcare, medical value travel, medical education and research
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY IN HOSPITAL PLANNING Technology Action Software - Select the Hospital software upfront, so that it matches with hospital design, architecture and workflow. It is very expensive to change later. Selection of Medical Devices - Select medical devices such as radiology, imaging, diagnostic, monitors, ventilators etc that can be integrated with Hospital software, hardware and network. It is very expensive to change later. Hardware - Allocate space for Data centers, Network cabinets, wiring and ports as per the number of laptops/desktops required in each Department and ward. It is very expensive to change later. Network - Calculate the network load as per OPD/IPD load. Plan for internal and external network while hospital is being designed. Engage a network wiring expert and ISP for network along with hospital electrical wiring. It is very expensive to change later. Green-Field Hospital Planning
  4. 4. PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY EVALUATIONS AND DEPLOYMENT STRATEGIES I T I S A H A N D M A I D E N O F D I G I T A L H O S P I T A L S Choosing the right technology platform for a healthcare organization is a truly complex decision. Multivariate environment with cultural challenges typically cloud and obstruct implementation and adoption. TG builds a ‘flexible’, ‘dynamic’, long-term IT roadmap that is totally aligned to business needs TG believes that IT can be a key catalyst for clinical transformation across healthcare organizations. A T R U L Y D I G I T A L H O S P I T A L R E Q U I R E S T O T A L C L I N I C A L T R A N S F O R M A T I O N Hospital Information System Clinical Lab Radiology Pharmacy MIS ERP Key Services
  5. 5. THE TEAM WILL IDENTIFY A MINIMUM SET OF COMPONENTS OF THE IT SOLUTION, THAT WILL BE REQUIRED TO RUN THE CLINIC NETWORK Solution Framework User Interface Database Interface Output Reports ERP Integrated Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Evidence Based Medicine Radiology Management System EMR Centralized Healthcare Records Database Laboratory Management System Admin Portal Reports Physician Portal Third Party Apps and Plug-ins Supply Chain Management Patient Portal
  6. 6. Prescribed Medicines Lab Results In-Patient Records Out- Patient Records Single Sign-On Database IHE Reports EMR Patient Portal Physician Portal View EMR Single Sign-On Schedule Visit Drug Information Lab Results CPOE Phase I Phase II High ROI on Low Complexity Left Moderate ROI and High Complexity Right Solution Framework PHASING OF THE COMPONENTS OF THE IT SOLUTION WILL BE DONE BASED UPON ROI AND COMPLEXITY
  8. 8. BOOT-STRAPPING HEALTHCARE ORGANISATION CHANGE MANAGEMENT C A U S E M E T H O D O L O G Y TG will implement it’s proprietary CAUSE methodology for managing change in people, process and technology. • Consciousness of need to change • Aspiration to support change • Understanding how to change • Strength to over come hurdles and implement change • Ecosystem to support, sustain and adopt change S M O O T H T R A N S I T I O N F R O M C U R R E N T T O O P T I M A L S T A T E Key Services
  9. 9. OPERATIONS PLANNING IN HOSPITAL Protocol/ SOP Action Protocol/SOP Design - Each step will be documented in the clinical and support services, to reduce waiting time and remove wastage. Protocol/SOP Implementation - Implement the designed workflow into the hospital practice i.e. make sure the processes are actually consistently practiced according to the design, when managing patients on an individual basis Accreditation – NABH, JCI - Plan for NABH and JCI – Create Project Plan to get Accreditation - Implement Accreditation Plan (Make sure that the project plan above is strictly carried out and followed in practice) Hospital Operations - Run hospital once commissioned. Operate the hospital as per plans above. Green-Field Hospital Planning
  10. 10. BUILDING NEXT GENERATION PRACTICES A C C R E D I T E D H O S P I T A L E N S U R E S S A F E T Y TG has expertise in implementing the NABH standard for hospital process accreditation - First step TG will lead the organization to acquiring JCI accreditation - Second maturity level TG can then move the organization up the value chain of quality and outcomes management through methodologies such as ‘lean healthcare’, six sigma implementations and the Malcolm Baldridge model for organizational excellence – Global Quality Benchmarks N A B H / J C I S T A N D A R D Patient Centred Standards 1 Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC) 2 Care of Patients (COP) 3 Management of Medication (MOM) 4 Patient Rights and Education (PRE) 5 Hospital Infection Control (HIC) Organization Centred Standards 6 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) 7 Responsibilities of Management (ROM) 8 Facility Management and Safety (FMS) 9 Human Resource Management (HRM) 10 Information Management System (IMS) Key Services
