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Subud Youth Indonesia 2015-2017 WSA Presentation - Jakarta

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This is a little presentation we made for WSA-Subud Indonesia meeting in March 12, 2016 in Adi Puri Building, Wisma Subud, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Subud Youth Indonesia 2015-2017 WSA Presentation - Jakarta

  2. 2. Challenges & Goals Challenges: • Definition of “Youth” • Organizational Hiatus • Lack of Participation Goals: • Socialization of Youth Based on Bapak’s Advice • Building a Sense of Community • Participation in the wider Subud community • Latihan Kejiwaan
  3. 3. Milestones • Communication – Facebook Page – Whatsapp Group • Database • Activities • Participation in the wider Subud organization
  4. 4. Let’s Talk Data…
  5. 5. 36, 49% 37, 51% Gender Man Woman Total = 73 Subud Youth Indonesia 11/3/2016
  6. 6. ORIGIN
  7. 7. 0 5 10 15 20 17 -20 21 - 25 26 - 30 >30 AGE group
  8. 8. 1 year 2 years 3 years 3- 5 years 5 - 7 years 7 - 10 years > 10 years Years of joining SUBUD
  9. 9. Unemployed 9%Doctor 6% Entrepreneur 21% Student 29% Employee 23% Teacher 6% Freelancer 6% Current Status
  10. 10. Becoming Entreprene ur 47%Serving Society 19% Pursue Career 15% Arts & Culture 3% Others 16% Future Dream
  11. 11. Any Issues in Participating in Youth Activities? Money Time Shy Parents Benefit Lazy
  12. 12. Preferred Communication Media
  13. 13. Finances Description IDR USD Enterprise & Services 3,233,700 249 Donation 1,430,000 110 Total Income 4,663,700 359 Travels 2,830,000 218 Equipment 366,600 28 Website & Printing 397,700 31 Bank Admin 43,000 3 Youth Contribution 1,025,610 79 Total Outcome 4,662,910 359 Balance 790 0.06
  15. 15. “One day I hope to realize one of Bapak’s dream to build a hospital, so we can help the government’s task in increasing the health standards of the people. In the future I hope to widen my relationship with Subud members, so that I can find people who want to work together to develop Subud and give positive influence to all.” - Male Youth, Purwokerto, Central Java, 26 years old
  16. 16. “Hopefully more youths can participate, and hopefully Subud Youth activities can increase my knowledge, experience and relations.” - Female Youth, Yogyakarta, Central Java, 21 years old
  17. 17. “With the Latihan Kejiwaan it is as if I have found again a feeling which I have known before I was born into this world.” - Male Youth, Purwokerto, Central Java, 25 years old
  18. 18. “I want to know the reason why I live in this world and what is the purpose.” - Male Youth, Palangkaraya, Kalimantan, 28 years old
  19. 19. “I hope that Subud can keep its originality.” Male Youth, Surabaya, East Java, 30 years old
  20. 20. “I hope that joining Subud Youth can open me to networks of collaboration and hopefully Subud Youth can continue to grow and develop as a regeneration of older members.” - Female Youth, Solo, Central Java, 29 years old
  21. 21. “I hope that personally as a youth I can remain active and confident when facing other youths who are more experienced. Frankly I am a bit hesitant when facing other youths because my experience is still little and I’m shy. Hopefully Subud (especially the youths) who are more experienced can embrace people like me who are still shy to participate and can become more solid and successful.”
  22. 22. “I hope the generation of Subud Youth become more and more harmonious in the future, knowing one another like sisters and brothers, use every chance to find cool and beneficial stuffs to do together, and help each other to realize how important Latihan is to our life. Help each other to understand that our existence in Subud is not a coincidence. And don’t do stupid things because we are very special.” Female Youth, Jakarta, 22 years old
  23. 23. “I hope that the youth in each region can contribute to Subud according to their capacity without hope for any rewards or interest. Because directly or indirectly we learn to become a patient, trusting, and surrendered person through the process we go through in Subud. By the grace of God we have been able to follow the Latihan Kejiwaan and Subud doesn’t need us, it’s we that need Subud.” - Male Youth, Surabaya, East Java, 29 years old
  24. 24. “I hope that Subud members can become more numerous and grow.” - Female Youth, Medan, North Sumatra, 21 years old
  25. 25. “I hope to be able to live this life more strongly with patience, trust and surrender. I [also] really hope to have an enterprise in a promising field in the future..” - Female Youth, Cimahi, West Java, 19 years old
  26. 26. “Let's make the world a little bit better than yesterday :)” - Male Youth, Jakarta, 22 years old
  27. 27. 1 Year Outlook • Compilation of Bapak’s Talk on Youth • Youth Enterprise • Basara 2016 • National Congress 2017 • International Congress 2018
  28. 28. Thank You