  11. 11. STREAMLINING HEALTHCARE PROCESSES THROUGH OPTIMIZATION METHODOLOGIES P R O C E S S O P T I M I Z A T I O N Healthcare processes are fraught with inefficiencies and waste. Usually this is an optimization problem. Healthcare process optimization requires unique and industry specific approaches. TG has developed individually customizable, healthcare specific, optimization frameworks. TG has unlocked extraordinary value through process optimization while retaining the unique culture of each organization R E D U C E W A S T E I N T H E S Y S T E M A N D I M P R O V E T H E B O T T O M - L I N E Key Services
  12. 12. PEOPLE PLANNING IN HOSPITAL PLANNING People Action Governance Structure Definition - Create a document that describes responsibilities and structure of all people in the organization. - Common skills- e.g. nurses, OPD receptionist, OPD Manager, Ward Boys etc - Specialist skills- e.g. Heads of various departments, Consultants and staff specific for each Department. - Management skills- e.g. Board members, Senior Management (CEO, CFO), Middle Management. - Define who does what job; and who manages whom; and who reports to whom. C level hiring - Hire Top management - CEO, COO, CIO, CFO and Head of Marketing etc. Complete Hiring of all hospital employees needed - Engage all the consultants and hospital staff Customer Service - Define the customer service standards - Patient spends only 10 min with the doctor whereas spends the rest of the day with the staff. All the hospital staff has to be trained for giving same experience to the patient. Training - Train the staff to provide good quality service. Career Path - Provide rewards, promotion and growth for the staff to prevent them from leaving the hospital Green-Field Hospital Planning
  13. 13. DEPLOYING HEALTHCARE SERVICE INNOVATION STRATEGIES I N N O V A T I O N I S A C U L T U R E N O T A S T R A T E G Y Organization culture follows the 5-monkey theory. Organizations not designed ‘ground up’ for innovation will not be creative. Innovation strategies can be extraordinarily disruptive. Culture of innovation has to be nurtured in the organization. TG works with clients to select and deploy innovative improvements that measurably improve service quality and provides truly ‘out of the box’ thinking to the organization. D E P L O Y I N N O V A T I O N S A N D M E A S U R E O U T C O M E S Transformative Leadership Next Practices Process Innovation Incremental Improvements Existing Operational Models Obsolete Resilience Business as Usual Short Term Gains Long Term Success Healthcare Process Optimization
  14. 14. Focused Engagement for assessment, planning, and design Follow-up every month to monitor and mentor the implementation of recommendations Review quarterly and yearly to ensure value is delivered Engagement Framework Sign the contract with TG TG will mobilize the team TG will visit the site for initial assessment Onsite engagement for detailed assessment, planning and design Full blue-print of the hospital Need approvals on blue-print and timelines to execute the plan GREEN-FIELD HOSPITAL PLANNING
  15. 15. Holistic Healthcare Clinical Research Medical Education Hospitality AYUSH for Prevention and Rehab Medical Value Travel and Logistics Direct Connectivity to Airport Strategic Alliance with global Insurance and legal entities Strategic Alliance with global Pharma, Biotech and CRO Strategic Alliance with leading medical education brands Managed by an elite hospitality and entertainment brand Strategic Alliance with local spas and resorts Recognition/Approvals from Accreditation body, Govt, Municipal, Travel and Security Agencies TG FORCE MULTIPLIER FRAMEWORK: VISION TO EXECUTION
  16. 16. QUOTE FROM MOTHER OF NURSING “The effect on sickness of beautiful objects, on variety of objects and especially brilliancy of colours, is hardly to be appreciated. Such cravings are usually called the “fancies” of patients but these “fancies” are the most valuable indication of that which is necessary for their recovery. People say that the effect is only on the mind. It is no such thing. The effect is on the body too. Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form and colour and light, we do know this: that they have an actual and physical effect. Variety of form and brilliance of colour in the objects presented to patients are an actual means of recovery” - Florence Nightingale Contact: sales@taurusglocal.net drgupta@taurusglocal.com Website: www.taurusglocal.com